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Nico is now thirty years old and the CEO of a very successful mining business.

Why mining? Well, let's just say Hades hasn't stopped giving Nico an allowance. He allows precious metals to rise to the earth, on Nico's land, therefore making a lot of money for Nico. Isn't he a great dad?

Not only was Nico a very successful man, he had also mastered the concept of technology. Yes, my friends, Nico had become a techie.

He enjoyed the benefits of this wonderful thing humans couldn't possible live without (in this day and age). He had the fanciest cars, the top of the line computers, the most tricked-up watches, and most importantly, copies of his favorite TV show, Mickey Mouse, on DVD.

Yes, Nico had it all. And managed to work it all. After reading several "For Dummies" instruction books and spending a few holidays with his friend, Annabeth, daughter of Athena, he had finally learned how to control everything to its maximum and destroying everything to its minimum.

Nico couldn't possibly believe how happy he was after discovering all of these gadgets. He felt like a child on Christmas Eve. Everything made sense to him now. He couldn't believe what had happened in the last sixty years or so. The scientists these days...incredible!

The one thing Nico didn't understand, however, was today's pop culture. But that's another story...

Nico fought the battle against technology. He was tried, tested, and at times beaten, but did that stop him from reaching success? No!

Nico fought the battle against technology...and won!

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