This is variation of my Legacy of the Ancients, Destiny of the Tau'ri but this is a genuine trans-dimensional crossover but in the spirit of SG-1, purely accidental...after a fashion but I was inspired by Chronicles of the Crusade by JonHarper plus I've included a few things from Reaper's Origin by prometheus55 and Spartan Dawn by Freedom Guard

And I do not own Stargate, Stargate: Atlantis, Halo, Babylon 5, etc., etc.

I Hate Quantum Mechanics!

Chapter 1: Crashing the Gate...Literally!



Asgard Homeworld

Ida Galaxy

Earth Date: December 3, 2008

Asgard Capital City

"So, Thor buddy, what's so important that you need us and the Odyssey for?" Jack O'Neill directs at Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard and long-time friend to SG-1, especially to O'Neill, as the two walked, well, O'Neill walked while Thor kept pace on a hover-chair, along a walkway overlooking the Asgard capital.

Unfortunately, Thor's answer was not what he was expecting, in fact, it was downright depressing!

"It is of great importance, O' five days time, Orilla and the Asgard will be no more."

"WHAT? Why?" Jack shouts out in surprise and horror.

"The genetic degradation of our cloned DNA has become malignant and irreversible, many bodies are on the verge of full systemic failure or have failed entirely though some have disapproved of this course of action, the Asgard High Council has decided to the Tau'ri...everything."

O'Neill sits on the floor in shock and dismay, asking, "Everything?"

"Everything...our knowledge, our technology, everything." Thor answers matter-of-factually. "You are the Fifth Race, O'Neill; we have chosen the Tau'ri as our successor, we believe that you have the wisdom and the foresight to use our gift well to the benefit of the greater good. It is our time to step back and let the chosen race continue our work. I know you well enough, O'Neill, that you still think that your race still need more time but we believe that you are ready for this responsibility." Thor states solemnly.

"Sure, no pressure," Jack replies flippantly, his trademark insolence back in place, though Thor have been around humans long enough to see the worried look in his eyes.

"You will do well, O'Neill but that is not all, we have also decided, to ensure the safety of our legacy, six O'Neill-class battleships, three Samantha Carter-class engineering vessels and two Daniel Jackson-class science vessels, fully equipped with our latest weapons and shields, will be escorting you back to Earth with you which is the reason why we have also asked the Tau'ri to send six additional command crews, they will command the O'Neill's on the return trip, their bridges have already been modified to accommodate Tau'ri physiology and command systems, the Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson vessels will cloak themselves before heading to Earth on auto-pilot."

Jack's eyes widen at that tidbit, "SIX? Six of the biggest, most bad-ass warships this side of the galaxy? Just to ensure your legacy stays safe? Are you sure that we didn't rub off on you just a little?"

"I personally admit that having six of our battleships escorting you home may be a bit much but given what the Ori are capable of and the trials you will have to face further down, some believe that six may not be enough..."

"But why the engineering and science vessels though?"

"It has been noted that the Tau'ri have inherited your ancestors' insatiable appetite for exploration, discovery and invention so it was decided that a dedicated science vessels would be of great help and would be well-used; as for the engineering vessels, you will be needing their capability to both construct other ships and repair the O'Neill's should they take any battle damage."

"What about...?"

"We will self-destruct the entirety of both our world and our remaining vessels to ensure that none may find and abuse our knowledge and technology, the Asgard Legacy computer core and the eleven ships we have left to you will be all that is left of the Asgard."

"So there's no other way, is there?" Jack sighs sadly, looking down on the polished floor.

"I am afraid not…Jack." Thor replies solemnly.

Jack looks up in surprise at the use of his nickname.

"It felt…appropriate for the moment, you have always call me your friend yet I have not returned the gesture…now I strangely feel that returning the gesture now felt like it was the right thing to do." Thor explains with a perplexed frown.

Jack grins broadly, "Maybe you little guys didn't remove your emotions after all…maybe you just forgot how to use them."

Thor nods thoughtfully, "A plausible explanation, O…Jack."

"So what sort of upgrade will the Odyssey be getting?"

"We will begin with the power core and its distribution systems, relegating the naquadah reactors to reserve generators and replacing them with two neutrino-ion generators as well as a ZPM receiving station as her primary power core; secondly, your shield generators will be replaced with the latest Asgard shield generators along with a reserve generator should the first one fail; thirdly, the rotary rail guns of the Odyssey will be upgraded to fire 20mm Naquadah-Potassium rounds accelerated to 3600 km/s as well as two secondary triple 120mm railgun batteries with 4300 km/s acceleration, her vertical launch system will reequipped with gravitic accelerators and kinetic launch rails for faster launching and reloading while the missiles will be refitted with micro-ion thrusters for superior speed and maneuverability, the Odyssey will also be equipped with the latest Asgard Plasma Pulse Cannons with two protecting the forward and dorsal arcs, one protecting the rear and ventral arcs…we are also installing an experimental weapon on the Odyssey's prow, it is a pair of prototype Linear Ion Cannons, conceptualized by Colonel Carter, capable of firing in both pulse and beam configuration, utilizing an array of magnetic fields built into the barrel to super-focus and intensify the weapon's energy blast while improving both the range and efficiency, also the corresponding sensors and scanners will be replaced by Asgard sensors; fourthly, we will also be installing a computer core containing all of our knowledge thus turning the Odyssey into a Legacy ship as well as improving the Odyssey's reaction time." Thor somehow explained in one breath.

If this was an anime, Jack would have been utterly slack-jawed...and drooling a Thor, he thought Thor was only kidding but this meant that the Asgard are indeed serious, then his mind registers a certain fact...

"Linear Ion Cannon?"

"Colonel Carter took the Tollan Ion Cannon and modified it on the hypothesis that magnetic focusing fields might be able to boost their range and power, then requested if it was possible for us to construct a functional prototype; several of our scientists were surprised at the ingenuity of the modification, simple yet effective."

Jack grins broadly at the praise to his fiancé, "That's typical Carter ingenuity and improvisation."

"Indeed but we have added our own modifications as well..."

Jack cocks an eyebrow. "And they are...?"

"It has been modified to be able to fire plasma, much like our own Pulsed Plasma Cannons as well as fire large-bore kinetic projectile."

Jack's eyes widen in shock and his mouth goes slack-jawed for the second time, "A multipurpose weapon system?"

"Correct, Colonel Carter's overall concept showed much potential, as it is, we believe that it can grow further but that would be up to the Tau'ri."

"So how long will everything take?"

"Our estimates place our deadline at four days which is also how long we have before the Ori arrive."

Jack grins broadly and jumps to his feet, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get to work!"

Four days later…

Jack grins proudly as he looks out the bridge of the Odyssey, the past four days have been very 'productive' as they had just finished the upgrades and modifications to the Odyssey and her battleship escorts ahead of schedule, the Odyssey is primed and ready to fly, having undergone a full shakedown yesterday including couple of hyperspace jump which was where they detected a flaw in the Legacy core, it was emitting a signature that could be detected even through hyperspace, a dangerous liability, while the O'Neill's that were to be her escorts and guardians have just finished test firing their new point defense pulse lasers and secondary twin Linear Ion Cannon batteries, right now, he was watching the Odyssey's fighter jockeys test launch and land on the O'Neill's' new fighter bays mounted underneath the 'wings' of the massive battleships along with testing the new upgrades to the now designated F-302B, the Asgard had gone ape on the upgrading; swapping out human computers for Asgardian ones, the engines and maneuvering thrusters for fighter sized ion drives and gravitic impulse drives, the old titanium for a shield generator, plus dual Naquadah reactors for power, and Asgard neutronium-naquadah alloy armor, the railguns have been pulled out, replaced by two rotary micro plasma cannons, and upgraded, remounted on a modular belly turret system, two internal missile bays for eight short range missiles each, two more internal bays for 28 each of the new medium-range micro-missile (He couldn't wait to give the Ori a taste of the 'missile spam') weapon system and six retractable wing-mounted missile racks for anti-ship operations, a short range hyperdrive with a rechargeable antimatter battery, inertial dampeners and emergency transporter. (Whew, got to remember to take one out for a spin!)

He was sharply jolted out of his reverie when the ensign at the sensor station calls out, "General, we have hostile incoming! Two Ori battleships inbound on a course aimed directly at Orilla!"

Jack turns sharply, his jovial mood being blown out of the water by the report and goes into his 'command' state of mind, "Comms, patch me through to Thor and the rest of our fleet…and have the fleet go to battle-stations, spread out and be ready to turn this fight into a turkey-shoot."

A flash of light came into existence in front of the bridge, a holographic representation of Thor, as usual Thor went straight to the point, his tone formal, "General O'Neill, we are ready." This meant that the Asgard self-destruct protocols were in place and ready to go.

A thought struck Jack, "Hey, Thor, did your people include your DNA and memory matrices into the Legacy core?"

"Yes, why?" Thor looks at Jack puzzled.

"Then this isn't good bye just yet, buddy, whatever it takes, we'll bring you back, that's a promise."

"No, my friend, it will not be that simple, the DNA sequences have been locked out; we, the Asgard, have lived long and well but it is time for us to step back and let our successors continue our work, we believe in your potential and your destiny; you are the Fifth Great Race, it will be you who will now lead the younger races. Good-bye, Jack…," the equivalent of a smile briefly passes through Thor's features, "and may the Force be with you."

Jack simply couldn't help himself as he replies with a broad grin, "See you on the other side of the eternity, buddy…," then he snaps to attention with crisp precision and proceeds to salute his friend and counterpart.

Thor nods in appreciation and cuts off the transmission…just as the distinct purple cloud of an opening hyperspace window opens just ahead of the gathered fleet.

…and right into their gun-sights!

Jack roars out, "All ships: waste the bastards!"

All seven warships, the engineering and science vessels were sent to Earth the day before each with a SG team aboard for security purposes, let loose their combined fury in a storm of weapons fire as plasma and ion bolts and beams arc out at a furious rate, striking with unerring accuracy at the Ori ships, who were caught off guard by the bombardment, one swiftly succumbs to the barrage of fire, exploding in a spectacular flash of hot gas and molten debris, the other soon follows.

Jack barks out, "Helm, take us to the safe distance Thor told us about, I want to see their last day. Comms, relay same order to the fleet."

The Odyssey and her fleet break free of Orilla's gravity and accelerate to full speed until they reach the safe distance Thor told them about and watched as the Asgard self-destruct their technology and everything else in between, SG-1 and the rest of the Tau'ri aboard the Odyssey and the escorts watch with sadness as their ally pass away into the void, some murmuring short prayers or blessings for the millions and billions of lives who chose to die with their heads high rather than let their technology and knowledge fall into the wrong hands.

By unspoken agreement, the fleet closes again and scan the remains of the planet, destroying or disintegrating any large fragment that might contain Asgard technology, after a careful four hour sweep, the fleet pulls away but not before rendering one last honor to the Asgard, a full 21-gun salute by each ship as well as a full honor guard salute by every crew and officer aboard; SG-1 was the last to leave the hanger, as they look out the force-field barrier of the hanger bay, they say their last words of farewell, then Jack has the bridge beam a special plaque to one of the asteroids as his own personal way of appreciating everything the Asgard have done for the Tau'ri; upon it were these words:














Jonathan J. 'Jack' O'Neill

Samantha Carter

Daniel Jackson


In unison, the fleet opens a 'shared' hyperspace window and jump in sequence with the Odyssey being in the middle of the convoy as she held the Legacy core…

Jack mentally roars out. Look out galaxy, the Tau'ri are here to stay and we will not fail the Asgard!

Five years have passed since that fateful December 7th; the Ori have been defeated with the help of Merlin and the Ark of Truth along with the destruction of the Ori Supergate; the Wraith have been largely wiped out and forced back into hibernation but the Tau'ri and their Pegasus allies maintain their vigilance with roving patrols and extensive reconnaissance of uninhabited worlds, destroying Hive Ships on the ground with well-placed nuclear and antimatter mines; The Genii were finally forced to acknowledge that the Tau'ri were the dominant military force of the Pegasus Galaxy, all their knowledge and the technological know-how to build nuclear weaponry removed from their libraries; the Lucian Alliance has been forced underground after the Tau'ri scatter their fleet to the four winds, removing a irritation that been plaguing several important systems; the Stargate on the Goa'uld home-world has been removed and the planet destroyed by way of a 15-gigaton Horizon strike to ensure that they never return to enslave the other races again; the Tok'ra too fell from grace after the death of Jacob Carter and Selmak as they tried to impose their will upon the Tau'ri only to be rebuffed at every turn, what few remained true to their core beliefs were spared and allowed to rebuild their population along with the lessons learned from the past; the Stargate program is finally Disclosed to the world and the Stargate Alliance braces for the potential backlash, surprisingly it was milder than expected but as expected, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Central and South America exploded into turmoil with Iran at the head, largely due to the loss of oil revenues that allowed it to fuel terrorist organizations, attempts at terrorism in the cities of the Stargate Alliance were stopped cold by the advanced technologies of the Asgard; the more militant groups of the Jaffa had banded together and attempted to take and steal important planets, shipyards and technologies, on the basis that they were older and superior to the Tau'ri, only to be stopped cold at every turn, when they dropped out of hyperspace over Earth...right into the gunsights of the gathered and waiting Tau'ri fleet, Earth being warned by their allies and supporters amongst the Free Jaffa and their new long-range sensor network, comprised of four Daedalus battlecruisers, three O'Neill battleships and the Prometheus. An attempt to peaceful negotiations was cut short when the flagship opened fired...only to ineffectually flare against the Prometheus' shields; the engagement was short and brutal...for the attacking Jaffa, that is. The far superior weaponry of the gathered Tau'ri fleet made mincemeat of the Ba'al-type Hataks, each lasting only seconds with only the flagship last a third longer; the world finally settles into equilibrium as the enhanced forces of the US and her allies finally quell the terrorist networks that once plagued them and uncover the sources of their funding, dictatorships fall like rotten fruit as popular uprisings bring them down, their people not wanting to be left behind by the neck breaking pace of the influx of new technologies.

Five years since the Battle of Lunar Orbit, with much of both galaxies having recovered for the numerous wars, the Tau'ri sent delegations to their various friends and allies across both galaxies to gather in a formal ceremony led by President Hayes to the formal declaration and creation of the Tau'ri Federation, the successor to the old Stargate Alliance; a year later, the Federal Armed Forces, effectively the combined military forces of the TF's member races, initiates a sweeping upgrade and expansion program that create an unified system of weapons, armor, vehicles and ships that streamlines their supply requirements and other supply related issues...

However, the Federation has yet to completely locate all of the technologies and devices left behind by the Ancients but in the case of SG-1, fate and destiny tends to have a very twisted sense of humor...

Task Force Null-Alpha, enroute back to Earth after completing space-trials of XBB-306 Archangel-class Battleship, TFS Archangel

Escort forces:

Aurora-II class Dreadnaughts: TFS Nova Storm and TFS Solar Storm

Bengalus-class Escort Carrier: TFS Tiger's Claw and TFS Shadow Stalker

DSC/BC-304A Daedalus I-class Battlecruisers: USAF/TFS Daedalus (-01E) and USAF/TFS Apollo (-04E)

BC-305B Hyperion-class Assault Battlecruisers: TFS Hyperion and TFS Persephone

DDG-90A Athena-class Heavy Destroyers: TFS Guardian of the Aegis, TFS Tyrant's Bane, TFS Tyrant Hunter, TFS Excelsior, TFS Hyperstorm, TFS Typhoon, TFS Stormwind, and TFS Warfire

FFG-303A Prometheus II-class Heavy Frigates: TFS Forward Unto Dawn, TFS Aegis Fate, TFS Firestorm, TFS Phoenix, TFS Northwind, TFS Threads of Fate, TFS Phoenix Tears, TFS Stormhawk, TFS Iwo Jima (MEF assault vessel), and TFS Tarawa (MEF assault vessel)

Support forces:

Samantha Carter-class engineering vessels: TFS Mechanicus and TFS Tech Priest

Daniel Jackson-class science vessels: TFS Einstein and TFS Oppenheimer

SP-07A Fox-class Stealth Prowlers: TFS Tread Lightly, TFS Shadowy Steps, TFS Ninja's Tread and TFS Ghost Stalker

Amazon-class Super Freighters: TFS Prairie Town and TFS Northwest Passage

Command vessel: BC-303-E USAF/TFS Prometheus.

Group Commander/Command Group: Major-General Jonathan O'Neill and SG-1 (expanded).

Supporting Ground and Special Forces: 4th and 7th Marine Expeditionary Forces, SPARTAN Blue (Prometheus) and Noble (Archangel) Teams, total: 12 SPARTANS and four platoons of Federation Rangers, total: 144 troops

The purple-blue swirling maelstrom of hyperspace soothes Jack O'Neill's slightly frazzled nerves as he lay naked next to an equally naked Sam Carter-O'Neill, looking out the 'window' in their cabin towards the brand new XBB-777 Archangel-class Battleship, TFS Archangel, under the command of her equally new captain and nephew, Alexander "Alex" O'Neill-Murphy Jr., they had left their twins Anakin and Padme* with his younger sister, Jessica "Jessie" O'Neill-Murphy, a work-at-home 3D modeler and animator and part-time Foley artist, who went giddy at the holographic projection and manipulation unit Jack had brought as a gift/bribe and her husband, Capt. Alexander Murphy Sr. of the FBI's elite HRT and a former Navy SEAL assault/CQB specialist with a 'little' explosive expertise on the side.

Jack grins at the memory of he and Sam attending his sister's rather late wedding to Alex Sr., the jerk had the gall to marry her after he found out that she was preggers a second time…and in typical big brother fashion, Jack charged, more like beamed over, to Alex's house and proceeded to pound the daylights out of him but Alex gave as good as he got so by the time Sam and Jessie intervened, both men were in the half-demolished living room nursing ice packs…and three-and-a-half consumed bottles of five-year old Jack Daniels; both men were simultaneously congratulating and insulting the other while trading war stories though Jack dominated with his adventures and close-calls as part of SG-1 and the Stargate Program which has now been formally Disclosed, to which Alex called Jack the luckiest and the craziest SOB alive before both pass out from too much alcohol and damage.

The two have been best buddies ever since…

Of course, little Kiara was more than happy to have her cousins around to play with after school…plus she somehow managed make Jack promise her a ride on one of the new F-302C and field trip to Endor (Yes, the Federation did find Endor, just one that's a bit more tame…after a fashion) via the Prometheus…just as soon as he could finagle a way to do so (Liar.).

The squadron was in hyperspace, SG-1 having gathered on the bridge to prepare their report, just as they are crossing over the Saturn's rings when their hyperspace path intersects the orbit of a very special object…

Said object, currently resembling a plus sign with long arms, ancient mechanisms come to life as a pair of rare perfect ZPMs send huge quantities of power through the artifact, the artifact swiftly opens like a blooming flower to resemble an oval Stargate roughly five kilometers long and four high, the space within flares to life to reveal...another asteroid belt...once the event horizon was open and active, several other modules come to life, four orbital stabilization modules pulse out bursts of gravimetric energy, moving the artifact into alignment with the squadron's expected hyperspace exit and holding it in place, then two modules on the artifact's flanks perform their function...pulsing a hyperspace interdiction field around the artifact...and drag the squadron out of hyperspace and on a direct course for the event horizon while simultaneously projecting a tractor field that drew the squadron into the event horizon, all of which happens in the space of one minute.

Only the SGC veterans were able to react 'appropriately'...

Jack - "Here we go again..."

Sam - "Wow, another Ancient artifact…"

Teal'c – "Fascinating…"

Daniel – "This could be trouble…again…"

Mitchell – "Way cool!"

Vala – 'I wonder if there's any treasure on the other side…'

Saturn Orbit

Earth Alliance territory

November 1, 2266

Battle of Earth

In a rare happenstance, Saturn's orbit and the orbit of its moons coincided to utterly mask the activation of the exact same artifact the task force 'crashed' into, shielding the artifact from any nearby sensors from detecting the massive surge of power from the artifact and the surprisingly orderly dumping of the squadron back into reality...

Earth Orbit

(I sincerely regret copying this directly for JonHarper's Battle of Earth but the way constructed it was pure badass, the scenes inserted before, during and after the Battle of Earth will be largely original...therefore the battle scenes for the Battle of Earth belong to JonHarper and as such is his intellectual property. So note it be. PS: I've also done some spelling checks and corrections.)

"What I want to know is why?" Captain Susan Ivanova complained. "Why we are still here in Earth space after completing trials, after proving our readiness and after making sure none of us were President Clark's ultra loyal nut case freaks!" She sighed heavily and slouched in her command chair, the monitors beside showing the peaceful scene in Earth orbit as ships gathered.

"Well, at least you weren't one of Clark's nut case freaks." Commander Alan Morton offered helpfully and earned himself a scathing look from his Captain. "Or any kind of nutcase freak at all." He added quickly.

"It's just you know, we joined Earth force to see the galaxy, sure we have to expect the odd fixed post, but as a starship Captain I expected to move around a bit, see the League and maybe even travel to Minbar." Ivanova waved her hands. "But no, we haven't left the home system in three years! It's getting a little boring."

"I guess sitting on Babylon 5 all those years must have been dull." Morton suggested.

"I wish!" she exclaimed. "One thing B5 never was, was dull. But it was different, when I transferred back to the fleet I expected more, especially with this new ship."

Ivanova was referring to her command, the EAS Titans, one of the first of Earth forces new Warlock-class heavy destroyers build up to the limits of human technology. They were formidable ships quantum leaps beyond vessels from just a few decades ago, but they had never been tried in pitched battle and had a troubled history with numerous redesigns since their origins in the Clark era. The Titans had been a test bed for all these trials and modifications and as such had spent as much time in dock as on deployment.

"But at least we're looking good now." Morton smiled helpfully. "Our gravitic drive and artificial gravity are all checked out thanks to the ISA programme, and the class is in full production now."

It had taken a while, but the Warlock project had become Earth's new frontier in both science and defense with massive retooling of the old Omega yards to begin full construction of the new destroyer by the hundreds. The galaxy was at peace, but it seemed that tensions were still growing especially with the Centauri Republic which seemed to be collapsing in on itself. Raiders were still hitting the occasional shipping line and there were constant rumors of left over Shadow technology and weapons in the hands of their left behind servants. For the Earth Alliance the more recent concerns had revolved around the breakup of the Psicorps and the large number of dangerous Telepaths roaming Earth space and beyond trying to destabilize the government with hidden assets. One or two Psicorps mother ships had been found and destroyed, but there were potentially dozens more floating around hiding from detection.

"All the more reason for us to be out there doing something." Ivanova waved her hand directionless towards the front of the ship. "Not sat in Earth orbit on another exercise." She had decided that no ship in history had gone through so many exercises, it seemed Earth force command wanted to play out every possible scenario with the early Warlocks to see how they behaved before letting them loose on the galaxy, and she was getting sick of it. "This is a punishment you know," she continued. "Give me this fine ship and adequate first officer, and then lock me up at home and not let me take it out for a spin!"

"Well thanks for the praise." Morton half smiled, he was used to Ivanova's odd humor but also recognized no one could be as cool as her in a crisis. On a few occasions some of the more experimental systems had suffered major faults and Ivanova's calm and rapid response had averted disaster. She also had an incredible combat record thanks to her time on Babylon 5, just about anyone from that station was a hero and serving under her command on Earthforce's best ship was a real dream assignment, one Morton was damn glad to receive despite the lack of adventure.

"I mean we got everything working a year ago, it's time we took up the frontline duties we trained for." She said with exasperation.

"Well look on the plus side, this is a massive exercise, and real short notice." Morton grinned. "Kinda exciting."

"Yeah. Woohoo." Ivanova groaned.

"It's on the Presidents direct request." Morton said, "I've never heard anything like it."

"President Luchenko?" she asked with a frown, speaking of the Earth Alliance leader. "I thought it was General Denisov's idea, he gave the orders."

"No and no." Morton said, pleased to be delivering the information. "It's from President Sheridan, I think you used to hang out together once or twice?"

"So I recall." She said flatly. "Wonder why he's making ripples in Earth space, I'd have thought Luchenko wouldn't have released so many ships at once."

The fleet at Earth was truly impressive, hundreds of Earth force destroyers had gathered along with a wealth of allied vessels ranging from Brakiri cruiser and Drazi Sunhawks right up to the over bearing Minbari Warcruisers, still an intimidating sight after all these years and the source of a deep seated unease among most humans. Some wounds took a very long time to heal.

"They must have called in every single ship in range." Morton agreed. "I've never seen anything like it."

"I have," Ivanova gritted her teeth. "Couple of times, didn't tend to end pretty."

"But this is an exercise, I wonder what it'll be based on?"

"A surprise attack on Earth I guess." She shrugged. "I dunno, but all these ships here mean the patrols aren't out there, it'll be open season for raiders and Pirates. What's John thinking?"

From their right hand side on the bridge a chime sounded, the duty officer gave it her attention and read off the report.

"It's a jump point, reading two vessels, unknown configuration."

"Get a scan of them." Ivanova said as she stood. The Warlocks had basic artificial gravity but couldn't generate Earth normal, it was closer to Martian gravity which made moving around a cautious affair but overall much better than the zero gravity of other vessels which lacked the rotating simulated gravity sections in Earth force. She and Morton stopped by a computer display as a three dimensional image of the new arrivals appeared.

"Wow." Morton gasped. "Look at the size of that thing!"

The display showed a tri-winged design that didn't quite follow any pattern Ivanova could discern, it had Minbari elements to it, Human elements, even a hint of Vorlon looking at some of the protrusions near the bow. To her eyes it looked like a war machine, a lean killer of the space ways spoiling for a good fight.

"Guess we're not the baddest ship in orbit anymore." She sighed.

"Captain, we have a signal." Ensign Patel reported from the communication post. "President Sheridan is aboard one of those ships, he's talking to fleet command."

"Sheridan?" Morton raised an eyebrow. "Thank God, I was worried we'd have to fight them."

"That's the John Sheridan I know," Ivanova half chuckled. "Always makes a good entrance."

"Do you think he wanted to test those new ships then? That's the exercise?" Morton half asked and half stated. "Where the hell did he get those from anyway?"

He didn't get to answer, two dozen warnings and caution alarms flared at once across the large bridge area, drawing both them back to the centre.

"We've got a major incursion," Lieutenant Rossdale barked from the weapons stations. "Jump points opening in lunar orbit."

"What type of ships?" she snapped.

"Part of the exercise?" wondered Morton.

"I don't think this is an exercise." Ivanova said slowly, eyes fixed on the tactical display rapidly filling with red dots.

"Confirmed." Said Patel. "This is for real, battle plans feeding through from fleet command."

"Transfer data to tactical, sound battle stations." Ivanova ran off orders. "Do we have ship ID's?"

"Best guess would be Drakh vessels, thousand plus, and something I've never seen before." Rossdale replied.

"What do you mean?" Ivanova settled in her chair, Morton taking up his station to her left. "Patch through a visual."

For a moment the screen remained black and it took Ivanova a minute to register what she was seeing. The blackness was shifting and moving, slowly passing the moon. It wasn't a mistake and it made her blood run cold at the memory, she had seen this before.

"Ah Hell."

"Alyt Shaleth! Look!"

From the command room of his Warcruiser the Minbari officer snapped his head around at the warning. Like most of the other fleet members he had been studying the newly arrived warships recognizing some standard Minbari technology fused into their hulls. The strange hybrids had distracted him from thoughts about why the ISA wanted him here, thoughts which were quickly answered when he looked up.

"Valen's name!" he exclaimed in awe. The fleet of Drakh ships alone would have given him a moment of pause but it was the terrifying black mass behind them which really caught his breath. "It cannot be!"

"Our sensors confirm it sir." His second, Tuvan, answered. "A Shadow Planet killer."

"But the Shadows are gone, driven from our galaxy in defeat."

"It seems they did not take everything with them." Tuvan suggested. "President Sheridan is arraying our forces for battle."

The Shai Alyt nodded. "It is somehow fate that he leads our fleets once more in battle against the darkness. Order our ships into combat formation; we focus on the enemy cruisers to our front."

"The heaviest ships are taking the point of the fleet." Tuvan said. "Sheridan is looking for us to open up a path."

"Then we will not disappoint." Shaleth nodded, he had fought at Coriana 6 with Sheridan and he'd seen these planet killers in action, he would not allow it to strike one of the founder worlds of this great new Interstellar Alliance. "Full attack."

"Primary batteries charged and ready." Rossdale announced. "Missiles armed and ready to fire."

"Very well," Ivanova said formally. "At this time I am authorizing use of strategic nuclear weapons. Take off the safeties and make ready to fire."

The fleet had begun deploying in a tight cone shaped formation designed like a three dimensional wedge to stab through the wall of Drakh ships preceding the Death Cloud. The point of the cone had the best ships in the assembled fleets, Earths Warlocks and the Minbari Sharlin warcruisers, along with Sheridan's new prototype warships. Supporting them were the Omega class ships flaring back on all sides of the heavy hitters covering their flanks and adding their own strength to the assault, and within the cone were the older Earth and League ships acting as reserves. Sheridan had also deployed the Whitestars and Vree saucers as a fast moving strike force designed to rapidly move across the battlezone and offer their firepower to weakening parts of the front.

The whole thing had taken Earth totally by surprise, and while a powerful force was seconds away from engaging a sizable number of ships just weren't ready for battle, they were either re-supplying in orbit or had barely a third of their crews on board, the rest enjoying shore leave on the planet below. The massive defense platforms began their charging process and the battlestations launched fighters and readied their own Particle cannons, but the whole thing could have been a total disaster, one which would finish Earth as a habitable planet. They were unprepared for war, and Earthforce was sending ships into battle that were not fit to fight, something which hadn't happened for nearly twenty years, not since the Battle of the Line.

The Battle of the Line. It was an event engraved in humanity's consciousness as deep as anything in history; it had been a defining moment for all of human civilization, the moment when it had all nearly ended. Since that day the entire defense strategy of Earth had revolved around making sure it never happened again, that humanity would not face that possibility and if an enemy did reach Earth it would be met with all deliberate force. The GOD network had been the most visible response to that threat, but also the fleet elements of Earthforce had trained again and again for this possibility, re-fighting the line with newer technologies and ships so that if the unthinkable happened then Earth had a chance to live.

Now the unthinkable had happened, a massive force of advanced weapons was at the door and beating it down, Earths defenses would be put to the ultimate test and despite the surprise they swung professionally into action. The fleet had assumed one of its standard formations, something every Captain could do in his or her sleep. The waypoints and ranges in near Earth space were already locked into the ships firing systems, the territory as familiar to each of them as the back of their hands. They were on their home ground and they knew what that meant, nobody was running from this battle.

"We're in range." Rossdale announced.

"Launch missiles." Commanded Ivanova. "Ripple fire all tubes, get them out of the silos so we don't have to worry about them, then standby particle cannons."

The EAS Titans fired the first shots of the battle, its missiles being pushed out of their tubes by a quick magnetic surge before their engines engaged and flung the nuclear warheads at the incoming fleet. Earth force was past the stage of worrying about spaceborne weapons of mass destruction and with the new ISA the main galactic authority had been negotiating an amendment to the treaty of Omelos banning Weapons of Planetary destruction. While still technically in force Earth had made sure its frontline ships were equipped with the best weapons in the arsenal, including Nuclear weapons. Those missiles flashed into brief lives as they blasted the first group of Drakh vessels, The Titans sisters following suit. Cruisers died to direct hits and raiders were blasted to scrap by the nuclear fire, but more ships raced through undaunted and closed further into range.

"Fighter squadrons formed up Captain." Morton relayed.

"Deploy them aggressively," Ivanova nodded to her XO, "it's more important to take out enemy ships than to cover us, our defense grid can handle itself, tell them to hit any targets of opportunity and watch Sheridan's command."

The Thunderbolt fighters acknowledged and broke off forming into a loose strike formation. Time was critical in the battle and the Earth defense fleet had to throw everything it had into the fight with the aim of causing maximum losses to the enemy before they hit the defense grid, even at the price of protecting their own ships. The Minbari war had shown that caution usually meant losing your fleet, while aggression also tended to cost you your fleet but at least you could make the enemy bleed for it. It was a tactic as desperate as any humans had executed before and didn't help with their chances of survival, but if it saved Earth it was worth it.

A pair of Drakh cruisers fired on the Titans, their energy weapons thumping on the armored hull. The ship was knocked a few degrees off course, an error that was rapidly corrected, but overall was largely unaffected, the heavy hull armor taking the hits without failing.

"Return fire!" Ivanova yelled over the ringing in her ears left by the hits. "Forward guns, engage at will!"

The lights dimmed slightly as power surged to the Particle cannons, the hungry weapons drawing energy from across the ship to reach critical firing charge before unleashing two spears of energy bound heavy particles. The red hued beams punched through the first cruiser with ease, burning clean through and winging the ship behind it as the primary target was consumed by the massive firepower. The GOD cannons were designed as one shot kill systems, and this was their first real test, a test they seemed to be acing.

"Target destroyed, but more inbound." Commander Morton kept up his commentary. "Attack ships sweeping around and more cruisers ahead."

"Keep firing, we do not let them break through our formation!" Ivanova pounded her fists. "This isn't going to happen on my watch, I want them dead!"

The Titans was hit again, this time its turreted guns swung around and sliced four raiders out of the sky, the remaining ships broke away and blundered into a fearsome shower of antimatter bolts from a Vree escort. As the fast moving Drakh raiders reached the allied lines the vastly superior Whitestars were ready to meet them, drawing them away and keeping them from massing their fire on the bigger warships of the main force. A dogfight developed with the allied fighters helping out as they could, weaving between the Destroyers and cruisers as they fired on the Drakh fleet.

The railguns on the Titans burst through one of the flowing Drakh ships, its crystalline armor terribly vulnerable to the solid shot and fracturing with each impact. Pulse and laser fire from the vessels multiple turrets maintained a heavy barrage on the approaching lines while the twin Particle cannons fired as quickly as they could charge, clearing the path before them.

The EAS Mage began to slow, its engines suffering repeated hits by the Drakh forces causing it to lose thrust. It fired defiantly, cutting down an enemy cruiser but it was essentially out of the battle, just an obstacle which would be overcome later should the Drakh win. Of the eleven Warlock class destroyers that had made it back for the battle, eight had been fully operational with the number now reduced to seven. The other ships had been incomplete and only partially armed, and so they like the Mage would form the final part of the defense expected to use any tactic to stop the Drakh, including ramming and jump engine overloads.

Ivanova felt the ship take two more hits, the last one causing secondary explosions somewhere. They were taking losses and hadn't even reached the main threat yet, the great death cloud billowing before them. She gritted her teeth and set her resolve, she would not lose this fight.

Shaleth's cruiser elegantly angled its course to pass the wreck of one of its sisters, the blue form ragged and burning red hot after repeated strikes from Drakh warships, air and fuel feeding the flames that died quickly in vacuum, almost as quick as the ship's crew. He held his thoughts, looking beyond the wreck to the mass of Drakh ships ahead and the great enemy's most terrifying weapon. Space was littered with dead ships and the constant flashes of brief fires sent more friends and enemies into the next generation, it was not a truly sad moment for his beliefs told him they would return to life once more, but if the cloud reached Earth a whole planets worth of souls would be racing into the afterlife, a notion which awed and terrified him. Minbar was a part of this galaxy now, as a founder of the Interstellar Alliance and its most powerful member it was expected that the Minbari would take a lead in matters including the defense of other members. Sheridan lead, Delenn ever at his side tempering his decisions with wisdom and Minbari ideals, it was a perfectly measured government and one to which the Minbari people had enthusiastically embraced, and today was the first test of their resolve sending their people to die for a former enemy.

Two Whitestars raced past, their crews the first symbols of the unity between Humans and Minbari, and with them followed a squadron of aging Starfuries which looked like they had been in service since the last time an alien force had hit Earth, a force he had been part of. But that was the past, right now the present demanded his attention.

"Sustained fire." He commanded. "The Drakh are enemies to us all, destroy them."

The green of Minbari neutron weapons joined the red and orange weapons fire of Earth force, concentrating their considerable fire power on the very centre of the Drakh block formation directly ahead of the fleet. The ships secondary weapons swatted raiders from the sky as an afterthought, two Drakh heavy warships falling to Shaleth's attack in a few moments.

A sudden increase in the Drakh losses drew his attention, from his command deck he had a panoramic view of Sheridan's two new vessels opening fire in support of the vanguard units, their bow guns equal to his own primary weapons. They pierced through Drakh armor in seconds tearing apart the inner workings of the formidable enemy ships and leaving them bent and burning wrecks. He admired the skill and power of their attack, watching them part the Drakh lines and open gaps for the lesser Earth ships to exploit and widen. Sheridan kept his ships mobile, predicting where the Drakh would try and counter attack and always making sure at least one of his new warships was ready to meet them. The humans were fighting well, he even had to admit the League were performing far better than expected though only the most modern ships seemed to be making a difference. It was a true allied effort, though the Humans provided most of the forces as was appropriate.

Two further warcruisers had arrived since the battle started, Shaleth assigned them to take the place of destroyed ships in his formation and noted with satisfaction they immediately engaged and proved their worth, destroying more Drakh ships. The fleet was almost in place, a few more minutes and they'd be upon the cloud itself, and from there it was in Valen's hands.

Only SG-1 could keep a relative straight face in the face of an event like this, after all, something like this was a regular occurrence back in the days of the SGC.

Jack calls out, "Snap out of it, people. Sensors, where the hell are we?"

The ensign 2nd class manning the sensor station snaps out of his shock and starts tapping his holographic control panel, accessing the powerful Asgard-Alteran hybrid sensor arrays mounted all over the Prometheus in a multiplex configuration, allowing for greater sensitivity as the powerful arrays sweep the void, gathering everything there is to know...

The readings baffled the ensign, "Sir, according to my scans, we are currently in Saturn's orbit, the planet and its moons have masked our arrival..."

"Probably a coincidence...but given the O'Neill Principle, there's more to it than that..." Jack quietly interjects.

Said ensign knew better than to answer that side comment as he belonged to the post-Disclosure generation, most of the Tau'ri Federation's top commanders came from the old days of the SGC and thus used to crazy and unexpected events happening right out of the blue, "...but according to our charts, ALL the planets are in the wrong points of their orbit...and if I'm reading this correctly, sir; we're not in our own universe as well as our own time anymore...we are roughly 250+ years ahead of our present."

The bridge was silent for a few moments before Jack rose from the command chair and started to bash his head against the bulkhead, "I...'BANG'...HATE...'BANG'...QUANTUM...'BANG'...MECHANICS...'BANG'!"

As usual, SG-1 barely bat an eye at Jack's behavior but the same can't be said for the younger generation, who decide to write it off to PSTD which it wasn't, it was typical Jack O'Neill behavior...

"And there's more, sir." The ensign continues his report. "I'm detecting abnormally large concentrations of tachyons surges from within system."

"What the hell are tachyons?"

"Particles that travel faster than light." Sam answers simply for the ensign.

"Ok, cool…but what makes it so high?"

"I don't know, sir…but the pattern suggest that it might be artificial in nature." Came the reply.

The 1st Lt. manning the communications stations notices an odd pattern in the burst of tachyon surges and electronically 'grabs' a sample, she begins to decrypt the tachyon burst when her system detects an embedded radio signal within the tachyon burst, realizing that this was a form of FTL communication, she extracts the radio signals and begins to decrypt the encoded signals, calling out, "Sir, I think I may have an answer for that."

"Go ahead, Comms." Jack calls out.

"General, I have been monitoring the tachyon surges and we believe they are being used to boost encrypted radio transmissions to FTL speeds." She informed him. "And General...the transmissions are emanating from the vicinity of Earth." She added.

"No one on Earth uses this kind of technology, it's not as efficient as subspace radio..." Sam noted.

"I'm aware of that sir." The woman quickly replied.

"Can you break the encryption?" Jack asked.

"According to my system's analysis matrix...the coding is not very sophisticated, sir; cracking it will not be a problem." She responded from her station.

"How long do you need?"

"I think I can break the code with help from the main computer but it'll take a few minutes."

"Get cracking then. Sam, give her a hand, will you?"

"Yes, sir."

It takes only five minutes for the combined efforts of the three to crack the EA encryption with Sam calling out, "Jack, we broke the code."

"Put it up on speakers."

zzzz…I have a target lock!...zzzzz Alph…zzzzzzzzz….Alpha 4 break away, break away!...Distance to Target!...zzzzzz..Hull firing! White Star 13 break and engage rear targets, get them off the Warlocks!...zzzz… We just lost the Hecate! She's drifting! Protect the Victory and the Excalibur, they're the only ones who can stop em. Nemesis and Juno are gone, Nimrod and Heracles take their place in formation!...zzz where the Hell's our support! We're being swept aside! They'll be able to position the Planet Killer once that's done!

"Holy shit! Did I just hear the words planet killer!" The Navigation officer barks out.

He like everyone on the bridge had been listing in with rapt attention hoping to gain some insight from the monitored radio transmissions before deciding a course of action. But the words "Planet Killer" had sent a feeling of utter dread through the entire crew.

"My God, if it's true…" The communications officer whispers, not knowing she'd spoken aloud.

"Sensors, can you confirm this?" Jack calls out.

"Yes, sir...scanning now."

Jack could just make out a hint of a tremor in the young man's voice, apparently what he heard had deeply affected him, along with a good portion of the crew by the looks of it but none of the members of SG-1 even twitched an eyebrow...just another day at the office in the good ole' days.

"Well, Sensors, what do you make of the situation?"

"Sir, I am reading several hundred ships within the vicinity of Earth exchanging weapons fire, a lot of weapons fire, and one unidentifiable object...but it is big enough to encompass a planet." The ensign reports back.

"It may very well be the Planet Killer we have heard of." Teal'c reasoned.

"Sensors, what's the status of that planet killer?" Jack asks.

"It is drawing closer to Earth, sir; I'm guessing it will be able to hit the planet within a few minutes." Came the quick reply.

Jack took in everything within a matter of moments. Earth was in danger of being destroyed and her fleet was taking a pounding and would soon be overrun. Though in his usual fashion, Jack decides to jump in feet first without even thinking things through...besides he's got bigger and better guns now than he once had back in the SGC.

"Weaps, Arm all weapons across the board! Load VLS tubes one through eight with mark nine nukes; nine through fourteen with quantum torpedoes; ready fifteen and sixteen with Horizon-II; load aft launcher with standard anti-ship missiles. Charge the Plasma and Linear Ion Cannons! Ops, tell our pilots to load for bear, mixed enhanced payload of anti-ship and anti-fighter. Comms, order the task force to go to battlestations, we're jumping into the fight...I want the Archangel to act as our backstop, supported by our frigates as our snipers; Tiger's Claw and Shadow Stalker are to anchor the flanks of the Archangel group while launching a full Alpha Strike from their decks; Mechanicus and Tech Priest are to assist with any vessel with crippled or disabled engines and pull them out of harms way; Einstein, Oppenheimer and our Fox Prowlers will keep overwatch of the battlefield and alert us of enemy movement; Amazons are to stay cloaked and out of sight until we need replenishment." Jack barks out his orders.

"Yes sir!" was all three station officers' enthusiastic reply.

"All hands man battle stations! We're about to save the world again." Jack calmly states over the ships 1MC system for all to hear.

The crew of the Prometheus, including her Spartan contingent, having heard much of the radio chatter intercepted from the battle over Earth, had taken it upon themselves to head towards their battle stations thinking (correctly) they would soon be needed, deploying their protective space-tight armor enroute; the Spartans, already wearing their formidable MJOLNIR power armor, taking their assigned security posts of guarding the bridge, flight deck and engineering. Once the call to battle stations rang out over the ship's loudspeakers; Jack found to his approval, the crew already manning it.

"Helm, plot me a hyperspace jump between us and the Planet Killer."

"Course plotted and awaiting on your orders, sir." The helmsman responded immediately.

"Take us in...and let's kick some ass!"

With that command, hyperdrive systems across the task force spool up for the short jump, drawing massive amounts of energy from their small yet powerful reactors, though the amount drawn really was small compared to what the reactors themselves could generate when brought to full generation capability.

The classic purple-blue maelstrom of a hyperspace window opens before the task force, opening to truly massive proportions from the combined power of the task force's hyperdrives...

With a bright flare of their powerful ion engines, the task force instantly accelerates to lightspeed and beyond, their prows aimed just ahead of an insignificant-looking world...

A world they call home...

A home that is threatened once again...

A threat that must be removed with fire, steel and blood...

And they will not fail!

Warship Data

Archangel-class Battleship (Design based on Stargate Achilles-class Cruiser)

Acceleration: 20G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 20EJ

Armor: 6M (fore); 5.5M (flank); 5M (rear)

Crew: 880 Navy + 210 Marines

Armament –

(6) Asgard Plasma Cannons-Heavy – four fore/two aft

(1) Super Magnetic Accelerator Cannon – spinal

(8) Triple Linear Ion Cannon/150mm railgun Hybrid Batteries – dorsal/ventral-flank/spinal

(8) Asgard Plasma Cannon-Light – two fore/two aft/four flank

(2) 24-shot VLS array – middle-flank

(2) 4-tube missile launcher array – aft

(2) Drone launchers – between hanger pods and main hull

400 Quantum Drones each (Improvements: 15% smaller, 30% more efficient, improved phasing system, zero point/antimatter hybrid warhead, 40% increased range, 55% increased speed, self-recovering)

(40) Twin gatling 30mm railgun turrets – point defense mount-heavy

(68) Quad 20mm heavy pulse laser turrets – point defense mount

(4) Fenrir-class Unmanned Corvettes

(4) squadrons of F-302D 'Super Scimitar' starfighters each

(12) Puddlejumpers

(6) F-92A Warbird-class Open Frame Extra Vehicular Combat units

Aurora-II class Dreadnaught (Design changes – 20% broader, 15% longer, now built with drone launcher pods in an X-pattern, 30% faster, twin Neutrino-ion reactors as back-up reactors)

Acceleration: 18G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 14EJ

Armor: 4.8M (fore); 4.2M (flank); 3.6M (rear)

Crew: 340 Navy + 60 Marines

Armament –

(3) Asgard Plasma Cannons-Heavy – two fore/one aft

(4) Drone Launcher Pods – midline flank

750 Quantum Drones each

(8) Twin Heavy Pulsed Ion Cannon Batteries – dorsal/ventral spinal

(8) Twin Heavy Turbolaser Cannon Batteries – flank

(16) Twin gatling 20mm railgun turrets – point defense mount-heavy

(30) Triple 10mm pulse laser turrets – point defense

(8) Puddlejumpers

(18) V-20B Guardian UCSV

Bengalus-class Escort Carrier (Design based on Wing Commander's Tiger's Claw)

Acceleration: 14G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 8.4EJ

Armor: 3.75M (fore); 3.4M (flank); 2.8M (rear)

Crew: 680 Navy + 80 Marines

Armament –

(2) Magnetic Accelerator Cannon – flank-spinal

(2) Asgard Plasma Cannons-Light – aft

(4) Twin Medium Linear Ion Cannon Batteries – flank

(4) 12-shot multi-purpose missile launchers

(8) Twin Pulsed Particle Cannons – flank

(46) Twin 10mm pulse laser turrets – point defense mount

(20) Puddlejumpers

(5) squadrons of (16) F-47 'War Talon' advanced multi-role starfighters each

(4) Fenrir-class Unmanned Corvettes

Daedalus I-class (Enhanced Variant)

Acceleration: 24G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 16EJ

Armor: 4M (fore); 3.6M (flank); 3.2M (rear)

Crew: 400 Navy + 50 Marines

Armament –

(4) Asgard Plasma Cannons-Heavy – two fore/one ventral/one aft

(3) Twin Heavy Linear Ion Cannon Batteries – two dorsal/one ventral

(1) 16-shot VLS array

(18) Twin gatling 20mm railgun turrets – point defense mount-heavy

(32) Twin 10mm pulse laser turrets – point defense mount

(2) squadrons of (16) F-302C 'Scimitar' starfighters each

(8) Puddlejumpers

(2) Fenrir-class Unmanned Corvettes

BC-305B Hyperion-class Assault Battlecruiser (Design based on the Hyperion of Starcraft II but with more streamlining, better protection and much bigger guns)

Acceleration: 22G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 22EJ

Armor: 5.5M (fore); 5M (flank); 4.2M (rear)

Crew: 840 Navy + 180 Marines

Armament –

(1) Combined Dual Heavy Magnetic Accelerator Cannons / Heavy Linear Ion Cannon – spinal

(2) Dual Asgard Plasma Cannons-Heavy – wing tips

(1) Asgard Plasma Cannon-Heavy – aft

(4) Triple Heavy Turbolaser Cannon Batteries – wings-dorsal/ventral

(2) 16-shot VLS array – centerline

(16) Twin gatling 20mm railgun turrets – point defense mount-heavy

(30) Twin 20mm pulse laser turrets – point defense mount

(10) Puddlejumpers

(3) Fenrir-class Unmanned Corvettes

DDG-90A Athena-class Heavy Destroyer (Design is a hybrid of B5 Hyperion cruisers and Guardian-class Escort Destroyer from the Halo Fanfic Wiki)

Acceleration: 23G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 12EJ

Armor: 3.2M (fore); 2.8M (flank); 2.2M (rear)

Crew: 350 Navy + 48 Marines

Armament –

(3) Asgard Plasma Cannons-Medium – two fore/one aft

(1) Magnetic Accelerator Cannon – spinal

(1) Twin Medium Turbolaser Cannon Battery – dorsal spinal

(2) 14-shot multi-purpose missile pods

(16) Twin gatling 20mm railgun turrets – point defense mount-heavy

(28) Twin 10mm pulse laser turrets – point defense mount

(8) Puddlejumpers

(2) Fenrir-class Unmanned Corvettes

FFG-303 Prometheus II-class Heavy Frigate (Design is a hybrid of the UNSC Frigate and the Prometheus though more on the former rather than the latter)

Acceleration: 24G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 10EJ

Armor: 3.5M (fore); 3M (flank); 2.6M (rear)

Crew: 300 Navy + 60 Marines

Armament –

(1) Magnetic Accelerator Cannon – spinal

(2) Asgard Plasma Cannons-Light – flank-spinal

(4) Single Turbolaser Batteries – dorsal/ventral spinal

(4) 8-shot multi-purpose missile pods

(12) Gatling 20mm railgun turrets – point defense mount-heavy

(16) Twin 10mm pulse laser turrets – point defense mount

(6) Puddlejumpers

(2) Fenrir-class Unmanned Corvettes (Navy ships) or Wolfhound-class Unmanned Gunships (MEF ships)

Samantha Carter-class Engineering Vessel

Acceleration: 18G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 18EJ

Armor: 2.7M (fore); 2.4M (flank); 2M (rear)

Crew: 440 Navy + 40 Marines

Armament –

(2) Asgard Plasma Cannons-Light – fore

(14) Twin 10mm pulse laser turrets – point defense mount

(4) Fenrir-class Unmanned Corvettes

(12) -E Puddlejumpers (Engineering-specialized version, transporter/conversion projectors, micro neutrino-ion reactor, reduced capacity to four people, no weapons)

Daniel Jackson-class Science Vessel

Acceleration: 24G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 8EJ

Armor: 2.4M (fore); 2.4M (flank); 2.4M (rear)

Crew: 240 Navy + 30 Marines

Armament –

(1) Asgard Plasma Cannon-Light – fore

(4) Single Turbolaser Batteries – dorsal/ventral sections of 'wings'

(16) Twin 10mm pulse laser turrets – point defense mount

(2) Fenrir-class Unmanned Corvettes

(12) -S Puddlejumpers (Scientific-specialized version, enhanced sensors, extra capacity for field equipment and personnel)

SP-07A Fox-class Stealth Prowler (Design is a hybrid between UNSC Prowlers and Artemis class Patrolstar by Barricade)

Acceleration: 30G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 5EJ

Armor: 3M (fore); 2.6M (flank); 2M (rear)

Crew: 80 Navy + 20 Marines

Armament –

(1) Asgard Plasma Cannon-Light – fore

(1) Turbolaser Cannon-Medium – nose

(8) Retractable Gatling 10mm railgun turrets – point defense mount

(3) -R Reconjumpers (Reconnaissance-specialized version, reduced overall length, capacity for only six people, no weapons, passive optical stealth armor, short-range hyperdrive)

Amazon-class Super Freighter (Design based on Kholar class Super Freighter by Zhelom Redeux)

Acceleration: 21G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 3EJ

Armor: 3.6M (fore); 3.6M (flank); 2.8M (rear)

Crew: 380 Naval Reserve + 60 Marines

Armament –

(2) Twin Medium Turbolaser Cannon Batteries-Medium – dorsal/ventral

(4) Single Turbolaser Cannon Batteries-Medium – flanks

(10) Twin Gatling 20mm railgun turrets – point defense-heavy

(20) Twin 10mm pulse laser turrets – point defense mounts

(20) -C Cargojumpers (Cargo-carrier version, passenger capacity removed, limited to two-man crew, tractor beam projectors and magnetic grapples, drives moved to upper part of main hull)

(10) Puddlejumpers

BC-303-E USAF/TFS Prometheus (This refitted and enhanced Prometheus is 30% longer, 40% wider and 15% higher to accommodate the new weapons and equipment)

Acceleration: 24G

Shield Rating: Asgard-Alteran Hybrid – 12EJ

Armor: 4.8M (fore); 4.2M (flank); 4M (rear)

Crew: 260 Navy + 90 Marines

Armament –

(1) Asgard Plasma Cannon-Heavy – nose mount

(2) Medium Linear Ion Cannon – flank spinal mount

(2) Asgard Plasma Cannon-Light – aft spinal top/bottom mount

(1) 12-shot VLS array – upper center mount

(1) 4-tube missile launcher array – aft mount

(12) Twin gatling 20mm railgun turrets – point defense mount-heavy

(28) Twin 12mm pulse laser turrets – point defense mount

(1) squadron of (16) X-wing space superiority starfighters

(4) 10mm pulse laser cannons

(2) mini-drone launchers w/ 10 micro quantum drones each

(2) internal micro-missile launchers w/ 14 medium-range micro-missiles each

(8) external multi-purpose hardpoints

(4) prototype X/F-310 'Star Sabre' advanced space superiority starfighters

(4) Puddlejumpers (changes – shields, armor, nose-mounted twin lasers, increased overall length and tapered nose redesign including better cockpit visibility, improved system isolation and redundancy, short-range hyperdrive, improved stealth, and two micro point defense lasers)

(6) F-92A Warbird-class Open Frame Extra Vehicular Combat units

Ground Forces

Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) composition:

(4) HAT-99A2 Mammoth Tanks

(8) M1A4 Abrams MBT

(12) M810 Scorpion-II AmMBT

(10) M8A2 Buford-II Strike Hovertank with MP missile pods

(4) M109A8 Paladin SPHVG

(2) M290 MLRS

(6) M18 ACE Hybrid bulldozer/crane/constructor

(20) EFV-III Assault Transport with variable terrain system

(1) M20A4 "God-Track" C&C APC

(8) M80A2 "Wolvar" SPHAA/PD Vehicle

550 Marines including HQ and support personnel

(12) Heavy Weapon Squads

(5) Anti-personnel

(4) Anti-Vehicle/Tank

(3) Anti-Air

(8) Mortar Squads

(2) Combat Engineer Squads

(2) Repair/Battlefield Recovery Platoons

(4) Marine Force Recon Squads

(10) MV-44 "Super Osprey" Tiltjet Transport

(6) HV-60 "Albatross" Assault Transport

(4) HAC-210B "Storm Lion" Assault Gunships

(8) HAC-180C "Storm Hawk" Heavy Gunships

(24) LAC-90C "Hornet" Light Gunships


(Author's Note: The Tau'ri version of the Spartan program is radically different to that of the UNSC; first, there are no preceding Spartan-Is; second, the Spartans are chosen from preteen and young adult volunteers from both civilian and military backgrounds though said candidates are still genetically screened with the ATA gene being a bonus; third, the physical and mental training are set to the same standard as established by Mendez; fourth, the augmentation process now has a 100% success rate, as the 'inserts' are completely organic and safe to use, thanks to the Asgard's knowledge of bio-engineering from their cloning and genetic research, once the augmentation process is completed, the Spartans are kept isolated from unenhanced personnel until they have acclimated to their new bodies; fifth, the MJOLNIR powered armor system is not purely based on the game, the MJOLNIR is the CORE of the armor; it is augmented with nanotech musculature and support systems of the NanoSuit 2 from Crysis 2 though it's computer matrix is capital ship-grade, supported by a military-variant Class-C Dumb AI, along with jump-pack capability of the Zone Troopers of C&C fame albeit in a smaller, more efficient form which, in effect, gives the Spartan a very formidable look as well as capability, all the more so if the armor is customized to the wearer's preference. The armor is comprised of two layers of a very robust alloy of Titanium, Tritium, Naquadah and a pinch of Neutronium with a thermal dispersive ceramic material in between while the suit's 'muscle' fibers is made of a new synthetic material called Myomer, based off the Battletech series, which in turn is made of a flexible outer protective weave of Tritium fibers while the interior is made of a newly developed synthetic material that, when an electrical current is added, acts much like a near perfect simulacrum of a muscle fiber; the suit is protected by a modified Asgard-Alteran shield emitter that can be manipulated for a multitude of shapes, forms and functions while the suit is powered by a shrunk-down hybrid Fusion / Naquadah reactor, providing virtually unlimited power for long-endurance missions and intense fire-fights. The suit's hands have been modified with special super-conductors and chargers to provide unlimited recharging to Spartan-customized ranged and melee energy weapons. PS – As the Tau'ri have superior technologies and resources to tap into, along with two massive databases for references and research; the MJOLNIR, for the get-go, will NOT be going through the slow Mark series of upgrading unless Sam or Federation R&D have come up with something better.)

Blue Team (Spartan Alpha Group)

Colonel John-117

Blue Team Leader / SPARTAN Alpha Group CO

A-class Smart AI: 'Cortana'

Cyber Warfare Specialist

Data Analysis

Team Combat Coordinator

Upgraded Communications Systems

Armor Style: Lion

Preferred Weapons: DXC-20B-S ICWS (defaulted in Assault Rifle configuration) with 40mm Grenade Launcher Attachment and Holographic Dual Scope***, M12A-S 'Spartan Laser', MP14B-S Laser PDW, Longsword-type Plasma Blade, Standard K-Bar Knife

Staff Sgt. Samuel-034

Explosive Expert

Expanded Analysis Matrix

Armor Style: Grizzly Bear

Preferred Weapons: MA7A-S Laser Assault Rifle with Shotgun Attachment and Holographic Dual Scope, C-12 Explosives, M7A Gauss Pistol, K-Bar type Plasma Blade, Standard K-Bar Knife

Lt. Linda-058

Sniper Marksman

Upgraded Optics

Armor Style: Eagle

Preferred Weapons: SRS100B Gauss Sniper Rifle (multi-caliber system) with 30x digital scope, optional suppressor, laser designator and directional microphone, M8A-S Laser SMG, Jammer Grenades, Standard K-Bar Knife

Staff Sgt. Kelly-087

Recon / Fast Attack Specialist

Upgraded Cloaking System

Armor Style: Cheetah with small Rabbit paint mark on left chest

Preferred Weapons: MA7A-S Laser Assault Rifle with 40mm Grenade Launcher and Holographic Dual Scope, Two M8A-S Laser SMGs, M7A-S Laser Pistol, Twin Shortsword-type Plasma Blades, Standard K-Bar Knife

Specialist Class William-043

Missile Weapon / CQC Specialist – Knife Expert

Upgraded Long and Short Range Sensors

Armor Style: Tiger

Preferred Weapons: M21A 'Spanker' MP Missile Launcher (default loadout: 3 dumbfire HEAT missiles; 3 reloads: 2 HEAT, 1 SAM), M100A Gauss Shotgun with Reflex Scope, Twin K-Bar type Plasma Blades, Twin Standard K-Bar Knives

Specialist Joshua-029

CQC, Scout / Sniper, Demolitions, Vehicle Specialist

Upgraded Sensor Array

Armor Style: Black Panther

Preferred Weapons: DXC-20A-S (defaulted in Battle Rifle configuration) with Shotgun Attachment with 3x ACOG Scope, C-12 Explosives, M100A Gauss Shotgun with Reflex Scope, MP14B-S Laser PDW, Twin Vibro Swords (deploys from forearm sheaths**), Twin Standard K-Bar Knives

Noble Team (Spartan Beta Group)

Captain Carter-259

Team Leader

Armor Style: Wolf

A-class Smart AI: 'Fenrir'

Tactical Advisor

Cyber Warfare Specialist

Team Combat Coordinator

Preferred Weapons: BR-56B-SB-S Laser Battle Rifle with 4x ACOG Sights and 40mm Grenade Launcher Attachment, Two M8A-S Laser SMGs, M7B-S Plasma Pistol, Standard K-Bar Knife

SFC Catherine-320

Intelligence Specialist

Armor Style: Kitsune

Preferred Weapons: DXC-20A-S (defaulted in Battle Rifle configuration) with Holographic Dual Scope and Shotgun Attachment, MA7C-S Plasma Carbine with Reflex Scope, M7A-S Laser Pistol, Standard K-Bar Knife

Sgt. Jun-266

Sniper Marksman

Armor Style: Cougar

Preferred Weapons: M120B Gauss Sniper Rifle**** with 30x electronic scope, laser designator and directional microphone, MA7C-S Laser Carbine with Holographic Sight, M7C-S Plasma Pistol, Standard K-Bar Knife

Sgt. Emile-239

Assault Specialist

Armor Style: Bull

Preferred Weapons: DXC-20A-S (defaulted in Shotgun configuration) with 40mm Grenade Launcher Attachment, Two M8B-S Plasma SMGs, M7A-S Laser Pistol, Standard K-Bar Knife

Sgt. Jorge-052

Heavy Weapons Specialist

Armor Style: Polar Bear

Preferred Weapons: DXC-20A-S (defaulted in Support MG configuration) with Shotgun Attachment and Holographic Dual Scope, M21A 'Spanker' MP Missile Launcher (default loadout: two dumbfire HEAT missiles; three reloads: two HEAT, one SAM), M7A-S Laser Pistol, Standard K-bar Knife

Lt. Ragnar-312

Infiltration, Scout, Pilot Specialist

Armor Style: Peregrine Falcon

Preferred Weapons: M24A Linear Assault Rifle with integral suppressor, Laser Carbine Attachment and Holographic Dual Scope, M100A Gauss Shotgun with Reflex Sight, Two M7S Suppressed Gauss Pistols, Standard K-Bar Knife

(Author's Note: The DXC-20 ICWS is my version of the Republic Commando's DC-17, the weapon utilizes a hybrid bullpup/forward magazine design; the forward receiver is for projectile-loaded magazine and heavy support energy mags while the bullpup receiver handles the weapon's standardized energy mags though this is removed as the Spartan variant draws power directly from the armor's reactor; however the forward receiver still remains as the Spartan can still utilize the projectile component of the weapon; the primary body of the weapon functions as a receiver unit while the modules define its role. It is also equipped with multiple receiver rails to accommodate the user's preferences and mission objectives along with secondary support weapons such as grenade launchers and shotguns. The DXC-20 comes in several configuration modules: Assault Rifle – similar role as the MA7, Battle Rifle – similar to the BR56, Shotgun – duh!, Gauss Rifle – 20mm Railgun-type Sniper Rifle/Light Anti-Vehicular Rifle, Gauss Carbine – 8mm Railgun-type Assault Rifle, Support MG – Short-barrel GPMG, Tank Buster – Mini Spartan Laser and Stunner – Nonlethal neuro-disruptive pulse laser.)

* - (Cheesy, I know that! It felt appropriate for one of Jack 'eccentric' personality.)

** - Think Optimus Prime's deployment of his swords in Transformers 1 & 2 and you get the general idea…

*** - A Holographic Dual Scope is a combination of a standard holographic sight with a side-flip 3x scope, giving the shooter two types of sights without having to change out.

**** - Think of this weapon as a cross between the Tau Rail Rifle and Fortune's (from Metal Gear: Patriots or something like that) Assault Railgun...designed to be able to compact itself for ease of mobility, similar to Mass Effect weapons.