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Alex laid in bed, Logan's arm around her waist, and couldn't help but feel a small pang of regret. No matter how much of a dick he was, Eli would always have a place in her heart. She started picturing his cerulean eyes and his light brown hair, her heart cracking a little. A tear rolled down her cheek but she quickly wiped it away, pushing Eli out of her mind, only focusing on the tousled brown locks in front of her. His skin glowed in the beams of moonlight that glinted through the window, his serene face seeming to sparkle. The plum comforter rested halfway on his shoulder, showing his bulging bicep as his arm clamped around her body. He was beautiful, and true of heart. Maybe it was time to move on.

His arm pulled her around and she was laying on his chest, the soft fabric of his boxers against her leg. A smile spread across her face and she curled up against him, his heartbeat lulling her to sleep.

She woke up to her phone buzzing, the clock reading eleven twenty-one*. (I MADE A PUN.) She felt around for it and her vision didn't clear enough to see who it was.

"Hello?" she whispered.


She took a deep breath. "What do you want?"

"I can't say hi?"

Alex shook her head. "This won't turn out well. I'm hanging up."

"Wait! Hear me out."

"No, fuck you. You ruined me, you bastard. I don't care if you love me, I loved you and you fucked me over. I have a boyfriend. And he's way better than you ever will be."

"Already sleeping around?"

Her eyes widened in disbelief. "What?"

He clicked his tongue. "I always knew you'd end up as some ugly cheap slut."

"I'm not sleeping around, asshole. He's my—"

"Damn, you always have a comeback, don't you?"

Alex sighed. "Since when are you so fucking bipolar? I thought you were my best friend."

"Yeah. Was," she didn't have to see him to know he was shaking his head, "but that was before I found out that you're forced to sleep around because you can't find someone that truly likes you for who you are. I could've given you that."


"Now you're some dirty whore. Bravo."

She bit back tears. "I'm not sorry I moved. I'm glad I could bring out the true you. And I don't need your approval anymore. This 'cheap slut' found someone way better than she could've imagined. So, if you have nothing good to say, fuck off."

The phone clicked as she hung up, mind whirring. A warm bicep wrapped around her and pulled her backward into a bare chest. Logan buried his nose in her neck, nuzzling the soft skin and planting a small kiss there.

"Good morning, gorgeous."

It was the small things like that that usually made her day, but unfortunately, today wasn't one of those.

"Morning, Logie."

She craned her neck and smiled, capturing the brunette's lips for a couple seconds before relishing the warmth of his body. She sighed and rolled over, curling into him and burying her face against is pectoral.

"Something's wrong," Logan whispered, "that you need to talk about."

She sighed again, shakily, hoping he wouldn't feel her tears on his skin.

But Logan did, and he just pulled her closer. He could hear her whispered conversation on the phone and knew it had something to do with Eli.

"Babe, you can't keep this bottled up. You have to—"

"He has to be bipolar. I thought he was my best friend," Logan's hand moved to her hair as he stroked it comfortingly.

"He loved me, and—I don't know—maybe it's because he's angry. Maybe that's why he says what he does."

Logan clenched his jaw. "What'd he say?"

Alex buried her face into him more. "That I was a mmmmph."


Logan waited for her reply.

She turned to face him, eyes pink and cheeks tear-stained. "He thinks I'm sleeping around. He doesn't think I'll ever find anyone that loves me for who I am. He told me that I'm some cheap whore."

Her chest heaved as she took a deep breath, followed by a choked sob. Logan felt awful, like he couldn't help at all. But when Alex's little hand clutched his arm as she practically held onto him for dear life, he knew he had to do something.

When Gustavo called them into the studio, Alex stayed home, telling Logan she'd go get some groceries. He watched her walk out of the house in an oversized tee and sweatpants, looking more tired than usual.

He furrowed his brows and sighed, unable to look out the window because James and Kendall had smushed him in the middle seat of the limousine. The other three boys chattered around him while he tuned them out, just hoping for some peace and quiet, which he knew was highly unlikely.

He was jolted out of his thoughts when an elbow collided with his ribs.

"Hey, buddy," He turned to Kendall with a less-than-amused face on. The blonde's smile faltered a little, "w-what's got you so serious?"

Logan shook his head. "Alex's so-called best friend. He's a total dick. And now she's all mopey and frankly, I'm worried about her. I miss when she was herself."

"I saw her walking out today in a huge shirt and, what looked like, your sweats," chimed Carlos, "Not a good look for her."

Logan pointed a finger at the Latino. "You will not say a word to her about this. You're too honest. It'll make her more upset."

Carlos took in Logan's appearance. "You slept with her last night, didn't you?" The Latino waved his hand in front of his face and took a deep breath. "I'm getting her perfume and your hair is a disaster."

"That's what I'm talking about."

"Oh..." Carlos looked down in embarrassment.

James shrugged. "Write a song for her or something. Then we could put that on our next album."

Logan seemed to contemplate it. "One problem: I don't know how to write a song!"

"We wrote one before," Kendall reasoned.

Logan glared at him. "That was enough foil helmets and hair extensions for me."

"Well, you're the genius," said James, "you'll think of something."

The three boys exited the limo and Logan was shocked because he hadn't realized they'd arrived. He crawled out and ran to the driver's window. "Hi, um, could you possibly go up to the market and take my girlfriend back to the Palmwoods? I'm sure she walked and she's feeling a bit down because of—"

"What's the name?"

Logan smiled. "Hammond. And thanks."

The driver tipped his hat and sped off while Logan raced into the studio just in time to see Gustavo dragging the others into his office.

"Dogs, we need to talk about the album."

They all started talking over each other, something along the lines of, "But we worked so hard and it has to be released or else the toys will destroy us all."

They all looked at Carlos who smiled sheepishly before Gustavo rolled his eyes. "We're like, three songs short."

The boys groaned and Kelly elbowed Gustavo in the arm.

"We want you to write them."

The boys jumped in excitement, but were stopped by Kelly. "No repeats of last time. No fighting, no competition, no foil helmets or hair extensions. Got it?"

They eagerly nodded and went to the recording booth to finish up recording their latest song.

It was around nine that night when Logan stood outside Alex's door holding a bouquet of dahlias. He'd gone home at five and sat in his apartment writing a song. Four hours it took, and was he proud of it. It was definitely a good thing Kendall had taught him the guitar basics because he only needed those to play his song.

The guitar strap was wrapped around his body and he knocked on the door, only waiting a minute before the door swung open. She looked the same as this morning, but her face seemed to light up a bit just seeing Logan.

He presented her with flowers and she smiled and took them, planting a small kiss on Logan's cheek. He watched her, noticing how she sat on the couch and curled up, as if she was hiding her body. She really didn't look well, and it was really worrying Logan.

The apartment was dark, except for the glow of the television set, Titanic playing dimly on the screen.

"I can't believe you got the limo to come pick me up." Logan smiled, watching her eyes never leave the television in front of her. "It was...nice, not having to walk home with groceries for a change."

"I figured you needed a pick-me-up."

The corners of her lips upturned a bit, before relaxing back to the emotionless face that Logan saw when she first opened the door.

Logan cleared his throat. "I have something for you."

She looked up at Logan, daintily sipping the tea in the mug in her hands. She set it down on the table and motioned for Logan to sit. Her big brown eyes lost the glow that Logan had seen the night before, her chestnut locks looking a bit lackluster.

"I know you don't want to hear about what happened this morning," Logan saw her cringe a bit, "but I wrote a song today and we're putting it on the album. It's dedicated to you."

She blinked, the corners of her lips turning up a little as Logan sat on the dull couch and played the first couple chords of his song.

"I don't know why you always get so insecure. I wish you could see what I see, when you're looking in the mirror. And why don't you believe me when I say, that to me you get more beautiful everyday? When you're looking in the magazines, and thinking that you'll never measure up, you're wrong."

He looked up at Alex, staring straight into her swirling brown eyes.

"'Cause you're my cover, cover girl, I think you're a superstar, yeah you are, why don't you know? Yeah, you're so pretty that it hurts. It's what's underneath your skin, the beauty that shines within. You're the only one that rocks my world, my cover girl. Oh whoa, my cover girl."

He saw how she shifted slightly, hands buried in her lap as they clutched the blanket around her.

"You walk in rain boots on a perfect summer day, somehow you always see the dark side when everything's okay. And you wear baggy clothes that camouflage your shape, whoa, but you know that I love you, just the way you're made. And when you're looking in the magazines and thinking that you're just not good enough, you're so wrong, baby."

He scooted closer to her and continued to strum on his guitar—Kendall's guitar rather.

"'Cause you're my cover, cover girl, I think you're a superstar, yeah you are, why don't you know? Yeah, you're so pretty that it hurts. It's what's underneath your skin, the beauty that shines within. You're the only one that rocks my world, my cover girl. Whoa, my cover girl."

Logan looked up and saw a tear slide down her face, her gaze never leaving his as he kept playing.

"You've got a heart of gold, a perfect original, wish you would stop being so hard on yourself for a while. And when I see that face, I'd try a thousand ways, I would do anything to make you smile."

Logan looked up and crossed his eyes, sticking his tongue out, watching Alex's face light up in a smile as her laugh filled his ears. Smiling himself, Logan strummed and sang.

"'Cause you're my cover, cover girl, I think you're a superstar, yeah you are, why don't you know? Yeah, you're so pretty that it hurts. It's what's underneath your skin, the beauty that shines within. You're the only one that rocks my world, my cover girl. Whoa, my cover girl, whoa, my cover girl."

Alex looked up at Logan and met his gaze, his melodious voice ringing out the last phrase. "My cover girl."

He took off the guitar and set it down, awkwardly sitting on the couch while Alex stared at him, "So,.."

"That was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. You really wrote that...for me?"

Logan's cheeks flushed red with embarrassment as he slowly nodded. "You were just feeling so down and I wanted you to know that that's what makes you beautiful. I know if it was overboard and—"

Logan wrapped his arms around her frame as she clutched his shirt, the gray fabric of his cardigan becoming wrinkled.

"Thank you so much," she whispered, "I almost forgot what you saw in me. You pretty much made me love you even more."

Logan's heart leapt out of his chest. Love, she loves him.

Logan nuzzled his nose into her hair and placed a kiss to her head. "I just want you to know that you're not alone. I'll be there to hold you. I'll stay till it's over, because you have me. You're not alone anymore."

"You're incredible. Don't ever leave."

"I'll be right here, every minute. And this time, it's no different. You're what matters most."

Alex smiled and pulled her blanket over herself and Logan as they cuddled into each other, watching the rest of the movie.

It was small things like that that made her day.

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