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Summary: They thought the League was finished with the capture of Hyde. M throws a spanner into the works when he reveals that they need two more members from a most unexpected place: the future.


Now, I know that my two OC characters come from the future, but I need to make something clear. My version of the future isn't what we have now. Remember, LXG is set during an alternate Victorian time. So my future is essentially Middle Age England with technology and the odd individual with "special talents". I just thought I would make that clear so no one would get confused.

DISCLAIMER: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen franchise doesn't belong to me. It is the property of Alan Moore. The characters of Samuel and Rosanna are of my own creation. I gain no profit from writing this story, only enjoyment.

On with the show!

"Dr. Jekyll, at your service" the quivering man, struggling to hold his pants up, managed to let out. Very peculiar, the hunter of the group thought. Allan Quartermain was used to the unusual, but he had never been presented with a situation like the Jekyll/Hyde one that just revealed itself. Completely different; polar opposites they were.

Turning to his fellow League members, he surveyed each one. Captain Nemo was a man with ambition. He immersed himself in his science, so much that it's cut him off from the rest of the world. Allan, himself, has heard of the wonders of Nemo's mind and had often found himself wishing that he had at least a third of Nemo's mind. When he first met her, Mina Harker was just another woman; one that could distract easily and he made no secret of his impression. The woman surprised them all when she revealed her vampiric alter ego and it impressed Allan to an extent. At least he wouldn't have to worry about saving her. Rodney Skinner was, to put it plain and simple, a thief. Thinking of no one but himself, he was only here to cure his invisible curse. Amongst the League, Skinner was the least trustworthy and what irritated Allan more was that he knew it. Dorian Gray was another peculiar one. His life consisted of courting women he had no intention of seeing again or flaunting his money about on whatever took his fancy. While he was no way in Allan's good books, he has a slightly better reputation than Skinner. Lastly, Allan looked at the unexpected arrival, Tom Sawyer. The boy showed a lot of promise; enthusiasm, confidence and determination and Allan found himself wanting to teach the boy and fill in the gap that the guilt over his son's death had created.

"The League is set." A whizzing noise announced the arrival of a note popping out of the message shoot.

"And so is the date for the conference. We have three days," Nemo read aloud.

"Three days? Can this canoe do that?" Sawyer asked. Nemo surveyed Sawyer with a stern look,

"You underestimate the Nautilus, sir. You underestimate her greatly." Sawyer had the decency to look a little bit embarrassed, but had no time to apologise when one of Nemo's crew came running in.

"Captain! Captain!" The man rushed up to Nemo and presented two objects. One was a standard record and the other was small circular device with a green button on the top. Nemo took the record and set it up in the record player.

"Where did you find it?" Nemo demanded.

"The device made a high pitched squeal when Hyde was brought on board, sir. I pushed the green button and it stopped." Nemo put the pin on the record and the League gathered around to listen. M's voice was soon heard throughout the room.

"League, if you are listening to this that means that Hyde has been brought onto the ship. The circular device caught the frequency of Hyde's voice and then sends out the noise that led you to this record. It's a clever little thing with many talents, designed in the place you must go to next. By capturing Hyde, you must think that your group has been completed. You are mistaken. Your group is in need of two more critical members from a place that no others have ventured before: the future."

"He's pulling our leg," Skinner muttered.

"Like I said, the device has many talents, including the ability to send people into the future. This, you must do if the League is to be complete. You must have already pressed the green button to stop the noise, so, by pressing it again, you will open it." Nemo did so and when he released, two flaps opened up, like a window being opened. Inside was a range of different coloured buttons and three windows with the words "date" "time" and "location" written above them.

"If you press the red button, the descriptions of your two members will appear above it." True to his word, two lights shot up into the air and transformed into two information boxes. The League were amazed; the information was just floating in mid air and it wasn't even solid. Looking closely, there was a single photo for each one; only a head shot though. The first one was a man with dark brown hair and stubble. His name was Samuel Hamilton, 28 years old, born in London, 1968. It didn't say much else, like why he was chosen and why he was such a great asset to the League. The second one showed the picture of a woman with light brown hair that bordered on blonde. Her name was Rosanna Nordman, 25 years old, born in London, 1971. Like Samuel's, there was no mention of her "qualifications."

"You must find these people for your task to be completed. The device that will take you back already has the information set. Press the yellow button and the date, time and location will appear on the windows. The blue button will active the device. You'll have exactly 30 seconds to all be touching the device. Another thing, while you're in the future, you'll be able to prepare your weapons and strategy. You'll be able to return to this moment when you are ready and you'll have the same amount of time before the conference. Good luck, League. And don't worry about convincing them, they know you're coming.

The recording came to the end and a long silence followed.

"Thought he'd end on a high note, did he?" Skinner grumbled. Nemo picked up the device and pressed the yellow button. Just as promised, the three windows lit up with information. "Date: 28th May, 1996. Time: 17:30. Location: London, England" Allan turned to the rest of the League,

"Get yourselves prepared. We're heading for the future."

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