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AN: Here it is, the first chapter of 'Scoobies Go Wild!'. I just got my copy of the movie back from a friend who'd borrowed it, so this seemed as good a time as any to start :)

Buffy Summers, dressed as her idol Angel, the World-Renowned Demon Expert, and her trusty film crew which consisted of her friends Willow, Tara Faith, Xander, Anya, and her baby sister Dawn, all dressed in demon-hunting outfits, were exploring the rainforest, hoping to come across a very special animal. Buffy smiled as she turned to the camera held by Faith, the girl who had become one of her very best friends since her Mother had married the Father of Buffy's other best friend, Willow, a few months before.

"Come along faithful viewers on our journey through the drainforest" she said, her voice slightly altered by the plastic fangs she had in her mouth, "As we search for that red and unusable creature, the three-toed sloth." Buffy pushed aside the long grass in front of her to reveal the very beast she had been searching for. "What a booty! Let's go in for a closer look, shall we?"

"Closer?" yelped Willow and Tara, the Directors, in unison.

"Oh no you don't!" yelled Willow.

"Cut, c-cut!" Tara cried into her megaphone.

"Aww, don't worry guys" said Buffy, trying to reassure them. "I'm Angel the Vampire, Demon eggspert.." At that moment, a Fyarl demon leapt out of another nearby bush, snarling. "And as an an eggspert" Buffy continnued nervously, "I say.. Everybody, back to the truck!" The Scoobies turned and ran towards the jeep parked a short distance away, with Tara ditching her megaphone to scoop up baby Dawn as they went. Willow, in a panic, zoomed off almost as soon as she had jumped into the driver's seat. Thankfully, everybody was safely in. Well, everybody except Buffy, who was now running along behind the jeep, the Fyarl in hot pursuit. Faith handed the camera to Anya and reached out to make a grab for Buffy's hand, but missed.

"Say something, Angel!" said Anya, pointing the camera at her endangered friend.

"Uh, I can hear the Fyarly's running feets.." Buffy glanced over her shoulder, gulping. "And sees his sharp teeth.." Faith made another grab for Buffy's hand, and this time suceeded, but just as she attempted to pull her friend to safety, the Fyarl caught Buffy's pants in it's jaws and pulled them down, exposing her bare butt. "Now I feel a cool breeze!" Buffy yelled as Xander grabbed her other hand, helping Faith haul her into the back of the Jeep. She barely had time to pull up her pants before the vehicle hit a bump in the track and flew up into the air, making the Scoobies scream, then crashed with a squelch into what seemed like a large puddle of mud. While they had lost the Fyarl, the Jeep's engine cut out.

"Well, at least it can't gets any worser" Willow sighed.

"Uh, Willow?"said Faith, eyes widening in terror as she tapped her stepsister's shoulder.

"I th-think it just got w-worser" Tara stuttered.

"How?" Willow frowned.

"Werewoof!" Xander screamed, pointing as the beast approached. Willow and Tara scrambled into the backseat.

"What do we do now Buffy?" cried Willow, grabbing her friends collar, before Tara nudged her. "Oh, I mean, Angel."

"Not to worry, guys" Buffy grinned. She pulled a chew toy out of her pocket and threw it into the distance, the Werewolf chasing it like a playful puppy. "Alright, now let's go before it comes back!"

"We can't!" cried Faith, who had taken Willow's place in the driver's seat. "Our car's broked!"

"But that was my onliest chew toy!" said Buffy, worried, as she glanced in the direction the werewolf had ran.

"Well, feed it Anya!" Willow yelled.

"Hey, I heard that!" cried Anya, glaring at Willow.

"Angel, we gots to get out of here!" Faith cried. Buffy nodded, climbing out of the Jeep, and the others followed her lead. The Scoobies waded through the thick mud, but as they seemed to slip deeper and deeper into it, things were difficult.

"Angel," said Tara nervously, "W-Why are we s-sinking?"

"Quitsand!" cried Buffy, snapping her fingers. "I shoulda knowed!" She looked around, and, spotting a vine dangling into the puddle from a nearby tree, grabbed the end of it. "Everybody, hang onto me!" she yelled. Faith grabbed Buffy around the waist, Xander grabbed Faith, Anya grabbed Xander, Willow grabbed Anya, and Tara established a one-armed grip around Willow, with the other arm tightly clutching baby Dawn. Then using the vine, Buffy hauled herself and her friends to safety. The Scoobies cheered, but their happiness was short-lived. They heard a growl, and turned, horrified to see that the Fyarl had caught up with them. It pounced, and the Scoobies screamed.

Fortunately, the whole thing had been make believe. The Scoobies were in Buffy's backyard, and the Fyarl was really Buffy's cousin Cordelia, holding Veruca, her new puppy.

"What are you diaperbags screaming about?" Cordy frowned.

"We're about to get eated by a ferocious Fyarly demon" said Buffy, slightly embarassed, as the plastic fangs fell from her mouth.

"Were you pretending to be Angel again Buffy?" Cordelia smirked.

"Yep!" Buffy grinned. "He's my hero, and when I grow up, I wanna be just like him."

"Summers, you're no Angel. You're not even a speck of mud on his shoe" Cordy scoffed. Buffy's face fell. "You're never gonna have any real adventures. Face it, you're just a backyard baby with a diapey full of dreams." She walked away with a cruel chuckle, leaving her little cousin on the brink of tears.

"So.." said Xander, trying to break the awkward silence that followed. "Who wants to go look for cookies under stuffs?"

"I do!" Anya grinned. The pair ran off, leaving their friends to comfort Buffy.

"Don't listen to Cordelia, B" said Faith, using the nickname she had chosen for her friend.

"Yeah, she's always been a big meanie!" said Willow, agreeing with her new sister.

"I know" Buffy sighed, wandering over to where Giles, her Uncle and Tara's adoptive Father, had fallen asleep in a hammock in front of a portable TV. She sighed again at what she saw on screen.

"Well, faithful viewers, I think we can call this journey a sucess" said Angel, fleeing from a real Fyarl. "Although, this demon does seem intent on making a meal of me!" Giles woke, chuckling at the image on-screen, and lifted the children onto his lap. "Until next time, this is Angel, of 'Angel Investigations Magical World."

"Turn your back for a second and old Angel's demon food" Giles laughed, engaging in a tickle war with the girls. "But he always manages to wriggle out of trouble somehow!"

AN: There's the first chapter :) In the actual movie, Grandpa, aka Giles, only appears in this scene, but as he and Jenny are now Tara's parents in my adaptation, his role is significantly expanded. Also, while Angel characters do fill the roles of the Wild Thornberries, don't expect a traditional Angel Investigations team, 'cause as readers of this series should already know, Cordy and Fred already have roles as Angelica and Susie.