Hi there. I just couldn't let last night's episode go without a little blurb about Dean. Can't help myself I guess. :) I may come up with a longer story later on but I just had to get something out. Feel free to drop me a line if you would like, I do love to hear what others think of my drabbles. FYI, I don't own SPN or anything related to it.

He stares from the doorway.

He stares at Cas, trapped in a circle of fire.

The same fire that has been used so many times to keep evil at bay.

He hears the howl of demons as they close in.

He turns away.

And runs.

He clenches his hands into fists.

And runs.

He breathes short and fast and fights to keep control.

And he runs.

He feels his head start to pound.

He feels the heat of anger bubble up through his veins.

He runs.

Faster and faster.

Further and further.

He feels the clamminess of his skin.

And still he runs.

He feels his heart plummet into his gut.


He feels his eyes go cold and distant.


He runs.

And runs.

Further and further.

Faster and faster.

He needs to get to the car.

So he runs.

To get away from the house.

To get away from the blackness that surrounds it.

From the blackness that is within.

From the evil.

He runs.

He needs to get away.

From Cas.