Chapter 3-

- Enter: Uzumaki Naruto -

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Note: Since this story was started before properly seeing how things turned out in the manga, there are some difference in what character know. Naruto has diligently kept the secret of the Kyuubi, so not even Sakura knows about it. This is placing at the beginning of Shipuden, a few months after Naruto returns to the village. Orochimaru is alive and kicken along with the Akatsuki. Thinking about this may give me some future ideas.

Jiji always said there was a balance of good and evil set in the world. If that's true than some bastard must be living the good life, because Naruto Uzumaki sure as hell wasn't.

"-and then Satomi totally just came on to me, he's not even good looking!"

"Oh Sakura, that had to be horrible, he's such a player!"

"I know right. Hey, Ino-pig, that guy over there is giving you bedroom eyes… and he's good looking." Sakura whispered with an annoying giggle.

"Che, of course, because unlike you, I can reel in the big fish." Ino said, tossing her blond hair over one shoulder with a smirk.

"Ino-pig." Sakura warned in a growl.

"Oh, take a joke billboard brow." Ino replied, taking a small bite of her sandwich.

Naruto barely held in a growl, forcing himself to stay calm and not rip the two girls heads off.

"Does it really matter?" Naruto asked, with a carefully placed stupid look… obviously it was the wrong thing to say, because Naruto found himself with pain exploding in his gut and staring at a hole in the wall… a very blurry wall.

"STUPID NARUTO!" Sakura yelled, shaking her fist in the air, pink hair flowing dramatically in the wind…An old lady turned the fan back toward her wrinkled old face…

Naruto got up suppressing the killer intent with years of practiced ease.

"Ouch Sakura-Chan, that was harsh. I was just wondering." Naruto grumbled, standing out of the rubble of, the now, destroyed restaurant wall… damn. Looks like I won't be eating for a few days, damn it Sakura. Naruto thought, as the manager of the small tea house came to see what the huge crash was. He stared at me with little black beaded eyes, unrelenting and cold as ice.

"You brat," at least the pudgy man had the brains not to say demon in front of Sakura and Ino.

"You're going to pay for that." He growled walking toward me.

"Hey, its not my fault!" I defended, even as I prepared to take out my food money to pay for the damage…

"Che, yea whatever you shouldn't have pissed off forehead" Ino said, tossing her long blond hair for what had to be the umpteenth time.

"Yeah, Naruto-Baka." Sakura instantly agreed, sitting back down in the both Ino and her were sharing. Jiji also said that with age came great maturity, change, and emotional control within the soul. I'm trying really hard to find that in those two. Naruto thought, fishing out his frog and handing the pudgy, beady eyed, balding man a huge ass price.

I just payed for five stupid walls, that pink haired bitch better be happy, and this bastard better keep his mouth shut. I work too hard for some little shopkeeper to spill the beans about Kyuubi Naruto thought as the man waddled away. He turned to Sakura suppressing his killer intent, and instead focused on giving a depressed face, which wasn't all that hard.

"I'm leaving guys." He announced to deaf ears. They were already talking about guys again so Naruto just sighed and walked away, holding his head high and smiling a too big smile.

Because no matter what, he wouldn't let the villagers know they affected him. Wouldn't let them know. If they knew… they would use it against him and then he might not be able to hold back the anger. Pain can tear you apart piece by precious piece until there was nothing left but a tattered and shredded mask, broken and cracked dreams.

Naruto blinked wondering where in the seven hells that thought came from before sighing and running a calloused hand threw his blond hair.

Pain was always caused by others.


"N-no! d-don't, p-please!"

Naruto shook his head firmly.

"Alright lets forget and move on" he said determinedly. Ignoring the dark laughter in the back of his mind.

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