Ever since I started watching Beverly Hills, 90210, I have adored Brenda and Dylan. It practically broke my heart that Dylan chose Kelly over Brenda. So, here's my take on what should have happened. Thank-you all for reading! This is my first story (Don't worry; I'll update it as much as I can. Yay for summer break!) and I got the inspiration for it after a BH90210 marathon and after reading endless Brenda/Dylan FanFiction stories (which are super awesome, by the way). I really hope you enjoy it and be sure to review!

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She wandered down a dark corridor, almost aimlessly. She didn't know why she was so nervous—after all, this wasn't the first time she'd met Jack McKay. She could remember in vivid detail that first night, the first night Dylan had kissed her, the night when she first caught a glimpse of Jack. She could recall how anger had seemed to sweep through Dylan, how he was almost unrecognizable. All that seemed so far away, though. That was a time when their passion was just igniting. That was a time when Kelly didn't fit into the picture at all.

Sometimes she wished that Paris had been just a dream.

She opened the door to a dimly-lit bathroom, and stopped in front of the mirror. She examined her reflection carefully. Her dress clung to her so tightly that she could hardly breathe. She knew Dylan liked this one, and she relished in the fact that Kelly would probably be, for the most part, ignored. That was what made this whole night worth it—though bribing Brandon to cover for her for the evening would probably prove costly.

She removed red lipstick out of her satin clutch. She applied it, satisfied with what she saw in the mirror. She turned away, heart pounding, and opened the door. The unmistakable sound of clacking heels against the bathroom tile, however, caused her to stop dead in her tracks. "Kelly," She muttered under her breath. She could hardly wait to see the get-up she had put together—but she couldn't bring herself to turn around. She held her tongue and closed the door, moving swiftly towards the lobby.

Her heart still pounded and suddenly it became very easy to understand why Dylan threw a potted plant on the pavement so many years ago. She felt like sobbing. She felt like an idiot for sneaking out of the window, only to come here, to a place that held so many memories, both good and bad. She felt sick, and resolved that if she couldn't find Dylan within the next five minutes, she would just take a taxi home. After all, Kelly had already won.

She was so lost in thought that she had hardly noticed him standing with his hands folded in front of him, watching her slyly. "Excusez-moi, Madamoiselle," he had caught her slender hand in his. "Tu me trouve." He raised a coy eyebrow.

Brenda attempted to remain somber, but she couldn't help but smile. He pulled her into his arms, swinging her around. "I'm glad you came, Bren," He whispered in her ear. "It wouldn't be the same without you."

She thought about making a wry quip about Kelly, but that would've ruined the moment. She was still in his embrace for a comfortable moment. "I'm glad that I came too. Though I probably owe my first-born to Brandon now."

"Don't be silly, Bren," Dylan smiled whole-heartedly. "I'm sure B accepts cash." His eyes lingered on Brenda, and they both were transported back to a moment in time, a moment eternally lodged in the Bel Age Hotel itself.

"Well, I've arrived," Kelly's voice sliced through the moment like a chainsaw. Dylan could see the pain suddenly resurface in Brenda's eyes and suddenly guilt dragged him to an emotional trench he had often visited before. "Nice to see Brandon came through for you, Brenda."

"He's a miracle worker, what can I say?" Brenda feigned a smile. Dylan had to admire what a good actress she was at times like this. He reached for Brenda's hand on something of a whim.

Kelly seemed rather indifferent to the movement and walked to Dylan's side, linking her arm through his. "I'm really happy for your dad, Dylan. This is wonderful news."

Dylan nodded, but he wasn't quite sure he agreed. He looked to Brenda, who gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. "It's a new beginning—for both him and you."

"Not just him and me, Bren—for all of us." He smiled, and it was only for Brenda. He kissed her cheek, sliding his arm around her waist. "I have a feeling that the night has something interesting in store."

Kelly, not very much wanting to be ignored, chimed in. "It's going to be a night to remember. That's for sure." She giggled. Brenda cringed at Kelly's smugness, a shiver running up her spine. Dylan wrapped his arm tighter around her waist.

They reached the dining room and Kelly, with a look of surprise and ecstasy, let go of Dylan's arm. Her eyes widened and Dylan, who hadn't been paying much attention, saw that she was running up to a boy who he didn't immediately recognize. "Jake," He said blankly. Brenda sighed, growing limp in Dylan's grasp.

She watched as Jake and Kelly chatted happily, how Kelly's eyes danced in sheer excitement. Kelly ran to Brenda and Dylan, holding Jake's hand as if they were something of an item.

"Do you mind if I rain check, Dylan?" Her eyelashes fluttered as Jake wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Rain check?" Dylan repeated, somewhat mystified.

"Well, three's really a crowd, don't you think? I mean, Bren is here and that's all you need." She sounded almost mean, and Brenda had to stifle her laughter. "I'll call you later."

"How about I have my people call your people, Kel?" He scoffed, turning back to Brenda with a start. Kelly had shrugged, smiled, and left with Jake in tow. Something about this episode had seemed surreal.

Dylan simply stared for a few long moments. "What do you know?" He slid his free hand in his pocket, his chin sloping downward. "Superficial as ever."

Brenda looked at him, the same pain still in his eyes. "I'm going to go talk to her, Dylan," Brenda began to walk away, letting go of his grasp entirely.

"Wait-," Dylan had said softly. "Wait. If she wants to go, let her go. If she can't handle that I want you to be here tonight, let her go. I just want you here tonight, Bren."

Brenda's heart had skipped a beat. "How can you be so sure?"

"You're Brenda Walsh. You're the girl who is always there for me, even when everyone else walks away. You're Brandon's sister. You're sweet and beautiful, and, you know what, it took me a long time to realize what the hell I was losing. Another thing, Bren: For a pretty girl, you ask way too many questions," He had thrown her a lopsided grin, and pulled her towards him. He kissed her. Her taste was familiar, yet it still drove him wild.

Contentment rushed through Brenda like a wildfire. Suddenly, the battle didn't seem quite so lost.