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Ticket To Berlin: Epilogue

I have written this letter to you over a hundred times and it never sounds quite right. I realized, after writing the one before this one, that nothing I write would ever sound 'right.' My name is Elena, and I am, well the other woman.

I was a cop when I met Dominic; I was helping the DSS agents track him, Brian, and Mia. The day we met, he saved my life, shielded me from gunfire and I rescued your cross from the ground. Later when he came to take it back from me, I asked him why he would take such a risk for twenty dollars worth of silver. He told me because it was worth it. I knew that he meant you, without knowing who you were.

I lost my husband only four years ago and he was the love of my life. He was cop, gunned down outside our home. I thought I would die from heartache. I laid in our bed for four days, and then I realized that he wouldn't want me to be that way. I joined the police force to honor his memory, but I never truly got over, Paolo, that's his name. I know that he will always be with me.

I tell you this, because it was our mutual loss that drew Dominic and I together. But I do not want you to think that I was ever your replacement. You were always in his mind. More than once he called your name when he slept. What Dominic and I shared was comfort and that is the most honest way that I describe it.

I cannot leave Rio, my family is here, but I can easily avoid where Rosa lives, if I know you are coming. Please understand that I have no intention of showing up in your life. I wish to be a chapter in his past on his way back to you.

I am glad that you were able to find each other again. You were meant to be together. Congratulations on the birth of your son and blessings on your family.

Letty folded the letter up and tucked into her back pocket, before staring out over the city. Rosa had given her the letter, when she, Dom, and AJ gotten to her home almost four hours ago. She had looked at her name in the pretty, neat handwriting on the envelope and asked Rosa what it was. Rosa had answered very simply with two words: from Elena. Vince's widow explained that Elena had dropped the letter off almost three months ago and Rosa hadn't seen her since. Letty and Dom had talked about Elena and the relationship the two had shared while she had been dead. But she didn't know what this woman wanted with her.

She had folded it up immediately, shoved it into her back pocket and asked Dom for the keys to car. He hesitated before giving them to her; he didn't like her being away from him. They had already fought a few times over his near fanatical need for her to be in eyesight. This trip to Rio had been good for them; they had started to fall back into synch. At least, it had been a good trip until now.

She wanted to be angry at this bi. . . this woman. She couldn't even swear at this Elena in her mind, mostly because she knew she wasn't like the others Dom had fooled around with. And well Letty couldn't even consider it cheating, she had been dead. She didn't think that was fair to hold a grudge, but it still hurt. But she had him back and she knew they wouldn't ever lose each other again.

It still amazed her that in less than five months she had gone from single-mother captive to married and free. She and Dom had gotten married on Azores, at his instance, not hers. She laughed and said she had him for eighteen years 'cause of AJ and she'd probably want to give him back at that point. His response had been to pull her close, kiss her, and tell her: "tough, you're stuck with me." Mia had teased Letty that Dom was worth keeping, since he was a millionaire now. The siblings were laughing until Letty caught out the false bottom of AJ's bag and the diamonds, and cash fell out.

She cocked her head to the side, "Bastard, thought he was in charge. I always took a little off the top." She turned one of the pink diamonds in the light and handed it to Mia. "I pulled this job six months pregnant; too crazy for words."

There had been so much change in her life. She wasn't who she was before; she decided that she was a better version of herself. This Letty didn't get mad as easily and remembered that it was family first, always. She didn't always have to be tough. She had someone to lean on and he knew that she was counting on him. Dom was different too and she finally realized what it was. He had lost her and that had made him wake-up to the fact that life was limited and precious. He was in love with their son; it startled her how quickly he had taken to fatherhood. Honestly, she had expected a little more panic, but she certainly wasn't complaining.

Dom was helping her through the nightmares. She was mortified the first time she had woken up with him pinning her down, screaming at her to wake-up that she was safe. She had been hysterical for over an hour, only AJ's crying was able to snap her fully back to reality. She had panic attacks, but they were getting more rare as time moved on. She didn't respond well to being stuck in a place for too long, so their family was wandering from place to place. Mia was studying psychology and trying to help her understand, why some things bothered her so much. It was nice to know that her family had her back.

She sighed heavily and took the letter back out. She read over it one more time, "Water under the god-damn bridge." She muttered and a faint smile crossed her lips. "If my past is gone, then so is his."

She pulled a lighter out of her side pocket and lit the letter on fire. It burned quickly and reached her fingers before she got it to the ground.

"Shit." She exclaimed dropping the letter and stomping it out quickly.

"Are you alright?" A soft feminine voice asked her in English, but it was definitely laced with a Brazilian accent.

Letty looked up at the woman, with grey/green eyes and shook her head a bit embarrassed. "Yeah, fire just got away from me a bit."

"You shouldn't burn things on a public street, it could be a hazard." Her words were a bit harsh, but the woman's expression was friendly enough.

"I noticed." Letty might have gotten snippy with her, but the woman was obliviously pregnant and she didn't feel like coming down on her. "Mostly just hazard for me. How far along are ya?"

The woman tucked a dirty-blonde lock of hair behind her ear and looked down at her belly. "Four months and six days."

"He must have given you one hell of night." Letty couldn't help but laugh. "I got a little one myself he's about seven months."

"I'm sure he's beautiful. I'm expecting a girl myself."

"Good luck with that."

The other woman smiled and adjusted her hold on her shopping bag. "Well please try and not light my city on fire, I may be on desk duty, but I'm still a cop."

"Sure thing." Letty wasn't sure why she asked, but the question slipped out before she could stop herself. "Is the father excited?"

"No. I was the other woman. I'm not even going to intrude on his life. I'll be fine on my own." She looked sad, but shrugged and corrected herself. "We will be fine." She placed a hand on her belly and waved at Letty as she started down the road. "Have fun in Rio."

"Yeah, thanks. Good luck to you, girl."

Letty climbed in the car and started back towards Rosa's. Her phone went off and she glanced at the text from Mia, "Dom's trying not to panic and smoother you. Please let him know you're alive."

She laughed out loud and dialed Dom's cell. "Hey baby. Yeah, I'm on my way back now. How's AJ? I know he wants me, I'm momma. I'll see you in a few. Hey, I love you." She snapped the phone closed and smiled.

The ring on her left hand was plain. Just a stainless steel band, identical to Dom's except thinner. The words engraved on the inside: "Eternamente mi amor. Ride or Die."

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