"...Happy Birthday to you!", everyone that was crowded around our small kitchen table erupted into a huge round of applause and, no matter how much I disliked parties, especially ones for me, it was almost impossible to keep the smile from splitting across my face.

Typically, straight after cake time came the grand opening of presents- and typically, Emmett, the big goof, had to have his unwrapped first.

It's amazing how you remember even the smallest things before a life changing event. Like, I remember how he had just turned his Christmas paper inside out to wrap my present and how it had a tag for 'Da Klutz' on it. I also remember that he got me a rugby ball from pound land- that's a tradition, in case, by some miracle, you hadn't found that out. Every one of his birthday's I would get him something he would never use- from pound land- and on my birthday's he would do the same for me, and then we'd have to do something embarrassing to put the gift to good use. I remember his previous birthday, I bought him a pink sequined play- boy cheerleading outfit and he wore it for the first day of the school year. The year I got the rugby ball, I was planning to try out for the rugby team, and Em would keep a tally of how many people I accidently injured during my tryout.

But, of course, that never happened. Want to know why?

Because I wasn't there for rugby tryouts. Want to know why?

Because I had gone missing the day after I had turned fifteen. Want to know why? Because some random guy had been keeping tabs on me and decided that I was the one who had to suffer so he wouldn't. Want to know why?

Because I don't know. I don't know why, out of all the girls in England, he had to choose me... an average teenage girl who was several years younger than himself. I just remember thinking that I had to have done some pretty messed up things in my life to result in someone wanting to make me and my family suffer so badly. I didn't even know you- so, how could you possibly have known me? Chose me?

Why me?

Edward Anthony Mason- Why me?