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Across a body strewn field where people were still battling for their very lives, a dark haired young man stood with his wand still clenched in a shaking fist pointed at a mass of black robes on the ground.

After a moment reality began to sink in and he lowered his wand to his side, The adrenaline of the battle was slowly dwindling. His free hand moved to wipe sweat, dirt and blood from his forehead.

Voldemort was finally dead and gone. There would be no more chasing and being chased. On the eve of his twenty-first birthday, Harry Potter finally defeated the dark lord.

Harry's body began to tremble as the weeks of mental, physical and magical exhaustion finally took their toll. He vaguely heard peoples voices and felt himself wrapped in a pair of warm arms up against a firm chest.

"Draco," Harry smiled. " I killed him, he's gone."

"I know, rest now." Draco tightened his grip on the brunette as he collapsed.

When Harry woke up he blinked wondering why he was looking at the wooden beams of his house on the beach, and not the bright lights of the hospital wing. The balcony doors were open and a warm salty breeze ghosted over his face.

"Morning Sunshine, I brought you coffee." Draco smiled coming into the room.

Harry sat up wincing stiffly and accepted the coffee. "What time is it? And why did you put me on the couch?"

"It's a little after three. You've been out for just under twenty-four hours. I put you on the couch because I didn't think you'd want everyone trampling about your room." Draco ticked off reasons on his fingers before climbing over the back of the couch to slide in behind the-boy-who-lived-again.

"Who is everyone exactly?" Harry groaned while Draco's hands went to work massaging the knots out of his neck and shoulders.

"The usual. Granger, The Weasel Clan, Pomfrey and of course Severus. Happy Birthday by the way." Draco reminded the brunette.

"Oh yeah that is today. With everything else I had forgotten. Thanks Dray." Harry stretched again feeling his bones pop and his muscles relax.

"Yeah yeah, now go get a shower and get dressed so we can get going." Draco rolled his eyes getting to his feet to take the mugs to the kitchen.

"Go where?" Harry pouted.

"To your birthday party of course, and don't even say a word you are going and you are going to have a good time. You've been chasing that bastard since graduation. It's time to live a little." The blond persisted until Harry consented with a sigh.

The Gryffindor shuffled off to the bathroom and Draco lounged on the couch listening to the ocean mingling with the shower.

He sat up when the shower turned off and felt his jaw drop when Harry walked out in his 'birthday suit' drying his hair with a towel.

"Close your mouth Draco, It's not like you've never seen me naked before." Harry chuckled.

"Yes, but a fine piece of art such as yourself should be viewed often." Draco replied with a wink.

"Dray, no don't start with that. We tried it didn't work." Harry shook his head rushing to his bedroom to get dressed. Draco followed him into the bedroom. It was a room that had truly been designed by a total romantic. The floor was made up of sand that was charmed never to stick to your feet or clothes. Various seashells and stones helped decorate the one of a kind floor white pillar candles lined the room. The queen size bed was surrounded by white mosquito net hangings, and the wall looking out at the beach and ocean was on a track like a muggle garage door.

Draco thought back to their first date. Harry had opened the wall, lit every candle and they laid in bed staring out at the moon and the stars.

"You were busy chasing snake face, I was always on order missions. We could try again."

Harry looked at the normally calm and collected Malfoy who now looked like he was going to fall apart.

"Well I could use a date to my party." Harry smiled softly holding out his hand to the blond.

"I would be honored," Draco grabbed his hand allowing himself to be pulled up from the bed.

The party was being held at a club in London Harry had learned he owned recently after finally hearing his parents will. The Marauders had bought it and had agreed it would go to Harry when he came of age.

The Weasley's were all in attendance along with Hermione. Many of Harry's previous classmates and friends from school had been invited as well.

Severus approached hugging him. "You're not going to go getting an even bigger head now are you?" He teased.

"What's this? A Potter is hugging a Snape?"

Harry whipped his head around at the voice and felt his knees go weak.

"Can it mutt, or I'll put you back through the veil." Severus replied while Sirius Black pushed him out of the way to give his godson a hug.

"Happy Birthday Kiddo,"

"Sirius? How? I saw you go through the veil, you're dead." Harry stuttered hugging him with enthusiasm regardless.

"I was never dead Kiddo, It was a trick. The Ministry was on to me so we worked it out so I could disappear until I could be cleared." Sirius explained ruffling Harry's hair.

The party went on until early morning with taking time to catch up, dancing and of course drinking more than should be allowed for most.

Harry while sticking to his agreement to have a good time didn't have nearly as much to drink as the rest. He had too much on his mind to fog his thoughts with alcohol.

Finally at around three in the morning everyone began to say goodbye and Harry and Draco left the club hand in hand only to find themselves surrounded by reporters and paparazzi.

In the process of trying to get away from them Draco was knocked to the ground and Harry lost sight of him amongst the trampling reporters.

"Enough!" He barked immediately silencing the crowd. Draco was able to get to his feet again and stepped forward to lay a calming hand on the young man's arm.

"Come on, Let's go." he coaxed.

Harry grabbed Draco and with a final growl at the crowd apparated them back to the house on the beach. Draco's eyebrow had been busted open and blood trickled down his face. With a sigh Harry knelt down to examine the cut before healing it with a flick of his wand.

"Don't you dare look at me like that Potter. I don't care about the media and it was just a scratch, I'm fine. Don't go all noble and chivalrous on me." Draco grabbed Harry's hands pleading with his eyes.

The brunette Gryffindor couldn't pull his eyes away from the smoldering silver gaze set upon him, and he couldn't move when Draco leaned forward to place a heated kiss on his lips.

Harry gently pushed the blond back onto the couch straddling him and deepening the kiss. Draco brought his hands around to grip Harry's arse causing the man to moan into the kiss.

Draco slid his hands down to grab Harry by the legs and picked him up off of the couch heading towards the bedroom never breaking the kiss. As soon as they entered the room Harry waved a hand lifting the wall revealing a perfect view of the full moon reflecting off the waves.

"Do you remember our first kiss?" Harry asked lighting the candles with another wave of his hand.

Draco thought back to the first order meeting he had attended, he and his mother had gone to McGonagall and switched sides in Draco's sixth year. When the blond had entered the room Harry had been a little less than accepting. Words had been exchanged and before long Harry had punched him in the face.

"Yes, You punched me." Draco scoffed.

"You hit me back don't look at me like that." Harry teased seeing the look on Draco's face.

"Yes and we ended up rolling around on the floor wrestling in front of everyone." Draco rolled his eyes as if a Malfoy was too dignified for such things.

"Then Ginny screamed at us in that earth shattering, migraine inducing, nails on the chalkboard noise she calls her voice." Harry smiled as they laid down on the bed.

"When we stopped wrestling we were on top of one another." Draco nodded giving Harry an Eskimo kiss.

"And you kissed me." Harry finished.

"Oh I don't think so. I do believe you kissed me first Potter." Draco argued flipping the brunette onto his back.

"I don't think so but lets just agree to disagree for tonight." Harry whispered pulling Draco down for another kiss.

The next morning just as the sun was coming up the faint sound of apparition caused Harry to sit straight up in bed. Draco was sound asleep next to him his hand curled under his cheek the early morning light giving his pale skin a ethereal glow.

Harry gave the man a quick kiss on the cheek before grabbing a bag out of the closet and apparating away.

It was only a few moments later that a persistent banging on the front door began. Draco groaned waiting for Harry to get up and let the weasel or Granger in but the knocking continued.

Finally Draco got to his feet and found his boxers, or were they Harry's? And pulled on a robe. As soon as he opened the door he was blinded by the flashes of camera's and deafened by the volume of questions from the dozens of reporters.

Draco quickly slammed the door shut and went puttering around the house looking for Harry. It only took a minute to realize he wasn't there. He shrugged his shoulders knowing Harry usually got up early and often went for a run. He climbed back into bed figuring the raven haired man would return before long. While waiting Draco dozed off and woke up again significantly later, when he was still unable to locate his lover he began to panic.

After calling Granger and the Weasel household and getting no closer to the whereabouts of the-boy-who-lived Draco apparated out of the house to his own London flat and settled into a seat by the fire to wait for Harry's apology. Having the man leave him that early in the morning was unacceptable.

It made Draco feel like a cheap one night stand and he'd be damned if the boy wonder was going to get away with it.

After wasting an entire day waiting for a call that never came Draco went to bed seething. After a few days however anger turned into concern it seemed no one had seen Harry. Draco and all of Harry's friends searched high and low for him, The Ministry refused to offer assistance because there had been no threats or ransom demands.

Finally after about two months they stopped looking deciding if Harry wanted to be found he would show up.

It wasn't a week after the searching came to a halt that Draco received an owl carrying a letter addressed to Dray in Harry's untidy scrawl. The blond sat it on the table and stared at it refusing to open trying to convince himself he didn't care what it said.

After a few days his curiosity won over and he opened the parchment.


I want to apologize for leaving you the way I did. You had to know I was going to do it, but that doesn't make it right. I wanted you and everyone else who knows me to have a chance at a normal life for once, as long as I am around so is the press.

I don't expect you to forgive me I'm not even asking you to but I do need to talk to you. I don't want to write it in a letter. I would rather we were face to face. Respond with a time and place and I'll be there.


Draco crumpled up the letter throwing it in the trash, If Harry needed to talk to him he could call or come to visit himself, a letter wasn't good enough.

A few months later another letter came this one thicker than the last, Draco just shook his head and put the letter in a drawer not bothering to open it. He couldn't move on and be happy if he kept dwelling in the past.

He had met a nice guy at the local pub and was doing his best to forget about Harry bloody Potter. It seemed for a while that Harry might just let him have that peace too. It wasn't until about two years later while Draco was apprenticing with Severus at Hogwarts to eventually take over the potions master position that the next letter arrived.

Draco repeated the same action with this one sticking it in a drawer.

"How many letters has he sent?" Severus asked curiously seeing the action.

"Three, I only opened the first one though." Draco shrugged.

"Don't you think you should at least open them? He might be trying to tell you where he is." Severus raised and eyebrow in question.

"I don't care where he is, I don't care what he wants. For all I care he could be a dragon trainer in Cambodia!" Draco finally snapped storming out. Snape just shook his head.

~11 yrs after Harry's disappearance~

Draco sat at the staff table with his chin resting on his closed fist staring at the reflection of the enchanted ceiling on his empty dinner plate. His stomach gave a rumble and Draco looked out over the heads of the first years being sorted with a scowl. He was beginning to understand why Severus always grumbled about the years new students. Each year was worse than the last.

"Told you I wasn't exaggerating." Severus snickered seeing the look on Draco's face.

"Easy for you to say, you got the big man's job now." Draco ribbed back. He really did love his position as potions master and head of Slytherin house and Severus was doing a great job as Headmaster, the students just tended to push his buttons.

Draco brought his attention back to the students and one of the first years caught his attention, he had short spiky blond hair but not just any blond, Platinum Malfoy blond. As if sensing that he was being stared at he looked away from his fellow first year he had been chatting with and stared right back. Draco's breath hitched in his throat, staring back at him were a set of emerald green eyes such as had only been seen in the halls of Hogwarts twice before. Once with Lily Evans, and again with Harry Potter.

Now this boy, Draco listened intently for Granger to call the boys name. Not many students remained when she finally called "Caleb Potter!"

The blond boy with the green eyes walked forward with a confidence no first year should possess and sat down on the stool. As Granger placed the sorting hat on the boys head he turned and looked over his shoulder locking eyes with Draco as the hat shouted "Slytherin!"