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"Oh, it stopped."

I Do Remember

Chapter 4


The-so-called overqualified butler was caught into another inconvinient situation. Of course, it involves a girl. Now, he was stuck in the old student council building elevator with his happy go lucky childhood friend, Izumi. The old elevator had recently stopped, containing the two people. To shorten the words, they are trapped.

"Um... Are you alright, Segawa-san?" Hayate asked with his hand still up from his previously interrupted errand, which is to ask what really is her problem.

"..." No response from the purple haired idiot. She was still processing that they were trapped in a small elevator.

"S-Segawa-san?" Hayate said her name once again. But this time, he used his free hand to tap her shoulder, hoping to snap her out of the illusion. Luckily, he succeeded. Izumi shooked her head as soon as she realized that she was spacing out.

"Hayata-kun..." She said his (nick)name, trying to confirm something. The tone of her voice implied the obvious. That she wanted to confirm if what she's thinking (the elevator stopped) isn't true.

"Yes, Segawa-san?" Hayate replied, lowering his raised hand, it was quite tiring helding your hand that high for so long. Hayate was quietly praying inside of him that Izumi wouldn't panic.

"The elevator... is still running, right?" She asked the unlucky butler. Hayate released a drop of sweat in his temple. He admired her optimism quietly. She thinks that they're still moving even though it's quite obvious that they aren't. Izumi's nervousness can easily be determined by her shaking legs.

"Ah, I'm very sorry Segawa-san," Hayate began, scratching the back of his head with a worried smile in his face. "but unfornately, we're not moving." Hayate finished his revelation. The change in Izumi's expression was easily noticed. It diverted from a panicked state to an about to cry state.

As Hayate noticed this, he immediately attempted to calm down the girl. At that time, he felt that he was trying to calm a crying child down.

"S-Segawa-san! D-Don't worry! We will be out of here in no time!" Hayate encouraged the sobbing girl, waving his hand in front of him. Signaling her to stop her embarrassing actions.

Maybe it's Hayate's lucky day as Izumi immediately stopped the close-to-crying expression. Hayate smiled gleefully as he noticed the sudden change in the girl's emotional state.

"Ah, thank God." Hayate sighed in relief with him completing the job in a wimp. A sudden thought stroke his mind. He remembered that he was about to ask her about her so-called problem. Hayate straightened himself to talk once again, but before he could do it...

"Um... Hayata-kun." Izumi whispered, barely inaudible, but Hayate managed to hear it somehow. With her introducing a new conversation made him sweep his topic aside for a while.

"Yes?" He replied, engaging himself to the new conversation. He looked onto Izumi and she did the same. Somehow, a new weird atmosphere was built. No one talked, they just stared onto each other's faces. Well, to tell the you the truth, Hayate was only waiting for her reply while Izumi was busy analyzing Hayate's face.

After some matter of seconds of staring, Izumi blushed deeply, out of nowhere. She can't take it, he's too much. The way he stares can make her melt. Izumi's body shook involuntarily, making Hayate drop another sweat.

"Are you okay? Segawa-san?" He consulted again. The never ending cycle of checking each other is killing the narrator.

"Ahehe, it's nothing Hayata-kun! I'm still just a little nervous about our situation. Hehehe." Her cheerful side had taken over her embarrassed state. "Even so, I'm happy that Hayata-kun was the one I was with today." She continued her words with a smile, showing Hayate that she was quite serious.

Hayate blushed from the sudden words of his unnoticed childhood friend. He was surprised that she was comfortable with him, even though he was sure that he didn't do much.

Hayate panicked. With them staring at each other, nothing will come out of the conversation. That's what Hayate thought. He looked around trying to think of another topic, completely forgetting the question he was supposed to bring up a while ago. He noticed the paperwork she was holding, now that would suffice the tense atmosphere for a while.

"That's a lot of papers, Segawa-san. Are you bringing it to the student council?" Hayate asked, bringing up the topic. Little did he know that Izumi was still busy staring at him.

'Are there any chances...? Of him remembering?' She asked herself. Izumi, herself, wasn't sure if Hayate was the 'one' but she can totally feel it. Those feelings that she felt that day. She can definitely recall them thanks to this undying butler.

'I wonder...' Izumi was still absorbed in her little world. She thought she'll faint because of extreme confusion, but Hayate shook her away from her imagination by shaking both her shoulders quite hard. That's exactly what she needed.

Izumi snapped out for the second time. As she opened her slightly closed eyes, she spotted the worried face of Hayate. Somehow, that confirmed something inside her.

Yes, that's him.

"Ahehe, Hayata-kun, I'm alright." Izumi said cheerfully. The face that Hayate wore didn't changed. He was still worried about Izumi's state.

"Are you sure, Segawa-san? I think you should rest for a while." Hayate's genuine face flashed before hers. She responded with a natural giggle. She noticed that he was still holding both of her shoulders. It made her red once again.

Before Hayate can notice Izumi's current mindset, the thing that they are waiting for so long had happened. The elevator moved once again, with a shake. A shake that is strong enough to make both of them out of balance. Izumi's back was lightly slammed at the elevator's wall while Hayate had his body move towards Izumi's position. His head was placed on her shoulders, but it also got hit onto the wall with a strong thud. Knowing Hayate, he should be fine. Even so, Izumi became worried about him.

"A-Are you alright, Hayata-kun?" Izumi asked, both of them ignoring the position they are in. Hayate was still absorbing the impact that he had experienced.

"Ah, I'm alright, Segawa-san... It only hurts a little bit." Hayate's voice faded. Izumi's worried look faded as well. She raised her stranded hands to hold the back of Hayate's head, trying to make him feel better. All of the papers she was holding fell uncontrollably to the ground, making a huge mess. But it seems that they are in a cute position as they held that still and the elevator took them all the way to the top.(I really want to draw this, but I can't draw. haha)

Time went by so fast. With the elevator stopping and opening slowly...

"Whew, good thing that the elevator started moving again." Risa said as she stared at the elevator's indicator at the top of the transportation device nearing the top floor.

"Yeah." Miki said with her monotone like voice. Hina remained silent and did the same thing as Risa.

"Will Hayate-kun be alright?" Hina asked the girls. Apparently, the two of them begged the president to make Hayate go to the building today. At first, Hina was like: 'Why would I make him go here?', but when the two idiots told her that it was about Izumi, Hina didn't hesitate to agree. Even with her strict personality, she was still concerned with her idiotic officers.

"Well, knowing Hayata-kun, he should be alright." Miki addressed with the same monotone. Risa continued to stare in the indicator, it's only a floor away to the top floor.

With the elevator stopping fully, it slowly opened, revealing two people in that same position. The three people waiting for Hayate to come had their jaws dropping to the ground. The beautiful scene that Hayate and Izumi did was revealed to the student council.

'Insert confetti sounds here' just kiddin.

The two passengers didn't noticed the commotion because Izumi was still absorbed from this great scene while Hayate's headache seems to be worse than meets the eye.

The council members, after adjusting themselves, reacted in unison. All of them have the same expression. The three of them looked onto each other's faces before reacting.


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