Of Host Clubs and Baseball Bats

Title: Of Host Clubs and Baseball Bats

Chapter: Prologue

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Tamaki Suoh had not stepped a foot in Ouran for 5 to 6 years. After graduating, he had not looked back, instead, he chose to enjoy all the world had to offer him, and of course share every precious moment with his beautiful girlfriend Haruhi Fujioka.

Walking threw the shiny gates of Ouran, Tamaki couldn't repress a happy smile that slid onto his face. "After all this time, this place looks exactly the same" he thought briefly.

He walked into the school and toward the superintendents office.

"I should visit the host club while I'm here!" he said out loud to himself. "Yes! Those poor souls must be so lost without my guidance!"

Smiling brightly, he quickly made his way toward his fathers office.

"Otou-san! I wish to express my need to visit the host club! Those poor kids are only walking in the dark without my guidance!"


"Yes Otou-san?"

"There is no host club."

"...! WHAT? How can that be? Its a great club! How could you do this to me?"

"Tamaki, no one wanted to join after you left. I had no choice in disbanding it."

The former 'prince-type' went to his corner of woe while muttering "No-one wanted to join? How could that be?"

Seeing the depressing aura around his son, the superintendent got up from his chair and awkwardly patted his back.

After a few minutes of silent patting, a knock interrupted their 'father-son bonding time'

"Thank god!" said the senior Suoh.

Ignorant the shocked, hurt look on his son's face, he quickly got to the door and opened it widely, grinning when he spotted his secretary.

"Ah! Naomi (made up) So good to see you! What can I help you with?" he asked while taking her hand and kissing it lightly.

Already used to the weird behavior, Naomi yanked her hand out of his grasp, and wiped in on her uniform. "Sir, the new student has arrived and needs a guide around the school"

Senior Suohs eyes suddenly lighted up "This is perfect! Tamaki, come here son. I want you to show a student around school. You can do that right?"

Naomi looked at him with a critical eye before nodding to herself, "Come on now, we don't have all day."

Poor Tamaki was standing dazed at the sudden decision.

Getting irritated Naomi grabbed Tamakis hand and dragged him out of the superintendents office.

Meanwhile, Senior Suoh was sitting in his office with a folder in front of him, "This should be interesting," he grinned while looking at the boy's picture in front of him.

Hanaa was pissed, his family's company had sent him to a school in Japan, freaking Japan! He didn't want to be here! Surrounded by snot-nosed rich brats who'd probably stab him in the back the first chance they get!

And to top it off, his sister was here, with that chinese bastard! His sister...who he hadn't seen in years...

"GAAAAH! Too girly!"

The Mongolian sighed, feeling tired all of a sudden. He leaned back and crossed his arms, trying to mentally block all the happy memories of his childhood.


Sitting up straighter, he looked at Noami-sensei with a curious expression.

"This is Tamaki, we need you to keep him busy. Tamaki, this is Hanaa, our new transfer student"

Hanaa blinked while thinking "Straight forward" before nodding slowly.

"Great!" grinned the woman.

"He's all yours" with that, the woman ran back into the office, slamming the door behind her.

Left with the unknown man, they stared each other dumbfounded.

The blond man, Tamaki he mentally reminded himself, broke out of his trance first.

"Ah my, what a lovely flower" he said grinning in a (oh god) seductive way (gag).

"It's...nice to meet you Suoh-san"

"Please call me Tamaki Suoh-san is too formal for a pretty girl like you"

"Is he trying to make fun of me?" he thought, fuming. "Suoh-san will be alright," he replied looking at him with a not-amused face.

Hanaa started walking, not caring if his "guide" was following him or not.

I am sorry my princess!" Tamaki proclaimed, appearing out of no where "I can not accept that" he continued while holding out a rose for him and moving closer to his face.

Face burning red from anger, the Mongolian smacked the boy in the head before continuing his way to pick up his uniform.

"Ah, I understand"


"This is too fast for you isn't it? My princess is so shy~"

Hanaa stopped and turned around slowly "I. am. a. guy" he said angrily before turning around and walking away.

"Not again," Tamaki thought to himself, depravedly. "This reminds me of how I met Haruhi...how I met Haruhi?"

Looking down thoughtfully the blond quietly muttered to himself "This is exactly like the situation with Haruhi! Except reversed, but that's not the point!" Standing up with a determined gaze, Tamaki pointed to the ceiling dramatically, "Of course! This is a sign from fate, telling me to restart the host club!"

Grinning widely, Tamaki excitedly ran towards Hanaa to share his exciting news.

"Hanaa! Wait! We must restart the host club! I can even teach you how to be a good host!"

"Host Club?" he echoed, thinking he was talking about being a host in his house "I'm already an excellent host, I don't need your help"

Tamaki grinned widely, "Excellent!" We must start looking for other members immediately!" with that, Hanaa was dragged into the distance while screaming bodily threats.

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