"Why do I have Momo's ears?" I looked at Sokka, eyebrow raised.

"Those are your hairloopies" he said, defiantly. Mentally, I smacked myself in the forehead. Oh Sokka, I thought, they're not called hairloopies.

"-Look like a porcupine" Zuko's voice broke through my thoughts. Mai, Suki and Zuko were now crowded round Sokka's picture.

"My hairs not that spiky" he went on, scowling.

"I look like a man" Mai commented.

"And why did you paint me firebending?" Suki scrutinised Sokka, who quickly looked away.

"I thought it seemed more exciting that way" Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Aang, smiling, get up and walk to Appa. Momo jumped onto the table, chittering absently.

"Oh you think you could do a better job Momo" Sokka cried, convinced everyone now wanted to abuse his painting. Uncle Iroh came round the side to.

"Hey" he said, "My bellies not that big. I've really trimmed down"

"Well I think you all look perfect" Toph said, throwing her arms up in the air. We all laughed, while Sokka nodded happily, until he remembered that Toph couldn't see. Quietly, I slipped away from the table and through the doors, listening to them talking.

He stood by the balcony, looking over Ba Sing Sei. Slowly, I walked up to him, a blush creeping across my cheeks. He turned and looked at me. I walked over and hugged him, gripping his back. I opened my eyes and looked at him. Then, we broke apart. I looked into the magnificent sunset, steeling myself to do what I knew that I'd always wanted to do, but had never had enough courage to do. He had done it, I told myself. He'd done it, and he didn't know if I even liked him in that way. If he can do it, so can I. Taking a deep breath, I turned to face him. Slowly, he also turned his head to smile at me. I closed my eyes and leaned towards him, a strange, warm feeling spreading through my chest. And then, we were kissing. It was unlike any kiss I had ever had before. All the other times, I had felt so nervous, I could hardly appreciate how gentle he was, how warm his hands were, how he made my head spin. But this time, all I knew was the taste of his lips, the feeling of his arms, slipping down to my back, were they stayed, warm and comforting. When we broke apart, I was still smiling.

"Katara" he said, as I leaned against him "I- I love you" I laughed softly, and closed my eyes.

"I love you too" He sighed contentedly. I laughed again, quietly, focusing on the feeling of his breath on my neck.

We walked into the Jasmine Dragon holding hands. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us. Sokka stood up, and gazed at us. Then, he grabbed Aang, and pulled him into a tight hug. Suki smiled, and patted his arm. Mei and Zuko looked at each other, grinning and Toph smiled knowingly. I walked over to her, leaving Aang to be congratulated by the others.

"You knew" I whispered. "You knew even though I didn't" She grinned.

"Lying isn't the only thing that causes a physical reaction, Sugar queen" I laughed, then walked back to Aang. Zuko was saying

"I knew it Aang" Mai shrugged.

"We all knew" she said.

"Yeah" Suki agreed. Then she turned to me, and gave me a hug.

"Good going. I think you've chosen the one boyfriend that your brother will accept" I laughed and hugged her back. Uncle Iroh smiled to himself.

"I think Aang just walked out of his tunnel" he muttered.