Author Note: This is very weird, I randomly made it up one day while having the tune stuck in my head. The tune is "Beyond the Mysterious Beyond" or "All Hail the Amazing Threehorn Girl". The last verse has a mention of Volgons, if you don't know what they are, I'm not telling you. Go look it up.

All hail the amazing threehorn girl!
Somebody's fart scared her awa-ay!

It smelt so bad it saved the da-ay

From someone's smelly shoes.

If stars can fly, and rocks can fall

and mountains climb a pier

We can build a house made out of straw

and then set it on fire

All hail the awesomeness of trees!
The give us oxygen to bre-eath!

Without it we would all be de-ead,

but we would still have heads

If you have a head, and oxygen,

and you also have a brai-ain

you can take a stick, some grains of rice,

and then you can call rai -ain

All hail the amazing oxygen!

For it I- am very thankful!
And I would really like a tankful

Of chocolate ice-cream now!

If ice-cream grew, and butter flew

And bananas were pancakes!
I would have 1 million more eyes

To see all the, camera takes!

All hail the amazing ice-cream-ness!

It is so cold and so delicious!
But bananas are no-ot!
But they don't taste, like snot!

If bananas rot, then taste like snot,

Bricks don't float in the sky-y

Alien ships do, but Volgons don't!

And then I'll go bake a pie!

A/N. I know it's terrible, please don't flame or sue me. No chainsaws, fallen trees or machette guns either. Or paper aeroplanes with sharp noses. They hurt.