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Epilogue Time~!

It was surprising how quickly seven years had slipped past for Soul and Maka. They ended up having the wedding ceremony they'd always wanted. In the end, it was still a very modest and tasteful celebration. Plus they were blessed with Tsubaki and Black*Star flying out and attending; something they were only half expecting. It was funny for them to think that now the other two were raising up a crop of (so far) three energetic little boys.

The biggest accomplishment had to be their new restaurant, cleverly called Two of Hearts, being more successful than its mother model.

Liz chuckled a bit as she monitored how things were going in the back. With Soul and Maka in charge, they had offered manager positions to a few of their old co-workers. It was funny for her to think about, really, because she felt so much more at ease with how things went around the restaurant now. Kid was in charge of retail, she was one of the managers assigned to the front, partnered with Kim's assistance, and Ox had offered to take care of the grill line and the bussers. Maka was the manager who typically handled the hiring, financing and helping out the hostesses/hosts when she was on the clock. Tsubaki and Black*Star, despite being offered positions, decided to stay in Japan; it had been a painful rejection but they all respected their decision. Meanwhile, Soul was a Jack of all trades and took his fair share handling everything.

Liz turned her eyes downward and grinned at the simply silver band on her finger. About six months after Maka and Soul tied the knot, a very flustered and nervous Kid had asked for her hand. She agreed, saying that she would "spice his life up in ways he never thought possible," and she swore to this day he nearly fainted at those words.

So far they had one set of twins, both age six, and a two year old little boy.

"Liz, stop daydreaming and start running some of these trays! These tickets are hitting the red area and we do not allow that under any circumstances!" Soul snapped suddenly from his perch behind the grill. His hair was tucked up in a cap, which normally got him teased by the blonde. She let it go this time and picked a tray, checking the ticket, before heading over and picking it up.

'He's probably just nervous and pissy because Maka had to go see the doctor today to make sure the baby is growing well,' Liz reasoned to herself as she headed out. She handed the dishes out happily, thanked the guests for stopping in and offered to get them condiments they needed. After being politely turned down she headed out. 'Oh, and I need to call Maka to make sure the kids aren't driving her crazy; although Kid should be picking them up shortly. I know she offered to baby sit while Kid went grocery shopping and everything but I don't want them stressing her out while she's pregnant.' She thought worriedly as she headed back to the kitchen area.

In regards to children, everyone was doing pretty well. Patty and Chrona, who had wed about two years ago, had a little thirteen month old girl they coddled all the time. She had been gifted with Patty's blonde hair and, in some strange sort of twist, the bright honey colored eyes of her paternal grandmother. Because of this, Chrona and Patty decided to name her Rachel Medusa Gorgon, as a tribute to the grandmother who had helped make sure Patty took good care of herself. Medusa, having been eagerly awaiting the day she had grandchildren to spoil and fuss over, was living it up with the new parents like there was no tomorrow. Patty and Chrona had taken charge of Medusa's karaoke club so that she could start thinking about retiring (so that she could play nanny to any and all other grandchildren she received, she explained).

Liz and Kid had three children so far, though they were planning on eight (part because of Kid's OCD and part because Liz really wanted a big family). Lilith was the elder of the twins and she was a bossy little girl. She had inherited her father's dark hair and gold eyes yet she did not have the three right stripes in her hair; this made Liz call fowl while Kid still protested it was all natural on him. Lilith was the biggest little Mommy's girl you would ever meet; when she knew she was about to get in trouble, she'd go flutter her lashes at Liz and make all sorts of cute expression to try and sweeten her up. Admittedly, her mother had fallen for it on a few occasions.

Her twin brother, Clyde, was similar to her in that he was vocal but he was not nearly as bossy as she. Clyde had his mother's dirty blonde hair and also had her bright cerulean orbs. He could hold his own in a battle of verbal combat with his sister but he could not best another girl they knew. Liz had a growing suspicion he had a crush on said girl, but kept it to herself. Also, in opposite of his sister, Clyde was a total Daddy' boy. Whenever he could, he was spending time with Kid and asking him all sorts of things. It always made her grin when Kid would smile, pick their son up, and gently show him how to do things; she lucked out with a hunky family man in the end!

Lastly was their two year old, Ethan. Ethan had his father's dark hair with the three stripes (this had earned his mother an "I told you so!") but he had the baby blues of his mother. He was, so far, a clingy little guy who needed lots of attention. He loved it when Liz would hold him and coddle him, giving him all of her attention. Since he was in his terrible two's, noncompliance was met with enthusiastic hissy fits and crying. Liz did, however, hope that he'd level out once his third birthday crept past in a few months.

Next was the situation with the Evans family.

Wes and Blair had one more little boy about three years after Masun and ended up naming him Casanova. The reason behind that? He looked like a little male version of his mother and she claimed he'd someday be a heartbreaker like she always had been. Things were good with them and, according to Soul, he and Wes were getting along a lot better these days. He said the kids had probably helped in normalize the once overly-chipper Wesley.

The next big thing was what happened with their parents. Masumi was currently dating her boss, Tezca Tlipoca, and things were good there. They were thinking about retiring and renting a condo in Texas by the beach. Spirit Albarn, much to everyone's shock and slight horror, was now remarried. He had ended up getting hitched with none other than Yumi Azusa. The two were currently touring Europe with plans to come back in about two months to assure they'd be here when Maka gave birth.

And then there were the two Evans brats themselves; Yuki (1) and Gregory (2).

Yuki Evans was a six year old with a fiery attitude like her mother. She had inherited the Evans powdery hair, jagged shark teeth and the ruby orbs; they jokingly said this made her a force to be reckoned with. Yuki was the kind of girl who could take charge and whip bossy girls like Lilith around with the flick of her little wrist. She was far from a tyrant, though; she simply had her mother's sharp mind and silver tongue. For these reasons, Liz had a hunch her oldest boy was rather infatuated with the silver haired cutie pie.

Next was her four year old little brother, Gregory Evans. He had his mother's ashy blonde hair, his father's red eyes, normal human teeth and also his father's aloof attitude. Greggie, as everyone affectionately called him, was almost the perfect combination of his parents. He inherited his mother's love of learning, literature and life. He also had his father's keen musical insight, relaxed personality and taste for stating things bluntly. There had been many a time where his words had gotten him in serious trouble with his parents and other children's parents.

And now Maka was pregnant again.

"I should probably put another fifty dollars on the bet of her having twins," She mumbled as she set down the tray and checked the grill line again. It appeared that things were fine and the server's were handling it fine on their own. She turned to head to the office to make the call but was stopped by the hostess on duty.

She was a sweet college kid that Liz had hired just about one week ago, since she was handling that all while Maka was on her maternity leave. "Um, I'm sorry to bother you but I have a small problem. Two people came in with a few children and just walked right to the third dining room," She said nervously. Liz blinked in surprise and then looked at the clock quickly; huh, it was already almost one o'clock! "And there aren't any servers stationed back there… And the guy went right into the vestibules and got a high chair for one of the little kids and they just got themselves all settled at the big round and a four right by it! I-I tried to stop them but they wouldn't listen!" She was frantic and had paled considerably.

A hand settled on her shoulders and Liz grinned lightly. "Don't worry about it; those two work here. Actually, one of them is Maka Evans and the other is my husband. They brought our families to join Soul and I for our lunch break and Jeanette already agreed to take care of us," She said delicately. When they had cut the floor about ten minutes ago Jeanette said she'd switch with another co-worker who needed the hours. As a deal, Liz told her to handle their family lunch time and she'd let her stay on clock until they were done.

Needless to say, having more hours and getting generously tipped (since her manager's knew what it was like to be in her place) sounded pretty sweet to her.

"Oh. Uh, well then… Uh… Sorry to have bothered you," She mumbled nervously, rubbing the back of her head lightly. Liz gave her a pat on the shoulder and a large goofy grin.

"It's okay; you're just doing your job. Keep up the good work," She said cheerfully. The other girl blinked then grinned brightly and nodded excitedly. She then darted off to tend to the hostess podium. Liz then turned away and looked at Soul. "Hey, shark boy! It's lunch time!" She snapped over the grill line.

Soul glanced over then grinned brightly. "Hell yes! Kim and Ox, you two okay for a while?" He called over to the other two managers.

"We'll be fine Evans. Now, you two, go spend some time with your babies and spouses!" Kim chided with a roll of her eyes. She was smiling, however, so they knew she wasn't being mean. Soul ditched the apron and hair net in one of the bins kept by the entrance to the supply closet and then darted out to the third dining room with Liz.

Maka was settled into one of the chairs on the outside, her chair pushed back a bit because of her swollen abdomen. Yuki was settled in beside her, one hand placed on her mother's stomach and the other resting on the top of the table for balance. Gregory was standing on his booster seat and leaning over on the table, both hands on the wooden surface of the table. Yuki suddenly squealed and giggled loudly. "I felt it that time!" She said, looking between her mother and her stomach with eager eyes.

"No way!" Greggie protested with a small scowl on his features. Soul smiled as he walked over and picked the young boy up. He looked up, grinning lightly at his father, while Soul set him on his chair correctly and got him all buckled in. Yuki giggled and plopped back down in her own seat while her parents smooched their greetings.

"So what did the doctor say?" Soul asked happily as he sat down. Liz was also greeting her kids; little Ethan was already clinging to her like a baby monkey.

"He said that everything looks good so far," Maka mused happily. She tucked a strand of hair that had fallen loose from her ponytail behind her ear calmly. "He says that, according to the ultrasound, it looks like we're having another little girl-"

"Looks like I just won some money from the betting pool! Take that, Evans!" Kid scoffed proudly, cutting Maka off. The pregnant blonde rolled her eyes, Soul glared in annoyance and Liz snapped her fingers in disappointment.

"Actually, Mister Kid, you didn't let Mommy finish," Gregory said in his most diplomatic tone of voice. Soul snickered at his son's attempt at sounding older than his four years actually indicated. "Yuki and I are going to have a baby sister and a baby brother."

Both men fell silent while Liz released a loud, proud howl of delight. "I so totally called it! That money is going right to the college fund~!" She cheered loudly. Maka laughed and shook her head before looking at the stunned Soul Evans seated across from her.

"Twins?" He asked softly, eyes wide in either wonder or horror. She smiled at him and nodded cheerfully.

"Looks like we'll have some shopping to do this week. After all, we'll need to repaint the nursery a neutral color that appeals to both genders," Maka mused lightly. She tapped her chin in deep thought. "Normally people go with the color yellow from what I was able to research."

"We should paint the room orange!" Gregory chimed in helpfully. Yuki made a face at him as if he'd sprouted another head.

"Ew! Orange is an icky color! The room should be painted green!" She argued back. Gregory glared back at her.

"Green is the icky color; it's the color of barf!"

"Ew! Mommy, Greggie's talking about barfing and other icky stuff at the table!" Yuki whined loudly. Maka set to trying to settle the pair down while Soul, finally realizing what was going on with his family, fainted out from a sensory overload.

"Hello th- Um, Liz," Jeanette trailed as she walked over. She had a tray in one hand, her order book on top of it, and the other held her pen. She was currently staring at the comatose male on the floor. "I mean, I may be totally ignorant here, but why is Soul passed out on the floor?" She was answered by laughter from the Thompson family and a mere smile from Maka.

It was just another typical day at the restaurant, all in all.


(1) Yuki – For those who don't know, the name Yuki is Japanese for snow. When I was designing her character I went through a lot of various appearances (hairstyles, eye colors, teeth, etc..) but I never changed her hair color once. Through this I decided to whip a dead horse and make use of a very popular Japanese name. Hope you all don't mind too much~!

(2) Gregory – Okay, so this was a little bit more of a funny story, really. If you have ever watched the popular medical drama House, you know the main character played by Hugh Laurie named Gregory House. My sister and I were watching House, making jokes and saying character names in funny ways, when I remembered his name was Gregory. This in turn made me think "Grigori"; the type of soul Maka has in the canon series. Thus, I decided the pair would have a little boy named Gregory as a tribute to his Momma.

Final notes~!:

So, I didn't really know how I wanted to end this. And then, after finishing it, I had all these ideas for funny stories involving the kids but decided I would hold off for two reasons. One, I didn't want to drag this story on with random fluff and I knew damn well I was not going to figure out another dramatic plot to make work for this. Second, I kinda like the way I wrapped this one up.

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