And here it is: the last chapter of Ruthless. The one that patches everything...maybe.

You don't know if it patches everything.

Anyway, I'm sad that this must come to an end. I'm going to miss all of the rape and murder and angst. How bad does that sound?


The Titans were sitting in the common room, splayed out lazily on the couch. The shock was still sinking in; one of the men that they actually trusted was the mass killer that struck fear in many, and caused Robin and Starfire's relationship to go down the drain.

All because of the one that helped them the most.

Well now that they were forced to look at it, he hadn't helped them at all. They were led in false directions.

Cyborg sat up to place his elbows on his knees. He rubbed his hands over his face and then turned to Starfire. "So, you wanna go through this one more time? I'm still havin' some trouble grasping it."

Starfire sighed and nodded. "Your confusion is understandable. Though he was quite…protective."

Beast Boy snorted. "Now that I look at it, yeah, he was. Huh."

Starfire nodded again, and then took a deep breath. She sat up straighter and scooted farther back against the couch. "As you know, we had taken our separate paths. I am not surprised that there were no 'signals' when he asked that I stay near, since we believed the killer to be there for me."

"Yeah, you're tellin' me."

Raven glared at the changeling and mouthed for him to shut up so she could continue.

Starfire cleared her throat. "It was not apparent in anyway, his intentions. Also, we had not paid enough of the attention to Robin's disappearance since we," she blushed, "believed him to have left for the personal reasons."

Robin's shoulders slumped and he looked away with his arms crossed.

Starfire glanced his way and sighed. They had to mention that the rest knew of their current status to explain their thoughts as to Robin's disappearance. They assured him that it took much to get it out of Starfire. "I will do the admitting that I had done some of the 'wandering' during my path. I was again distracted by the quiet community." She sighed as she thought of the peaceful atmosphere.

She licked her lips. "Doms then called my communicator. He seemed the hysterical as he rushed me back to the police station. He had told me to make it back there very quickly due to new evidence on the killer. He had told me that they had thoughts on who the killer was."

This time Robin snorted.

"I made it back as quickly as he told me, where he was waiting for me in the main entrance, much like he did when we all went down there earlier this evening. He led me back to his personal evidence room that I had been in when he showed me the girls' similarities with myself. Again, one would think the signals would come, but I had trusted him. I felt that there would be no reason to do the thinking of it over when I had been in there previously. I will admit that the thought had not crossed my mind at all.

"He led me in, and when I realized the situation I had figured out that he locked it behind him. Earlier Doms had told me that you all would be there as well. As I looked around, confused, I found Robin being held captive in the corner. He did not look pleased." She shook her head, her statement comical, yet her face showed no humor. "Doms had explained his infatuation with me-"

"You mean his obsession, duh."

Starfire turned to Beast Boy who was looking at her with a matter-of-fact expression. She nodded. "Yes. Obsession. He explained that Robin did not 'deserve' me."

No one commented on this.

Starfire swallowed, and then cleared her throat. "He also explained his thoughts on the girls' similar qualities and mine. He had…expressed that I was the only one allowed this look." She rolled her eyes uncharacteristically. "He had made none of the sense. I began to fight him, though he had a gun pointed toward Robin. Therefore, I was forced to be cautious. Robin had somehow gotten free, though, and before Doms could take advantage of me Robin struck him. You were there for the occurrences after."

Cyborg nodded. "Thanks."

They stayed there, still splayed.

"What the hell. Seriously." Beast Boy flopped against the couch.

Raven shrugged. "Whatever. I'm just happy it's over with. It obviously caused way too much stress." She wouldn't elaborate, nor did anyone expect – or want – her to.

Silence engulfed the room.

Beast Boy stood up. "Well, I'm going to hit the hay. It's been way too long of a day for this one." He pointed to himself, and then left the room in silence.

Cyborg took a breath and then heaved himself up off of the couch, as well. "I'm gonna follow BB on this one; night ya'll." He stretched out and then left.

The other three stared after him. Raven wasn't keen on leaving due to the immense emotions radiating off of her two friends that still occupied the room. At the present time, it was obvious that the common room wasn't the best place for their inevitable conversation; especially if said conversation turned into a fight.

Robin seemed to think the same, for he was the next to excuse himself. "I'm uh, going to go too. 'Night guys." He barely glanced in their direction, though mostly shunned Starfire's. He moved his way out of the room with hunched shoulders.

She glanced at Starfire, seeing her following his movements as he left the room with her eyes. She continued to stare at the door when it closed behind him.

Raven turned fully to her. "Starfire?"

Starfire's dull eyes gazed back at her. "Hm?"

She bit her lip. "I just…want to make sure you're okay."

Starfire raised both eyebrows and nodded. "Oh yes, I am quite well." She gave a small, sad attempt at a smile.

Raven gave her a pointed look, though Starfire didn't take the bait. She sighed. "You really enjoyed yourself around the neighborhoods."

Starfire's brow furrowed. "What?"

Raven shook her head. "Don't be coy. I'm an empath, remember? Your aura was…calm. Calmer than I have ever seen it."

Starfire searched her face, biting her lip. Her eyes fell to her lap. "It was quite…peaceful. I am not sure how to explain it." She looked up at Raven. "It gave me a sense of comfort. You understand this, yes?"

Raven cocked her head and nodded. "You liked the slow and quiet quality of the atmosphere. Much different than your everyday life has ever been."

Starfire nodded. "Yes. And since the pressure of this mission…I was elated. I was also thankful that Doms did not reprimand me for leaving the path to go into the bundle of houses-"


"Yes, the neighborhood. Of course I know why now." She sighed and let her head fall back onto the couch. "And when Robin told me to keep to the business…I felt something do the snapping in me. That is when I sincerely questioned our relationship."

Raven nodded. "Understandable."

Starfire smiled sadly. "When we had come back to the tower with Doms and he stilled was doing the pissing me off, I has asked for him to come to talk with me quickly, in the private. He was not happy." She closed her eyes. "I had told him that I wanted to do the breaking up, and he became very angry. His anger would then turn to disbelief and sadness." She sighed. "It took much for me to continue following through with my decision."

Raven nodded again. She studied Starfire with a warm curiosity. "So…what is your plan now?"

Starfire looked to her with a weary look. "I am not sure. I am still upset, and I do not wish to take the chance of him doing it again. You know him, Raven. It is in his nature."

Raven nodded. "I hate to say it. But…you never know, Starfire." She took in a breath. "It's up to you. Do what you think is best."

Starfire nodded, tears beginning to form. "Thank you, Raven." She fell into the girl, into a makeshift hug.

Raven patted her back. "Yep." She gently hoisted the girl off of her, and then stood up. "We should probably get some rest."

Starfire sighed and nodded, standing up as well. "Yes, I believe you are correct. I shall see you in the morning hours." She gave Raven a small smile.

Raven smiled back. "Yep." She headed out the door, stalled for a moment as she looked at something, and then continued on.

Starfire furrowed her brow, wondering what was the cause for Raven's hesitation. She walked toward the door and let it slide open; Robin was there, waiting for her. Her gaze instantly fell to the floor, and she refused to speak.


She sighed and looked up. She couldn't ignore him now. "Yes, Robin?"

He swallowed, and she could clearly see his nerves heightening. "Can we talk? We'll go to my room."

She looked at him cautiously.

Robin realized her hesitation and instantly shook his head. "I'm not going to try anything, Starfire. I just," he sighed, "I just want to talk. Need too. We need to talk, Star."

She studied him, not wanting to believe it. She bit the inside of her lip and looked away, nodding.

He nodded once, assuring himself. "Okay. C'mon." He contemplated leading her with his hand, but instantly thought against it.

They were complete silent all the way to his room. He pushed his code in and let the door slide open, allowing her to step in. He sighed when he watched her stand politely near the door. He sat down on the edge of the bed and beckoned her to sit next to him. He ran a hand through his hair as he watched her hesitate. "Just sit please, Star. It's kinda hard to have this kind of conversation with you halfway across the room." She still hesitated. He gave her a tired pleading look. "Please?"

She sighed and shuffled across the room and to the bed. She took sat next to him, making sure to leave a large enough distance between them. Robin felt his heart break a little more; her hesitant demeanor made him want to cry. He swallowed and took off his mask, trying hard to fight any tears. He had been holding in his feelings toward this for the whole day, and now it was all beginning to surface.

She glanced in his direction. "What is it that you wish to speak to me about, Robin?"

He fidgeted next to her and took a deep breath. He wasn't quite sure how to word any of what he wanted to say; his mind was focused on winning her back. "I just…the mission is over now. Maybe we could…"

"If you wish to commence in our relationship yet again, you should not do the wasting of your breath." Her tone was harsh, but a tumble of emotions was swimming through her emerald eyes.

Robin took a deep breath and closed his eyes, a single tear rolling down his face. He took a minute, and then looked back up at her. "Star, I'm going to change. I'll change for you. I love you."

Starfire felt her own tears surface as she shook her head vehemently. "I cannot trust you with that, Robin! I just cannot." Her voice turned softer at the end as she ran out of any fire she had left. She placed her face in her hands and allowed her tears to run more freely.

Robin looked away as his own tears began to fall. He turned to her form, his eyes pleading at this point. He didn't care if he looked hopeless and scared. All he wanted was to have her back. "Star, just hear me out." He dared to run a hand along her back and felt a small amount of joy at her shiver. "I just…I have to make this better, Star. Please. Just one chance."

Her body stilled. She picked up her head and moved to sit up again. She stared right into his eyes. "Robin. I cannot just forgive you for all of this. This is more than just your attitude during the case. It is how you treated our relationship in general."

He winced at her using the past tense.

She sighed and shook her head. "I am sorry, I cannot."

He grabbed her hands and held them between his. She looked at him, and he held her gaze. "Starfire, I love you. More than anything. I know you probably have your mind set, but I'm going to tell you right now that I'm not going to give up. You mean too damn much to me to just give up."

She searched his eyes. She wasn't sure what to do anymore; she was just so confused. She shook her head. "Robin-"


She stared at his pleading face. The pure dread he held was apparent, and it caused her heart to break. "You realize that if I did allow us one more chance, it would be very 'rocky', yes?"

He nodded, a small amount of hope in his eyes. "I know, but I'll fix it. I promise."

Starfire sighed and looked away. "I cannot allow us another chance, Robin. Please."

The hope instantly vanished. " just…"

She shook her head and then stood abruptly, tearing her hands from his. "I just do not know, Robin! I am so confused." She buried her face in her hands and fell to the bed once again, tears flowing heavier.

Robin rubbed her back. "Then just give us a chance, Star."

She shook her head and sat up again. "No." She sighed. "At least…oh X'hal…" She turned to him and gazed into his eyes again. "Perhaps we could be best friends again?"

Robin snorted and looked away. "Do you honestly believe that, Star? I'll always want more."

She sighed and looked down. "I know this." She looked back up at him. "But…what if I told you that if we did go back to that, there is a chance that my mind will change. That I will give 'us' another chance?"

He studied her, waiting for her to take the hope away again. She didn't. He smiled. "I can do that." His smile grew bigger. "I promise to get you back within weeks."

Starfire smiled and shook her head. "We shall see, Robin." She took a deep breath and stood up, and then faced him again. "I guess we shall see what happens."

He nodded.

Starfire bit her lip and turned toward the door. "Um…pleasant shlorvax, Robin."

He smiled warmly. "Same to you. See ya tomorrow, Star."

She smiled and nodded, and then left the room. Robin let himself fall back onto the bed, a smile on his face.

Oh, he'd so win her back. You just wait.

I decided that Starfire shouldn't just forgive him and jump back into the relationship just like that. I felt that it wouldn't be right for them to end up back to together so quickly, so Robin is going to have to work for it. You can all decide if you want to picture them getting back together or not.

I hope you enjoyed it! I'm going to miss you all.

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