Komamura glanced up at the clock, after filling out more paperwork. It looked like he'd been doing it for about an hour after Soya had left. Depending upon how fast her Shunpo was and how angry she'd gotten (which seemed to be very), she could be all the way in Las Noches by now, accepting a position in Aizen's army.

He got up, carefully stepping around the miniature pond of soda he'd have to clean up later. Why hadn't he gone to Yamamoto-sama immediately after she'd walked out the door? "Because my anger clouded my judgment," he sighed, opening the door. "I must work on that..."

He'd taken maybe three steps when a female voice called out, "Hey, Captain?"

He turned around to see Soya sitting right by the door. One leg was bent, and that foot was against her other leg, which was straight; her hands dangled over her bag, which was in her lap area. Her sunglasses now covered her eyes and her head was bowed down, like she didn't want to look at him.

He took this as a sign of her having been rejected from Hueco Mundo, and now she was begging for a second chance. "Did they turn you away then?" he questioned, crossing his arms. "I suppose Kaname made the final decision, telling you that you would spill too much blood?"

She looked up at him, and her sunglasses slid down her nose, revealing bloodshot blue eyes rimmed by red. It looked like maybe she'd been crying for a short time, but she still had that fiery spark in them. "Please. Spare me the mocking, Captain. I never even left."

That certainly caught him off guard, making him blink a few times. She'd said she was leaving; any woman on her word would have, even if she second guessed herself later. "So you've been sitting here all this time, Soya?"

"Yes, sir."

"Doing what?"

"Oh... thinking about stuff. Just thinking." She shifted position and pushed her shades up into her bangs. "I mean really. Can you imagine me working for Taco Aizen?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Hmm?"

"Oh... I just call Las Noches that 'cause it sounds like a Spanish restaurant chain. I mean, right? Plus it's a funny way to degrade the bastard."

Komamura just looked at her a moment, then sat beside her, which was a long way down for him. "Then... you never really planned on going to Hueco Mundo."

She snorted. "Please. Do you truly think I'd lower myself to being in league with Butterflaizen, Tousen-fly, and He Whose Smile Creeps Me the Fuck Out?" She played with a string on her bag, then pursed and unpursed her lips. "I'd sooner eat Urahara's hat. And I'd probably get food poisoning."

He had to chuckle slightly at that, but just as soon he was serious again. "If you weren't going to leave... why did you say that you were?"

"Empty threat," she replied apathetically. "You'll have to get used to those, I hand them out a lot. I was just... really mad at you. Come on." She elbowed his arm. "I'd never leave Soul Society." She shook her head. "Who do you think keeps Yumi from killing every flippin' person what calls him ugly?"

"I can only imagine how that might go... especially if either of you were drunk."

"Look." She sighed, blowing her bangs up. "Me apologizing is not going to happen too often, Captain, so... will you listen now?"

"Of course."

"Okay, well..." She took a deep breath. "I'm sorry I was late, I'm sorry I didn't have my uniform, and... I'm sorry I thought you were Ikkaku in a suit. Also I'm sorry I mentioned Tousen-fly. I could see you were getting upset over it so... I really should've shut my big yap."

He reached over and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Soya... I can understand all that you got angry over. I used to have a hard time getting respect too, but I didn't give up and I didn't act like you. I hate to be the one to tell you, but you really reminded me of a child back there. I see now why Yamamoto-sama sent you to me, and I will not fail him."

Her face brightened - just a little, but the shine was there in her eyes. "You mean you'll let me stay? And you're not going to tell Jii-san about this?"

He smiled just a little, and took his hand off her shoulder. "Yes. And... I will let you go without a uniform, but only on one condition."

"Sure. Anything... I hate that uniform."

"It's just a black robe."

"Exactly. Not enough design for me. I like more... ah... flamboyant stuff. Like this shirt Yumi got me. I should beat Hanataro to a pulp for volunteering to keep the spare ones. But anyway, what's this condition?"

"I would like to start over. Neither of us acted very mature or made a very good first impression on each other. I'd like to give you another chance, and I'd like another as well. Would that be alright?"

"You got it." She stood up, and straightened out her shirt. She slid her glasses back down to cover her eyes and posed with both hands on her hips. "Captain! You're lucky I'm here so what's my first order of business?"

He shook his head, opening the door to his office. She had made maybe a millimeter of improvement. And even that was being generous. This was going to take quite a while. "You've got paperwork to deliver to the other captains. Don't push your luck."

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