Of Host Clubs and Baseball Bats

Title: Of Host Clubs and Baseball Bats

Chapter: Recruiting new hosts!

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Disclaimer: Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz and Ouran belongs to Bisco Hatori.

Hanaa had somehow convinced Tamaki to get his uniform before going on their "journey".

Now adored in identical Ouran uniforms (Tamaki: I want to blend in! And remember the good times as a student!) they were looking for new members, at least Tamaki was, Hanaa was just trying to find someone to help him escape from this mental persons grasp.

"Give that back!"

"No! It's mine!"

"It originated in Korea so its mine da-ze!"

"I AM Korean you idiot!"

"South is better."

"No, North."

"You're a bunch of commies da-ze."

"You can't speak to me that way!"

"I will speak to you however I want da-ze!"

"Why you little-! Have respect for your elders!"

"Never Da-Ze!"


Hanaa winced in sympathy to whatever just fell to the ground. "Whats going on?" he thought to himself.

Rounding the corner, Hanaa saw 2 identical figures rolling around, fighting on the floor. "Is that Yong Soo?" he thought looking at the weird curl the younger twin had. "That explains it"

Looking at Tamaki, Hanaa couldn't help but be slightly scared by the crazy gleam in his eye, and couldn't help but recognize it from when he declared the start of the 'Host Club' "Oh god, not this again"

"You two!"

The fighting duo looked at Tamaki.

"You're perfect for the devil twin roles! The way you passionately hug each other, and notice nothing besides each others presence. Yes, yes, this is really good! You're both hired for the Host Club! Come to the third music room tomorrow after school!"

. . .

"Are you on drugs da-ze?"


"Hell no" Standing up, the older twin dusted his clothes while glaring at Tamaki. "I have no time for such childish things like host clubs"

"Haha! You're scared aren't you?" taunted the younger twin.

Im Huyng turned to look at his twin "What?"

"You heard me" Yong Soo smirked, glad to have caught his brothers attention "You're just scared that I'll be better then you...Again"

Meanwhile, Tamaki's mind was working furiously trying to create an explanation for the way the twins acted.

Im Huyng was glaring full out at his younger brother.

"Of course, of course! Since Haruhi was a girl who looked like a boy, and Hanaa looks like a girl who's a boy, then that means everyone is reversed! Which is why the twins are acting as they are now! That makes perfect sense!" (Hanaa: Baka *facepalm*)


Yong Soo continued laughing until he registered what his brother said.


"I said fine, I'll join the stupid host club just for the sake of proving I'm once and for all, better then you"

"Ha! As if!" The younger twin smirked and looked at Tamaki "We'll be there"

"Wonderful! Hanaa, we must find the other club members, to the library!"


As Hanaa was being dragged, he spotted an angel (sort of) by the name of Ivan (shudder).


Working quickly, Hanaa grabbed the russian students sleeve and hid behind the, much larger, student.

"Help meee" he hissed quietly.

"Aah! Comrade Hanaa!" the russian exclaimed. "It's so nice to see you yes?"

"An Hanaa! You have found us another host I see!"

"Privet!(1) You must be comrade Hanaas friend da?"

"Ah! What a nice gentleman! And polite too. You'll be perfect for the host club!"

"Host Club?"

"Yes, the host club! The glorious place where..."

Rolling his eyes at the blonds dramatics, Hanaa slowly inched away from the distracted duo.

"Da, I'll meet you there tomorrow then! Kolkolkolkolkol"

"Excellent! Come Hanaa! We must prepare for our hosts!"

Lets just say Hanaa wasn't the least bit surprised to be pulled away by the eccentric blond.

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