What if Warren Spector made a game with nintendo characters instead of Disney lets find out as Mario enters the Nintendo wasteland.


"A long time ago on a very peculiar day. Our warp pipe lure someone out of his bed and into a portal to our workshop."
Mario look at the warp pipe and carefully climb on it.
"I do not know if the warp pipe was being mischievous or malicious."
Mario than warp out of his home into a workshop where he sees seven shadows.
"Perhaps it knew that the mysterious intruder has a role to play in our 'project'."
Mario quietly watch seven wise men gather around a table.
"We the seven sages were putting the finishing touches on our latest creation. A world for Nintendo characters that have been forgotten."
The sages spread all the data around the model creating a beautiful kingdom they then use debug to remove the data on the stylus. "Satisfy with our progress we put the magic stylus down and retire to our chambers."
Mario quickly hid as the seven sages left and he quietly got to the table and look at the model.
"That what we know what events would have follow. We would have lock away everything data,stylus and debug."
Mario then sees the stylus and grabs it and thinks of what to make and got a idea. He put data on the stylus and created a model of himself which started to melt which worried Mario that he added more creating a monster that roar at him.
Mario panic and use debug to erase the monster.
Hearing the sages coming that he try to clean up knocking down the debug bottle and put the stylus back and Mario quickly ran found tipping the chair over.
The model than created a portal and the monster went into it.
"We heard the noise and rush to see what happen but we were too late. The world we created was ravage a wasteland. The mysterious intruder was gone. We never learn his identity well not for a very long time."
Years went by as Mario began his success in the gaming and cartoon generations till one morning.
Mario felt a few drops on him and when he wakes up he notice 2 hands grabbing him and sucking him into the warp pipe and back to the workshop as Mario grab the stylus before being drag in.
Mario then encounter the monster he thought was erase swallowed him as they made a impact into a castle as the monster rises with roars with mario being unconcious from the impact.

Hope you like the prologue.