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Samuel and Rosanna didn't miss a beat as they shot up and were out the door, before the League could grab their own weapons. Lewis, on the other hand, ducked to the cupboard under the stairs, presumably to hide from the danger. He was Samuel's brother after all and Mina guessed that the chef wouldn't let him near any danger.

"Maybe now we will see why M picked them," Mina muttered more to herself, and was a bit put out when Dorian acknowledged her.

"Exciting, isn't it?" the immortal man teased. Mina offered him nothing but a hum and brushed past him to see what all the fuss was about. Weapons at the ready, the League ventured outside to join the two newest members.

Outside the door, Samuel and Rosanna hadn't moved much past it as they assessed the situation. A woman was crouched on the floor, lying over her husband who had a gaping stab wound, just above his right hip. The blood had already seeped through the man's brown coat which signalled to Mina that the man needed assistance right away. Six men were standing around the couple; one of them held the bloodied knife.

"Now I told ya, girlie: If you'd just 'anded the money, the jewellery and phones over, then I wouldn't have had to hurt 'im!" the apparent leader shouted.

"And if you don't step away from them right now, I won't have to hurt you," Samuel shouted back. The thugs swivelled around to see the League with their weapons in all their glory. Instead of being intimidated, the leader just sneered.

"Well, well, well. If it ain't 'Sam and Rosie.' You know, I 'eard a lot 'bout you two from my brother. You might remember 'im; he's in jail where your hairy ass put 'im!" Samuel answered him with a cocky smile and said,

"Well, it's hard to say. We've busted so many." Throughout all of the arguing, Rosanna remained silent. Mina watched the young woman as she carefully observed each individual thug, looking for weapons and possible openings for attack. During the argument, Samuel had descended the front steps and Rosanna slowly took her place by his side. Sawyer readied his rifle to join them, but Mina kept a hand on his shoulder.

"Leave them. See how they handle it." Sawyer looked back incredulously at Alan, but the veteran hunter was watching the argument with inquisitive eyes. Out of the corner of her eyes, Mina saw one of the thugs that stood off to the side bring out a shiny object from his pocket; his gleaming eyes locked onto Rosanna. From the way his head cocked slightly, Mina could see that the glint had caught Samuel's attention also.

The next few seconds seemed to go by in a blur. The thug with the knife shot his hand back and sent the knife spinning, intent on its aim. The thug didn't count on one thing though; that Samuel wasn't about to let anything happen to his companion. The chef wrapped his arms around the petite woman and brought her clear out of the firing range. The knife bounced off of the wall with a resounding cling. All the chef could do was stare at the knife; the woman he saved currently clutching at his shirt. Samuel released Rosanna from his arms and slowly walked towards the knife. Mina watched his face, expecting to see a turmoil of emotions. Nothing. No anger, no bewilderment. Just a straight face as he picked up the knife that was destined to end the life of his best friend.

"Samuel?" Rosanna asked, tentatively. The grip Samuel had on the knife tightened and then it wasn't there anymore as he sent it flying towards the owner. The knife became embedded in the thug's leg and left him howling in pain. The others took their own knives out and proceeded to advance towards the duo. Samuel's eye twitched; the first sign of emotion Mina had seen since the attempt on Rosanna's life. He began trembling and his hands closed into tight, white-knuckled fists. Rosanna took several steps back, towards the League's viewing place. The chef keeled over as if in enormous amounts pain which caused the medical side in both Jekyll and Mina to surge forward, only to be blocked by Rosanna.

"Don't get too close. He's changing."

"Changing? Into what?" Jekyll questioned.

"You'll see," she murmured. The seams in Samuel's shirt were starting to strain as it was clear the man was getting bigger. In one quick, yet agonising, second, Samuel un-tensed his body and exploded in a mass of dark brown fur; an ear-splitting roar tearing from his throat. Where Samuel had been standing, now stood an angry werewolf.

"Bloody hell," Skinner muttered. However, Rosanna seemed undeterred and, while the thugs gripped their weapons tighter, they didn't seem surprised by the transformation.

"This just got interestin', boys," the thug gave a toothy grin.

"Not quite the expression I would have used," Dorian muttered. The werewolf, or Samuel, got down on all fours and charged towards the thugs. He grabbed the one that nearly hit Rosanna and threw him against the wall. He then proceeded to deal with the other five thugs, but even with the newly discovered supernatural talents, Samuel was struggling.

"Samuel!" The League were pushed aside as Lewis came shooting through the door with two items in tow. Lewis threw one of them to Samuel; it was a mace. The handle was black with metal attached to the end. The shaft was brown and seemingly made of wood, while the hitting end was black with almost star-like spikes. The werewolf caught the mace with ease and used it to very good use, taking out two of the thugs. However, two wasn't five and it left the leader an opportunity to bury his knife in Samuel's side. The werewolf howled and scratched the leader across the chest, tearing his shirt. Unexpectedly, Lewis took steps back towards the League instead of helping his brother. But his eyes weren't on his injured brother; they were on Rosanna.

The girl had also keeled over as if in pain, and the League were expecting another werewolf into the mix. Her back began to bulge even more and then it suddenly erupted in an explosion of feather and torn shirt.

Wings! The girl had wings sprouting out of her back. The feathers were a light brown; about the same shade as her hair and the wings spread about a metre and a half each side. It explained the notable bulge in her back noticed at the restaurant. The girl turned around to face Lewis and took the second item from him. The feathers started to take a fur like quality on the front. The feathers/fur covered her breasts, yet they still had the curve of her breasts and then it trailed around her tummy, leaving a circle where there was flesh around her bellybutton. The League could see that the fur trailed down further into her trousers and this was confirmed when she tore them off. Her feet were dainty and the tops were covered in the feathers, which ended at her toes.

The item she had been given was a medium sized shuriken, which resembled a snowflake. There was a hole in the middle for her hand and the metal had a rainbow coloured hue through it. Her wings flapped up and down to test their strength before she took off into the air. She came in perfect view of the leader and swooped down, all the while spinning her shuriken. The edge of one of the spikes caught the leader on the cheek. He clutched at his cheek and stumbled into one of his comrades.

While Rosanna was dealing with the last thug, Samuel was trying to deal with the knife in his side. The thug that he had thrown into the wall was coming around and it was clear that he wasn't going to take it lightly. Even with the knife in his leg, he limped over to one of his comrades and took their knife and began to advance on Samuel. Alan reacted straight away and used Mathilda to take down the thug. Realising he had just been saved, Samuel looked up and nodded his thanks before slumping over.

Rosanna had dealt with the last thug by soaring into the air, with him in tow and teaching him a lesson by dropping him on his back. Before Mina and Jekyll could get to Samuel, they were barred by a wall of feather as Rosanna had flown down to inspect him herself. The fur was retreating right before their eyes and it left Samuel lying naked with his blood running around the knife.

"Please let us treat him," Jekyll insisted. However, Samuel wasn't having it.

"Help him first. He's been injured longer," Samuel pointed to the man and his hysterical wife. Nodding quickly, Jekyll rushed over to the man. Rosanna stroked Samuel's hair back before kissing him on the forehead.

"I'll get you some trousers and believe me, you and I will be having a talk," she chuckled underneath the few tears that escaped. Samuel chuckled, albeit painfully, and wiped the tears that had fallen,

"Don't we always?" She smiled and rushed off in a sea of feathers to the house. Samuel laid his head back down and noticed that Mina hadn't moved.

"I thought I said to help the other guy." Mina took a look at Samuel's wound,

"Henry has it under control and you are injured as well. We have two doctors; we might as well make use of them." Knowing it was useless to argue with the vampiric doctor, Samuel let her work, but not without getting a final swipe in.

"Just don't suck the blood that comes out. I've lost enough." The League expected Mina to take offense and just give her customary hum, yet they were surprised to see a small smile play on her face.

Just as Mina was finished bandaging Samuel, ambulance and police crews arrived to deal with the victim and the thugs. They ventured over to see if their assistance was needed and disappeared when they saw that Mina and Jekyll had it sorted. Rosanna bustled back, now wearing a shirt and hiding her wings, and helped Samuel into his trousers and into the house. The ambulance took away the injured thugs and the couple, with the police car close on their tail.

"Interesting night, eh folks?" Skinner smirked while walking in the house.

"Yeah, maybe a little too interesting," Sawyer muttered as the rest of the League entered the house.

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