-Chapter One-

-The Hell That Is Hyuga-

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"Your weak, Hinata. Your power has not increased at all since the chunin exams three years ago."

"I-I'm s-sorry-"

"No, Hinata. I recommend you sign over the clan to Hanabi."


"Now." he ordered held out a small batch of papers.

"…." Hinata silently took the papers and a pen, flipping threw the papers, eyes shadowed by midnight blue hair.

"I-I will not s-sign the c-clan o-over t-to H-Hanabi, F-father." Hinata said quietly setting the papers neatly on the man's desk and then setting the pen on top of them.

"S-sorry" Hinata whispered before hightailing it out of her father's office. She scurried to her room without looking up, hiding herself within the folds of her coat.

"Hinata-Sama" a familiar voice said as she passed.

"N-Neji-s-san, o-oh s-sorry I-I was j-just g-going t-to bed" Hinata said with surprise and a nervous smile as her fingers pressed together. Neji's own silver eyes gave nothing away as he pressed his lips together.

"… Its only 3..." Neji said with slight confusion in his emotionless voice. He tilted his head to the right and a bit of dark brown, almost black, hair shifted.

"O-oh…. Uh its -j-just I-I d-didn't s-sleep too-well last night a-and Im r-really tired…s-so g-goodnight, Neji-san" Hinata squeaked out it a rush, bolting to her room and shutting the door behind her.

Hinata dissolved, for lack of a better way to say it. She stood straight, confident. Sharp, calculating, silver eyes roamed around her relatively bare white walled room with distaste as she strutted to her window pulling back the blue curtain and letting light softly stroke the edges of her room, casting hungry shadows. She pushed open her window letting a gust of wind push her hair back, and filling the room with the smell of flowers and earth.

"Weak." Hinata whispered to herself in a sharp, cold tone. "A disappointment." she turned away from the window and unzipped her jacket throwing it carelessly over the back of her desk chair, causing it to creak…"Give away the clan." she sat down at the desk leaning back, her chair squeaking in protest at more weight being added to it.

"Hanabi this, Hanabi that." Hinata continued in her cold voice grabbing a black hardcover notebook with an odd red seal on the clasp. She smiled faintly to herself pushing her hair to her right shoulder. Biting her thumb and drawing a drop of blood, she ran it over the red seal, which gave a soft glow, letting the clasp fall open - leaving the notebook open for viewing.

Chakra flashed, Hinata's thumb healed with a small sizzle.

"Alright, lets see." Hinata murmured to herself throwing her feet on the desk and leaning back, resting the book on her legs and flipping it open near the back.

"This design just isn't just working. The water and wind refuse to combine." Hinata said to herself, hand reaching down to her thigh and pulling out a pencil from her kunai bag. She started taping it on the peace of paper decorated with elaborate seals.

Contrary to all belief, Hyuga Hinata was obsessed with seals. And not just any seals, particularly the complicated ones that actually showed results. Sure the exploding tags had their uses, but they only affected a small area. Oh no, the ones that she created could blow up mountains, release a senseless poison, or - her personal favorite- her chakra sucking seal. Oh, that one was lovely indeed.

However, the one she was working on now would hopefully surpass those. Unfortunately she hadn't received any positive work with it. She wouldn't, not the way things were going now. Stupid seals.

Hinata sighed erasing a node and replacing it with a more intricate character. Her hair fall into her eye and she blinked, brushing it away.

" Oh this is going know where without some tests…bleeeh" Hinata moaned, leaning all the way back on her chair, balancing on the back legs. She stared up at the ceiling with a blank yet somehow thoughtful look.

Looking back down to her seal she erased a tomo, and started drawing in a seal that would hopefully combine the water and wind to make ice. The second she lifted her pen off the seal, her world exploded… literally.

Hinata was thrown back from a massive ice cold explosion, which threw her into a wall. A layer of ice covered her skin and clothes numbing her nerves almost instantly. Her notebook lay closed on the floor not a touch of ice anywhere even near it… only on her. Interesting...

Hinata's head shot up ice shattering from around her neck, as yelling echoed through the compound. Salt and pepper! Crap, I can't let them find me like this! How would I explain?! Hinata thought in a panic, jumping up and kicking her notebook under her bed just as her door flew open revealing Neji - Byakugan activated. Hinata automatically went into 'scared shy girl' mode and looked at Neji with wide fearful eyes as he scanned the room for threats.

Finding none he turned his attention to Hinata who was hugging herself.

"N-Neji-san, w-what's-going on?" Hinata stuttered out trying to shove down a slight shiver from the ice.

Neji's cold silver eyes widened as a piece of clear ice fell from Hinata's eyelash.

"Hinata-Sama…" he said slowly, " why are you covered in ice?" Hinata froze, somewhat literally, bowing her head just enough so Neji couldn't see her eyes.

"Come hear." Neji commanded grabbing Hinata's arm and dragging her to the bathroom, trying to ignore the fact that sharp ice crystals were digging into his hand.

"Sit." he said practically shoving Hinata down onto the side of her bath tub. he started running hot water in the sink, he grabbed a rag that was hanging limply on one of the hooks in the small relatively bland bathroom.

"I will ask again. Why. Are. You. Covered. In. Ice." Neji said through clenched teeth.

Hinata glared at Neji threw her blue bangs (not that he saw, so the effort was in vain).

"A-ano, I-I w-was uh…" What the hell do I say? 'Oh Sorry, Neji-san, I was just developing a new seal to add to my collection, so when I'm more powerful I can distroy this damn clan. Don't worry about it too much, you might live.' Uh, I think, not. He wouldn't believe me even if I said that.

Neji turned around to Hinata with a steaming rag and started wiping away the melting ice. Luckily it wasn't a lot, just a thin layer, that was already mostly melted anyway. Hinata kept her mouth shut and let Neji wipe the ice away, because experience proved that fighting with Neji was counter productive.

Hinata felt something inside her grow. The urge to tell Neji, to get him to join her on cleansing the clan of its curse. Perhaps to even to find a way to get rid of the cage bird seal on his forehead…

"Neji… this is important. Please, speak truthfully. Do you hate this clan? Do you wish to be free?" Hinata asked looking at the ground keeping her eyes from being seen. Neji froze in surprise looking at Hinata blankly while he thought. The rag automatically moving across Hinata's eyes to wipe away the stinging ice.

"… Yes, Hinata. I do."

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