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Percy POV

Nico would come over to my house from time to time. My mom didn't mind it and I didn't that much either. But I'm starting to change my mind after what happened today.

"Nico, I have to take a shower," I told him.

"OK," Nico said. He was sitting on my bed, looking at comic books.

I quickly went to the bathroom and took a shower. Being the son of Poseidon I am, showers were very frequent.

I came back to see Nico in a bad mood. He was slumped in the corner of my room, holding something he was trying to hide.

"Um, Nico...what are you doing?" I asked.

He mumbled something I couldn't hear. "Can you repeat that?" I said.

Nothing. The kid was starting to bug me.

"Nico," I said sternly. "What is the matter with you?"

He turned around, hiding whatever-it-was behind him. "I was just looking at the stuff in your room," he said quietly.

"Sure, so what are you hiding behind your back?" I asked, straining to see.

"It's nothing," Nico said.

"Right, and I'm a hippocampus," I said sarcastically. "Show me."

He shook his head stubbornly.

"Nico, you better show me right now or I'm going to skewer you with Riptide." I said, taking out my pen for extra drama.

No response.

"NICO!" I yelled.

He sighed but shook his head. Stupid son of Hades had to hold a grudge.

I realized that I would have to physically find out what he was hiding. I swiftly grabbed his arms and thrust them forward. The sudden jerk caused him to drop the object behind him.

I pulled him closer to me and stepped around him, hands still clamped onto his wrists.

The object that he was hiding was...my laptop. Or what used to be my laptop. Now it looked like a dinosaur had stepped on it. There was a big crater in the screen and half of the keys on the keyboard had been ripped off.

This was ridiculous. "Nico!" I shouted. "What on earth were you doing with my laptop!"

He cowered but shrugged. "What's a laptop?" He asked with all innocence.

"Are you kidding me? You don't know what a laptop is?"

He shrugged again. Then I realized why. Nico was born in the 30s or 40s. Computers weren't even invented in that time.

I sighed. "Tell me what happened,"


Flashback (3rd person)

While Percy was taking a shower, Nico decided to explore Percy's room.

There were many wonderful sites to see, from the gym socks hanging on his lamp, to the beautiful Finding Nemo underpants lying on the floor by his bed.

But what really caught young Nico's eye was the shiny black object on his desk.

The weird object was opened, and inside was a black mirror and little buttons all arranged in rows. Each of the buttons had a letter or number on it, or a weird phrase such as "caps lock" or "esc".

When Nico walked over to the alien object, he gingerly placed his hand on the shiny black mirror.

Percy is such a weirdo, Nico thought. What would he want to do with a black mirror? You could barely see your reflection in it.

A big, shiny button sat at the left hand corner of the device. Nico, thanks to his ADHD, had the sudden nerve to press it.

And when he pressed it, the black mirror turned white! Nico shrieked, backing up a few steps. The screen then turned into a picture of the ocean. But there were also little pictures scattered around the the ocean picture.

Nico pressed against the screen, his finger on one of the little pictures. Nothing happened.

He pressed one of the letter buttons. Nothing happened.

He pressed one of the number buttons. But nothing happened.

Nico was getting frustrated. What were you supposed to do with this-thing?

He continued to press more and more of the buttons. But nothing would happen!

Then his hand swept over the little silver mini mirror located below the letter buttons. Instantly a little arrow moved across the ocean picture.

Nico gasped. He swiped his finger across it again. The arrow moved again.

The next few minutes, Nico watched the little arrow move across the picture, feeling so powerful. The arrow moved to his command. He was supreme lord of the arrow.

But then the arrow stopped moving. Nico did not know that he accidentally hit the off switch to the magic square that moved his precious arrow.

"No!" Nico cried. He kept trying to make it move. He touched the arrow, he talked to the arrow, he yelled at the arrow, but it wouldn't move!

"Oh, no," Nico said. "I broke it!"

He knew Percy would be mad. He had to fix it.

He punched the ocean picture with his fists. He jabbed at the letter buttons with his sword, little metal pieces flying everywhere. But it was no use. The arrow wouldn't move.

In a fit of rage, Nico threw the object on the floor and started jumping on it. There was a crack, a sizzle, and crunch. The ocean picture faded away, returning to its original black mirror look.

Nico realized what he had done. He killed it.

He didn't know what do. Should he throw it out the window? No time. The window was closed and he could hear Percy walking down the hall.

Nico picked up the piece of demented metal and scooted himself into the corner with the object behind his back.

At that exact moment, Percy walked in with a smile on his face. But that smile quickly turned into a look of pure confusion. Nico was in trouble.

End of Flashback

I was pacing around the room, now, trying to make sense of all of this.

"How could you have never used a laptop?" I asked.

"I don't know," Nico answered.

Jeez, I thought. What was I going to tell my mom?

Nico muttered an apology. "I'm so sorry, Percy. I didn't know. Honest."

I took a deep breath. "It's...OK, Nico. I'll just get a new one. Maybe. Why don't we go get a snack?"

A huge grin spread across Nico's face. "Yay!" He shouted. Was this kid bi-polar or something?

I gave him a fake laugh. I was still pretty bummed out. "C'mon," I said. "Smells like Mom made some cookies."

Nico skipped out the door with me trailing behind him.

I thought that I would never see the day that a 12 year old didn't know what a laptop is. Oh well.

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