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"A murder?" Cyborg walked up to Robin, his face grim. It was about 1 o'clock AM when the call came in from the police headquarters. The two the only ones awake.

Robin nodded as he studied the picture. It was a girl of about 17, her deathly colored skin powder white and purpled with bruises. She had curly red hair and full lips; she was quite pretty. Although that was all to be said, since the rest of her was in tatters. "It's weird. No matter how many villains we've faced there really hasn't ever been a murder around here; that's more Gotham territory."

Cyborg nodded. He cleared his throat and rubbed his face, not sure if he wanted to ask his next question. "So…how did it happen?"

Robin's eyes narrowed as he studied the picture. "She was walking home from a friend's house. The guy came out of an alleyway and attacked her; he raped her and then mutilated her, leaving no evidence behind. They figured the guy used a condom to cover it up."

Cyborg's eyes widened. "A rape murder case? Seriously? My god…" He went pale and looked like he was about to be sick. "So, how are we going to take on this one? You're the one that's dealt with this kind of stuff before. Ya know, in Gotham."

"True, but Gotham is different. There we could just jump into the case; most of the time the suspects were repeats. I'm not too sure where to start here, but I promise you I'll figure it out."

Cyborg nodded and turned to go. "I know you will, but don't work yourself too hard. I know – we know how you get." He rubbed his eye and began walking toward the door. "I'm going to bed. Locking down; don't stay up too late."

Robin paid no heed to the robotic teen as he left, his eyes narrowed as he studied the picture. She was missing a few fingers, seemingly sawed off with a dull steak knife. She had cuts all over her abdomen, as well as one breast cut completely off. Her right arm was broken all the way through; the top of her ulna piercing through her skin, and her left leg was chopped to the bone. Whoever did this, they definitely wanted to cause the girl pain.

He took out a small notepad, writing down the damage and possible weapons used. He thought up situations; with the obvious pain inflicted, perhaps it was someone she knew? Someone extremely angry at her? Perhaps a crazy ex-boyfriend.

One the more general side it could be a women-hater. Perhaps some deeply disturbed man that found women as the anti-Christ, or just did not like them in general. A man that was not welcome in society, and was teased relentlessly. He was also most likely to be turned down often, and decided rape and death were their punishments.

On the other hand, this was the first case reported. He didn't even know if it was just women that the killer was after; there would have to be about two more cases to actually confirm it.

The boy wonder continued brainstorming, no more thoughts coming to mind. It was late, after all; he was tired and his brain was beginning to shut down. Perhaps coffee?

No. Cyborg was right in saying that he was already getting into his "Slade mode" as the Titans liked to call it. But this was serious; this was sick. What other mode can you be in when you have a lunatic rampaging out there, maybe planning their next attack? Unless the killer had already left Jump, but that didn't mean that Robin would drop the case.

He knew he was already devoted to finding this man, no matter what it took. He knew – no matter how much it made him cringe – that there would have to be another murder for him to be one step closer to his research.

Robin sighed and ran a hand through his unruly hair as he put the picture back in its correct file. He was looked at the clock; 3:15 AM. He yawned and his eyes drooped, but he felt he owed it to the girl – that girl that was now waiting to be put in a casket – to find this sick man.

The teen went to the kitchen and took out the coffee maker. He poured the grounds in their rightful place and placed water in the pot, turning it on. He waited impatiently on a stool at the island, setting his head down on the cold counter. He brought up his head when the timer went off a couple minutes later, his eyes foggy. He had dozed off.

Robin sighed and got out a coffee mug, pouring the coffee in it to the brim. He gulped it down, ignoring the burning sensation from it being steaming hot. He poured more in the mug and then went back to his work. He started up the main computer and began searching for any similar crimes through the database.

Another thought came to his head. Maybe it was a Ted Bundy wannabe. You never know what will come up nowadays, with the world going to the shitter. He snorted to himself at the thought, his mind boggled at the ridiculousness of the idea, even though it might not be far from the truth.

"I need to shut down before someone comes to chew me out." He sighed and shut down and then made his way to his room. He was dreading telling the others in the morning; dreading to see the reactions when they look at the picture. He wanted to make Cyborg tell them but that wouldn't be right. He was the leader, after all; he was supposed to do this. Besides, he's dealt with these kinds of things before.

But then it was Bruce that broke the news, not him.

He quickly tapped his code in and went through the doors, lying down on the bed without changing out of his uniform. He set his alarm for six in the morning – he wanted to get some training in – and covered himself with his blankets. He was then debating going to sleep at all; he didn't want to know what his dreams would bring.

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