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Chapter 1: Insinuation

I couldn't remember how it happened, it sort of just did. Well, I guess you could say after the Alice Game was over, I started getting a little lax on things, like I thought nothing weird was going to happen anytime soon. Well, something did. It's not exactly weird, but how should I put it? I couldn't say it's normal either.

Anyway, here it goes. While doing my hopeless math problems one hot summer morning, a random question just popped into my head. I guess having someone by your side makes that a habit.

"Say, Shinku, have you ever considered being human?" I asked, flinging my arms in the air, defeated.

"Why do you ask?" she responded behind the book the size of her head.

"Oh, nothing, just a wondering."

"We rozen maidens are people of very simple happiness, Jun. I do not think aiming for something like that would be logical."

"Yeah, right. Like you and the rest of the dolls fighting each other is any way near logical." I yawed, suddenly finding the day boring. That's a surprise since with all these creeps around something was bound to happen. And something did. If only I saw it coming.

I sensed this sudden chill crawling up my spine. What could it be? Instinct? Perhaps the Hinaichigo playing with her crayons on the carpet again? No, that couldn't be it.

I didn't have time to assess. The window did its famous wonderful wreck before I even realize it. Shinku didn't seem to mind the pieces of glasses suddenly flying all over the place. I did, it was my room for crying out loud. And that Hinaichigo better not scratch herself form playing with the broken pieces or I swear I won't hear the end of it from sister.

"Hi, everybody, I'm here!" Yeah, Suiseiseki alright, she shouted as if the whole neighborhood had to know she arrived.

"Honestly, Suiseiseki, when will you learn to mind you manners?" Shinku said. It annoyed me a lot seeing how calm she was as she said that while reading her book, but at least she was making a point, which I grabbed.

"I'll say! You're a tragedy of a doll, you know that! You'll never get tired of annoying the heck out of me! You and you're darn sister... wait, your sister, is she going to? Ah crap!"

I sort of panicked, realizing a second wave of window attack was about to come. To my surprise, it didn't. but I did saw a doll, a bizarre looking yet adorable doll stuck between a cute little boy and a cute little girl. Her bi-colored eyes and gentle smile and that other side of the window which was still in one piece; the feeling of relief, I never knew I'd feel it from seeing her.

"Hi, everyone, sorry Suiseiseki had to do that again." She said with her mellow voice. She hovered to me and then gave me a smile.

It was then, I think, that I first felt one of those weird sensations. It was something I couldn't explain, I just felt it, and I felt it the moment she smiled at me. Darn, I couldn't even tell which part of me I felt it. But back then, it didn't matter. I was too busy mourning over the once again shattered pieces of glass to recognize it.

While I picked the pieces, Shinku read on, Hinaichigo found a way to irritate the ungrateful Suiseiseki who then had no other retaliation than chasing her around with death threats. Souseiseki, started picking up the debris with me. It was a first, but her seemingly gentle presence had me taking it for granted.

"I'm terribly sorry, Jun. Surely you are tired of having to clean up upon our every entry." She said. There was that feeling again. Hmm...

"yeah, well, at least you learned enough courtesy to use the open side, and not hit me in the process of coming in." I said. I found myself moving oddly closer and closer as I tapped the floor for more pieces. She was doing the same, and when our fingers collided a bit, I found myself under the spell of a deep blush. What?

Something about Souseiseki then? Is it her? Or is it me? Well, being cute is a given trait of a doll, but well, somehow, looking back, she was cuter on all four looking focused, with her bangs swaying to and fro her serious eyes, slightly pouted lips and stout cheeks and fine butt. Oh yes, I remembered concluding her butt was slightly, veeeery slightly, more charming than the rest of them; that of which I am quite aware is an unreasonable use of an adjective. So the given traits of a doll, how does it matter here?

"Guys, lunch is ready!" Nori yelled from below.

"Yey, lunch! I'm going to eat a lot today!"

"Um, hey, Hinaichigo, can go tell my sister Souseiseki and Suiseiseki will be joining us?"


"Hey, come back here you!"

"Jun, please clean this up quickly so we do not have to wait for you. Honestly, servants should not cause any inconveniences to their masters." I think we all know to whom this obnoxious command belongs to.

"Yeah, alright." I grumbled.

"I will make sure of it, Shinku. I'll stay and help him."

"Very good, Souseiseki. See what trouble you cause my sisters, Jun?"

"Hey, it was your sister who did this in the first place!" and with that I got a nice good kick on the shin. I was bouncing all over the place because of the force, and while Shinku was getting out of the room, the rare sound of Souseiseki's giggle suddenly made me feel like hurting myself again.

"Hey, you, don't tell me you enjoyed that!" I asked, mocking an angry tone, but my smirk betrayed it.

"N-no, really, but you did made the silliest of expressions." she continued her giggle and I continued wondering why I thought it was the most beautiful sound there is. Then an urge came in.

"Oh, really?" I asked, with a suggestion for fear in my manner.

I've always wondered how much of a human a rozen maiden doll is.

I tackled the unsuspecting Souseiseki right on the bed, and began tickling her. Human indeed they are, for her giggles immediately turned into loud fits of laughter. She began kicking and squirming but in the process of laughing that'll hardly be any good. And besides, I felt so motivated it didn't seem I would be overpowered even by the likes of her.

"St-top it, Jun! Ahahaha! Please, pl-please stop, ahahaha!"

"Hehehe! Who's you master? Come on, say it!"

"Yo-you are my master, ahaha! Jun, jun is my master!" she shouted between waves of delightful sounds. But deep inside, I feel like I wanted her to shout more than those words... shout.

I had to stop myself, otherwise she'll suffocate. Then, seeing her between my arms standing like pillars beside her head, I suddenly wished I didn't. She was gasping for air, or panting if you rather put it... panting, Souseiseki, panting, and sweating, the drops of sweat glistening under the rays of the sun. Her face with those honest almost boyish features were flustered with a gentle redness, and her half opened lips, struggling for air, was smiling. She had her eyes closed because of the difficulty, but I guess the exercise also felt good for her... felt good... seeing her like that felt good to me too... strangely enough...

Souseiseki, panting, drenched in sweat, blushing, smiling...

"Oh... you, sir, are... mean." her voice, in exhaustion, it sounded differently. No, it sounded so much like her, so much the deep, mysterious, Souseiseki, but with added... lust? damn!

"I would like to get up now, master." She playfully poked my nose as she said it, oh the hell of it all.

Perhaps she didn't see the shock expression on my face, or perhaps she was too busy recovering from the laughter. Either way I thanked God she didn't see it: what you may ask? The deep, deep blush I knew was building on my face and that strange phenomenon in the middle of my...

to be continued...

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