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Chapter 1:
The Soul Of a Three year Old Kid is the Same at One Hundred

"grrr… grrr" a dog said just like he's giving a warning.

"NO! I said don't eat it!" a girl said crying herself out.

"Wah! Someone Help—Me!" and just by her luck, a boy passes by and stared.

"You'll going to help me?" the girl cried.

"Uh. Well." Something crossed his mind. But before he can finish what he is thinking about..

"Rawr… Gyaah!" the dog attacked and the girl is somehow ready to receive the attack and she is just crying right there.

"Stop it!" the boy said guarding the girl.

" I won't let you do that" he said with a stick by his hand.

"Lucky! Where are you!" the dog ran away when he heard that voice.

The boy was surprised when the one who he saved suddenly hugged him.

"Thank you so much for saving me".

"Erm, It was nothing, I guess." He said while laughing nervously.

"As a sign of thanks, what should I give to you?" She said while smiling.

"No, no need to give me a reward." He said, declining the offer. But suddenly,

"Um!" She kissed him on lips, and to his surprise…


The sound of the alarm clock woke Izumi Segawa from her sleep, and also breaking her dream.

"Geez, why do I dream of that childhood memory so many times, and in consecutive days also" she sighed.

"But in the end, memories of childhood is just memories." She said while her always happy spirit is now falling down. She got up and did her daily routines and prepared for school.

Izumi was rather Out-Of-Character in the past few days because of that memory that disturbing her mind. She is always silent and not that talkative, and that isn't her normal mood. Of course, this attracts attention with the two of her bestfriends, Miki and Risa.

"Hey, Miki, you noticed something was wrong about Izumi-chan lately? She's always by herself and not that 'funny' and she's silent! It's not normal, there's something wrong"

"what are you talking about?" Miki said, not caring at all, as usual.

"Just look at her!" Risa said, pointing at Izumi who is sitting 6 feet away from them under a tree, as usual, they're skipping classes and Risa thinks that this might not turn out well for Izumi.

"Oh, is that so? Let's just ask her what's wrong and this'll be over." Miki said with her usual tone.

The two student council members walks to their friend, but when they reached the midway of their little walk, they suddenly stopped, they were stunned by her aura, the lonely aura that NEVER hit her since they became friends.

"Better to ask her now." Risa said.

'Really, I'm positive that he is that one who…..' Her train of thought was cut by her friends calling her.

"HEEY! Izumi-chan, are you alright?" Risa said sitting next to her.

"Yeah, are you fine? You seem a little bit lonely in the past few days." Miki added.

"Nyahahaha. I'm fine guys, No need to worry, and I thought that were going to walk all the way through the clock tower." she said trying to change the topic.

"Did I said something like that?" Risa said.

"Nyahaha, Let's just walk!" She said cheerfully but anyone would notice the loneliness in her face.

So, just like what, Izumi said, they walked all the way to the clock tower and when they reached the tower, Izumi's spirit was now normal because they did usual things that can make anyone happy, they played tricks to some people, who wouldn't be happy when they did that?

When they entered the top floor of the clock tower they saw Hinagiku lecturing Hayate, something about flat chests..

"Seriously Hayate-kun!" Hinagiku said with anger obviously showed on her voice.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Hayate said bowing down his head and with a sweatdrop on his face.

"Geez!" Hina replied.

By Izumi seeing Hayate, her spirit came back down remembering everything again.

"Um, I'll go to the classroom for a little while guys." Izumi said quickly running away

"Izumi-chan! Wait!" The two said but to no avail.

When the two screamed it attracted the attention of the two who are currently arguing inside the room.

"Where's Izumi Miki?" Hina asked.

"She said she's going to the classroom for a while but there is something else that is wrong with her." She said with a sigh.

Something struck Risa's mind.

"Hayata-kun, would you come with us for a moment?" she said pulling Hayate away from Hina.

"One question One answer Hayata-kun!" She said seriously.

"um, Yeah." Hayate replied.

"Did you do something to Izumi that can make her that lonely?" She said shooting death glares to Hayate.

"Yes, Hayata-kun will be the only one who can make Izumi like that!" Miki followed.

"Wh-wh-what? I didn't do anything!" Hayate said laughing nervously.

"You sure Hayate?" Hinagiku came out of the door.

"Yes, I didn't do anything.!" He said with a sigh. 'Hinagiku-san you eavesdropper!' He thought.

"But if you like, I would check on her." Hayate said lighting a lightbulb on his head.

"You SHOULD!" the three of them shouted in unison.

"Fine, then I'm off!" he said running because the situation might become more serious if he don't get away anytime now.

Hayate came to Izumi's house, but there's no one, the gates are open so he decided to come in, but the door is locked so he just sat down on the stairs and waited.

"Seriously, did I done something to Segawa-san?" Hayate thought.

"I think I'll pass out." After that said, He really passed out.

Ten Minutes after Hayate passed out, Izumi came in their house, saw the gate open, she quickly came in. She saw Hayate sleeping and she was shocked.

'What does Hayata-kun doing here?' She thought as she came close to him.

'He really does remind me of that boy'

'The one I had my first-' Her thoughts were interrupted by Hayate waking up.

"Se-se-segawa-san?" He said as he get up with a blush because their faces were so close.

"Hayata-kun, What are you doing here?" She said with a laugh.

"I'm just here to check if you're fine, the 2 student council members said that I did something to you that can make you sad." He said laughing nervously.

"Oh, there's nothing! I'm completely fine!" She said laughing.

After that said, the atmosphere turned out to be cold, no one was talking.

'Her spirit quickly came down' Hayate thought.

"Ha-hayata-kun, May I ask you a question?" She said.

"Yes?" He replied.

"A-are you inlove with anyone?" She said with a blushing face.

"Oh, about that…" He said nervous hinted on his voice.



"I think I'm more interested in cooling down Hinagiku-san's anger." He said with confidence.

"Oh, Is that so." She said with a sigh.

'Is that a sigh of relief or sigh of despair?' Hayate questioned in his mind.

Izumi walked towards the door and opened it.

"Thank you for checking on me Hayata-kun." She said her face still facing down.

"You're we—" His sentence was cut.

"Goodbye Hayata-kun" She said as she slammed the door.

"Wait! Segawa-san!" He said with worry.

'Oh no, I think I've done something wrong here! Miki and Risa are right! What am I going to do now!' Hayate thought as he walked outside the Segawa residence…

Good thing that his father wasn't in there…

What will happen to Izumi's depression, what will hayate do for her to act normal again, and when will Hayate remember everything? All you have to do is wait for the next chapter!


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