Two shifts, worked back to back, were finally taking its toll on Christine's mood. She had been covering for a wave of intestinal concerns that had plagued the crew for the past three days. She groaned a little as she collected another sample for analysis.

Fatigued, it was inevitable that an accident would happen.

"Ow Damn!"

"Nurse?" Spock's head rose from the computer

Christine was crouched on the floor as Spock walked over to investigate.

"I dropped a beaker", she explained, kneeling amongst the shards of glass "I think a piece of glass has gone into my finger"

"Where is Dr McCoy?"

"With the Captain, Mr Spock its fine I'll clean up then attend to my hand"

"Nurse, logically managing your injury is the priority – without medical staff being available may I be of assistance?"

Christine glanced at her hand, the shard had gone deep into her skin, she could feel it but not see it.

"Yes I think you can, I'm not sure I can get it out on my own"

He motioned her to sit on a medical bed as he looked for an appropriate implement to assist him.

She sat awkwardly as Spock moved to inspect her finger, gently examining her hand he advised, "I'm unable to clearly see the object, apologies nurse I may need to move closer"

"Fine just get it out, it's really starting to sting," she snapped

"Sorry" her mumbled apology quickly followed.

Spock turned his back, pulling her arm across his chest so as to examine her hand more closely. Taking a needle he probed her finger. The pain, tolerable but sharp led to her head leaning against his back.

He felt her forehead resting along his spine; he chose to make neither comment nor movement away.

"I am being so silly", groaning words out loud took her mind off things.

"At times it is the smallest irritations that cause the greatest disruptions", Spock commented, as he pressed deeper into her skin, noting the pressure at his back increasing.

"I can see the problem, this will hurt temporarily"

"Its ok Mr… SPOCK! Ouch"

He continued holding her hand, applying slight pressure to stop the bleeding.

"This will need antiseptic, however no permanent damage"

"Thankyou Doctor Spock"

He turned to face her; a glint of amusement tickled the corner of his eye "a promotion nurse?"

"An acknowledgement of work well done"

"If I may be permitted there is medical intervention that I have experienced on Vulcan which assists in healing"

She had forgotten that he still held her hand, lifting it to his mouth he pressed his lips to the small cut, warmth enveloped her body.

"Mr Spock?"

"My mother seemed to believe that action cured most ills, there was no logic to her action, however it did appear to frequently work"

"I concur with her medical procedures, I feel much better"

The broad smile emblazoned across her face was proof of her statement.

"What the HELL is going on here!"

McCoy's voice bellowed from the door, his attention upon the shattered remnants still on the floor.

Christine jumped from the bed to finish clearing up. Absently rubbing her finger she couldn't help but steal a quick glance back at Spock as he returned to his computer.

Her day, she thought, was suddenly looking much better.