The spirit of Gawain was gone and Cat and Ali quickly scurried down to the floor to see Lucy. Her eyes opened with a jolt, they were back to green.

"Cat" Lucy mumbled "get Gazen"

At that point Gazen, Gazzif, G'reth and all the other clay dragons flew in followed by Grockle. At the sight of Grockle Cat sighed with relief. Gazen and Gazzif fussed about Gazzif's flowers and finally wafted one under Lucy nose then flew into the air. Lucy shook her head violently then got up and then nearly fell over again.

"Thanks" Lucy said to the two dragons

Lucy saw something in the corner of her eye, a black box, thinking nothing of it climbed back on top of one of the cages and clicked it open and took off to the other covered one after opening that one she called to Cat and Ali.

"Coming?" Lucy said "it's time to go home"

And Lucy, Cat, Ali and David walked out to go back home.

The end, sort of

I have put up a secaul to the chase

well kind of secal it carring on about cat, ali and Lucy but it besed aroundthe black box in this story (note in a cross over with sarah jane adventures)