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Meanwhile in another part of the forest, Lorne was seeking out information on the whereabouts of the God-King.

"Excuse me, little fella" he asked a small monkey hiding in the tree he had climbed, "I'm looking for the God-King whose supposed to live in this forest. Have you seen her?"

"Sure" the little monkey began, "She's.."

"Ahhhhh!" Wesley shrieked, swinging through the forest on a vine and smashing into the tree, frightening away the monkey.

"Wesley!" Lorne snapped, annoyed. "He was about to tell me where the God-King is!" Unfortunately, Wesley seemed too hyped up to care.

"Lorne, you'll never believe it!" he cried, grabbing the empath demon's shoulders. "There's a little girl at camp, and she's a miniature Harmony, in every way! She's bossy, she's loud.. She's hideous!"

Unfortunately, Lorne hadn't been listening to a word Wesley said, having become distracted by the familiar scruffy red dog sniffing around the bottom of the tree.

"Wes, look!" he cried, pointing. "What's that dog doing here?"

"Oh, spreading his fleas on an unsuspecting world." Wesley was not a dog person.

"It shouldn't be here on it's own" Lorne frowned, grabbing a vine and indicating for Wesley to hold on. "Let's go talk to it." They swung down from tree, crashing into Oz as he lifted his leg to.. Well, you know.

"Hey!" Oz yelped, "Can't you give a dog a little warning? I'm trying to do my business here!"

"Sorry, we didn't mean to disturb you" said Lorne.

Oz looked surprised, then shook his head.

"You know, it's funny" the dog chuckled, "For a second there, I thought you were actually talking to me."

"Uh.. I was."

"You were?" Oz jumped up with his paws on Lorne's chest. "You were talking to me? How?"

"I can talk to animals, and all other demons" Lorne explained. "Do you want us to come back when you're done?"

"Nah, it's okay, I was just marking" said Oz, jumping off Lorne and lifting his leg in a proud pose. "Oz was here!" Lorne laughed, and Oz lowered his leg, embarassed, before remembering that he hadn't introduced himself. "Oh, where are my manners? I'm Oz, full name 'Down Oz, down, get off that couch!"

"I'm Lorne" Lorne chuckled, "And this is Wesley."

"Nice to.. Ahchoo!" Oz sneezed in Wesley's face.

"Oz was here, too" said Wesley, disgusted, as he wiped snot from his cheek.

"Sorry about that" said Oz sheepishly. "I've been sneezing all day, my sniffer's on the blink. I can't even sniff my own butt, and believe me, I've tried!"

"Charming, isn't he?" said Wesley sarcastically. Lorne ignored him.

"Oz, what are you doing out here in the rainforest?" The demon asked.

"Well" said Oz, looking ashamed, "I kinda.. lost my babies."

"Lost your babies?" Lorne gasped. "That's terrible!"

"He was probably too busy drinking from the toilet.."

"I was not!" Oz growled at Wesley. "I was sleeping!"

"That was my next guess" Wes smirked.

"Hey, this is serious!" Oz snapped. "Usually the kids wander off, I find them, no problem. But I can't smell!" He cried dramatically, imitating a swoon. "I may as well not even call myself a dog!"

"Hey, don't worry" said Lorne, scratching the dog's head. "We'll help you find your babies, and we won't tell anybody you lost them."

"Really?" Oz perked up, tail wagging. "Thank you, thank you!" He licked Lorne's face.

"Friendly fella, aren't you?" Lorne chuckled.

"Animals" said Wesley, rolling his eyes.