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CHAPTER 2 – Naruto Universal Protector

A lone golden fox was trekking through an icy tundra; many people would have believed that a golden fox in the middle of such a cold and isolated place would be weird but the most unusual thing about the fox was that instead of one long bushy tail it had nine and that the fox was the size of a horse.

As the fox travelled for days on end around the frozen wasteland he happened upon a small village surrounded by a small wall of ice and snow with a crudely constructed watch tower, as he continued to observe the small village he watched as a large white creature flew off and a large ship sailed into the watch tower, docked and released its landing ramp and a squad of men dressed mostly in black armor lead by an older teenager descended into the village.

After shouting threats and something about the Avatar and a prince the leader grabbed an old lady but as soon as the soldiers started threatening the villagers, the fox sprinted to the village, leapt over the wall and intercepted a large fire ball aimed at a girl of 15 with tanned skin, large blue eyes and long dark brown hair. To everyone's surprise a massive fox jumped in front of Katara taking the fire ball and rolling to a stop with a smoking side and heavily panting at the ice wall and even though it was injured and couldn't use its front left leg it still got up and limped in front of the stunned villagers and soldiers with its nine tails splayed as large and wide apart as possible.

The black and red clad soldiers started backing up in fear until the fox suddenly keeled over with a large gaping, singed hole in its chest. It was at this point that a Bald kid wearing orange and yellow flew in on the back of a penguin and knocked the teenage leader of his feet, when the leader returned to his feet he started getting angry about how the avatar was only a kid after a short scuffle in which the bald kid seeing that if they continued the villagers would be injured, who were now surrounding the large fox, decided to surrender and go peacefully with the soldiers onto their ship.

After learning that the Bald kid, named Aang, was the avatar which is the planet incarnate in human form and able to bend all four elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire, whereas a normal human could only bend one, the girl that the fox saved named Katara and her Brother, Sokka, who had short hair and a small ponytail as well as tanned skin decided that they had to save him, if the war started by the fire nation over one hundred years ago was to be stopped.

Katara though was worried about the fox that had saved her life but after encouragement from her grandmother, Kanna that she would personally look after and heal the fox, had quickly climber aboard the giant white creature the fox had seen flying off earlier.

The large creature named Appa who had six legs, two large horns and a wide, furry beaver like tail jumped into the cold water, causing a large splash and quickly started swimming after the fire nation ship to save his owner.


Aboard The fire nation ship two fire nation soldiers were leading Aang to the holding cells when Aang suddenly spouted out "I guess you've never fought an airbender" and with that blew both soldiers into the wall with a strong gust of wind from his mouth, knocking them out and speedily running down the hallways of the ship, as he was running through the maze of hallways.

One of the previous guards had awoken and had activated the alarm and soldiers began sweeping the ship for the loose avatar, as Aang was running through one of the many metal corridors he stumbled into a small gang of fire benders instead of standing and fighting he used his control of the air to run on the walls and ceiling quickly past the soldiers and in the process cutting the bindings around his hands on one of the spike that the soldiers adorned.

When Aang escaped the fire nation soldiers, Aang found himself in the sleeping quarters of the occupants of the ship, Aang remembering that his staff was to be put in the teenage leader's room started searching the rooms until he saw the staff leaning against a table. Quickly looking around Aang stealthily entered the room and grabbed his staff as soon as he completed the action the door slammed behind him revealing the young leader.


At the same time in the cool expanses of blue water Appa, Katara and Sokka were slowly following the ship to save their friend. "Urgh, just fly already you stupid fur ball" complained Sokka, as soon as he said that Katara remembered that Appa could apparently fly

"Sokka we could get him to fly, remember Aang said that he was a flying bison" Sokka being the skeptic he is just groaned "No we can't that's just stupid Katara we don't know the voodoo words to make Appa fly. I mean why does a bison have a code word to fly and the words were childish, like Hah Hah or doo bee doo"

Sokka kept saying random words and sounds while shaking the reins and that was when he shouted out "yip yip" that Appa groaned, sped up and suddenly leapt out of the water and started flying towards the ship. "Katara look he's actually flying, he's actually flying" at seeing his sisters smug look he suddenly calmed down and tried to regain his cool by saying "yeah he's flying so what". Up ahead the siblings had spotted the ship in and ice valley and were closing fast and also spotted fireballs being launched from the deck of the ship at some unknown spot that they couldn't make out but as they flew closer and closer the saw Aang fall towards the freezing ocean and Katara cried out in era.


Five minutes earlier.

As Aang grabbed his air bending staff the door was slammed shut behind him revealing the young commander who had hidden behind the door and has cut off his only escape route. The teen who looked to be about 17 was wearing black and red fire nation clothes instead of the armor of his subordinates but still looked strong and tough, but the most outstanding feature was the large pink and red fire burn around his left eye and he wore his hair shaven everywhere but left enough on top to create a ponytail.

"Hello avatar, I am crown prince Zuko and I've waited a long time to capture you" Aang being the naïve and innocent boy he is was curious and decided to strike up a conversation instead of attacking and finding a way to escape from the ship "Well what have I done I've never done anything to you and I think I'd definitely remember you if you're royalty"

" It's because if I ever want to go back home and no longer be banished I have to capture you and take you to my father" with that he struck out with a fist sending a ball of fire at Aang. Because Aang was an airbender he was naturally good at evading, so after several fire balls and him evading without a scratch Aang launched gusts of wind which knocked Zuko into the wall and ceiling and finally he launched the mattress at him which knocked him out,

Quickly Aang left and headed to the deck but was attacked by fire nation soldiers who launched fire balls at him but he deflected them with a large wall of air and sent another one right after to knock the attackers off their feet, Looking around to confirm he would be able to escape he saw Zuko running from inside the ship and onto the deck to confront him again.

When Zuko was ten feet in front of him, the prince launched a stream of fire from his fist towards Aang who promptly dodge but was caught out by another fire blast which knocked his staff out of his hands, followed by two more balls of fire which knocked Aang of the deck of the ship and as he fell he heard Katara's scream before falling unconscious and entering the Avatar state as he hit the water.


After Katara and Sokka had left on Appa, the giant golden foxes tails start moving and one raised itself before glowing a beautiful green that gave all the villagers a feeling of safety and comfort, watching the tail the villagers saw it stroke and gracefully weave across the large seared hole and to the amazement of the water people the hole just closed and healed with a hiss and steam coming off leaving nothing there not even the faintest pink scar in his fur.

Soon after the fox started rising and shook himself to rid himself of the weariness and drowsiness of being attacked and injured, when he had finally stopped moving and had calmed down, Katara's grandmother, Kanna and also elder of the southern water tribe approached the fox and engaged him in conversation.

"Honorable fox I thank you for saving my Grand-daughter Katara and protecting our tribe even though injured and if you can understand me I would like you to other anything that you may need"

to this the fox just nodded and suddenly froze, quickly looked to the shore and concentrated intensely, when a few minutes had passed the fox finally stood up walked to the water and launched himself onto the water's surface, to the amazement of the people watching him he didn't sink and just stayed standing on the surface of the water with a quick look back and nod to the villagers he shot off leaving a massive wave to jump up and follow in his wake.

As he reached the area he had listened to earlier he spotted the bald kid fall from the ship and land in the water from the large ship.


As Aang hit the water he undertook a change that all Avatars can go through this was known as the Avatar state. The Avatar state was when the Avatar channeled all of his past selves into his own body to increase his power tenfold and even use the past Avatar knowledge to bend the elements he may have not yet learnt.

The physical changes he went through were that his face became stern and strict, Aangs eyes, mouth and tattoos glowed a bright blue borderline white, but while in the Avatar state the Avatar becomes merciless. Aang had sunk about 15 feet before his eyes snapped open and he spun around and shot through the water towards the surface.

When he had broken the surface the water followed and became a massive cyclone of ice cold water spin from the ocean to Aangs waist, the cyclone with Naruto at the tip towered over the fire nation ship and then deposited Aang on the deck, Aang then quickly started using the water to throw the soldiers around the deck of the ship knocking them out and sending Zuko overboard but was able to latch onto the railing. After the deck was clear and safe Appa landed and Katara and Sokka quickly leapt off to their friend's aid as he was apparently dazed and close to unconscious.

At the same time the large fox had jumped onto the deck, scanned the ship and spotted Aang's staff as he went to pick it up he noticed Zuko hanging onto the railing so the fox picked it up and jabbed it into the prince's head to knock him into the sea, when Zuko had fallen the fox had walked over to the trio and gave Katara the staff and using his tails gently laid Aang on the saddle of Appa, while the Siblings looked on in awe and slight fear but while this was occurring Fire nation soldiers had started waking and were preparing to attack.

Katara had noticed this and with her limited and novice experience in the arts of water bending had used the water that was left over from Aangs attack froze the soldiers so they couldn't move.

Quickly the fox had thrown Sokka on the saddle so that he landed on his head but had helped Katara as if she was a princess which made Katara feel extra special but was soon scared as she didn't want to lose or forget her new found foxy protector and friend but was amazed as he glowed a soft red and shrunk to the size of a normal fox and climbed aboard.

When they started taking off, Iroh an elderly man with a pointed beard, a hair knot and a rather rounded belly arrived on the scene, helped Zuko back on board, who had somehow manage to latch onto the anchor, spotting Appa preparing to take off Zuko and his Uncle Iroh launched a massive combined fire blast at the large bison but the fox who had climbed into Katara's arms, slipped from her tight hold, took a deep breath and unleashed a gale of wind that redirected the fire into the Ice valleys wall which caused an avalanche that covered and prevented the front of the ship from moving away from its current spot.

With this distraction Sokka took the reins of Appa and flew him off and away from the fire nation ship, leaving the rest of the soldiers to slowly melt the ice around Katara's frozen work and an angry, steaming prince Zuko vowing to defeat the Avatar.


As the sun was setting Aang had started to wake along with the golden fox snuggling in Katara's lap. "You know we really need to name that fox" commented Sokka upon seeing the now awake fox in Katara's arms. Aang being the innocent little boy he is said "What about snuggle puff of tutu twiddle pops"

Katara was just sitting there thinking and watching the fox as it climb out of her warm hold wacked Aang on the back of the head and sat so that the trio was able to see him. "What's he doing Katara, tell him to sit or play dead as its your pet or we could cook him I'm really hungry and I heard fox taste's really good" Sokka drooled, what he hadn't noticed was the fox walking up to him and biting down on his hand, which caused the idiot to leap into the air and fall back dazed and in a heap.

The fox walked back to his spot so that everyone could see him and a bright red light overtook his form causing the tea to have to shield their eyes to stop the blinding and surprisingly warm red light. When it had died down the fox was replaced by a teen with bright golden hair that was long and had two long bangs supporting his face, tanned skin a little lighter than Katara and Sokka's, he had large bright blue eyes that held ferocity and power but at the same time comfort and protection and three whisker marks on his cheeks he wore black sandals and baggy black which were covered in white bandages from mid shin into the sandals held up by a white sash along with a long sleeved black top with red bandages covering his arm from the elbow into the fingerless black gloves and a large Katana on his back.

Katara at seeing his ripped body in the tight shirt was staring in awe, lust and amazement, Sokka was in awe, fear and jealousy at the teen's body while Aang was amazed the transformation though Katara was starting to get a nosebleed especially when he started to speak " Good evening Avatar ,Sokka and Katara you looking beautiful by the way"

this promptly Knocked everyone out of their dazed states but Katara blushed and looked away "Sokka seeing this attacked the teen shouting about fire nation spies and flirting with his sister but was scared when the teen blew a bright white flame from his nose " before you so stupidly waste your life against a stronger opponent let me explain, my name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze I am 17 and I have come to help the Avatar save this world"

Sokka now gaining back his courage asked "why would we believe you when your obviously a fire nation spy, we've seen you bending fire" at this Aang and Katara agreed and became more wary. Naruto seeing this just laughed and using the clouds made a whip out of water and smacked Sokka into the ground with it, seeing this Katara was hopeful that she and Aang had found a teacher but Aang was confused "How can you bend more than one element only the Avatar can do that who are you really Naruto"

Sokka at this point was brandishing his boomerang and Katara was feeling the pull from Naruto's alpha male fox blood which Naruto did notice but made no comment " I am the greatest power you will ever come across unless you meet Kami, god or whatever your world call her in this world." "What do you mean by this world you've been speaking like you're not from this one?"

Naruto cracked a smile which made Katara melt into a puddle of gooey emotions not that Aang or Sokka noticed as he was trying to get to Naruto who just kept using the water to trip him up " Let me finish I am known as the universal protector and I travel to different worlds, universes and dimensions helping where I can but before I do travel to those worlds I train in their powers, in this world the bending" Katara was amazed, Aang was dumbfounded and Sokka was battered and bruised but has finally settled down " so you can teach me and Aang to bend"

Katara was ecstatic she would finally have a master to teach her but was annoyed at Naruto's answer for Aang but also understanding "Yes I can teach you Katara but I cannot teach you Aang. It is how the Avatar works. You must learn the culture and learn from someone of this world, to better understand your duties and who it is your protecting" Aang was disheartened but understood " but I can teach you the basics but only that and Katara you cannot teach him, I am going to teach you a style not used here on this planet do you agree Aang and Katara" both quickly nodded but Sokka seeing the large sword decided he needed to be a better help to the team "teach me he ways of the sword Naruto, please"

everyone was laughing at how Sokka was bowing on his hands and knees to Naruto who agreed on one condition "Actually I'll teach you to be a master strategist and a weapons master if you follow my every command to the letter for to be a great leader you have to understand the people you are leading" Sokka was overjoyed and started doing this weird dance. "Now it's getting late we need to get some sleep especially after this hectic day"

Everyone quickly agreed and pulled out their sleeping bags but Naruto turned back into the small fox and climbed in with Katara who was embarrassed that Naruto was snuggling into her breasts but Naruto quickly put an end to that when he said " Katara I know you've felt the pull, I'm sorry if you feel uncomfortable but it's the fox blood in me, your attracted because I'm the alpha so to say" Katara understanding the situation and a little about animals asked" do you have more than one girlfriend and will you be getting more" Naruto sighed "yes I'm sorry if that upsets you I can't help it"

Katara just giggled " Don't worry Naruto I'm up for experimenting with other girls" Naruto had started drooling thinking about these images" But you'll have to show me your tool that will keep me happy because I don't think my fingers will be enough now that I know you"

"we'll have to Take this slow Katara I want you to fall in love with me now got to bed we need the rest we can speak later" and with that they fell asleep Aang dreaming of Katara who he had a crush on, Katara on a naked Naruto, Naruto an orgy of his girls and Sokka, well Sokka was being Sokka and dreaming of food and defeating hundreds of fire nation soldiers.

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