Author's Notes: A quicky one-shot with total d'awwwww worthy moments, or a horrible, horrible idea. You the reader decide.

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The dark yellow pegasus pony with the fiery orange mane glanced around with a hint of trepidation as she made her way to the cloud house hovering above the road below. She'd come down here to do something personally and she had to do it otherwise she'd regret it for the rest of her life.

Her name was Spitfire, she was a well known member of the Wonderbolts, when she was wearing her costume. But today she was incognito. She'd shucked her outfit and passed off the duties of command to one of her subordinates. Spitfire was glad that without her costume most ponies didn't or rather couldn't recognize who she really was. Unicorn Magic did have its uses.

Spitfire paused outside of the cloud house and smiled as she studied its construction, she remembered a time when she'd built one for herself that was definitely a long time ago. Or it seemed that way to her, fame was something she enjoyed, but some days it drove her to suffer for her art.

Reaching up a hoof Spitfire knocked on the door, she was careful not to accidentally kick the cloud structure's door in, cloud houses were different for every Pegasus. Some were unfortunately not as sturdy as others depending on who was the one behind the construction – Spitfire recalled a certain wall-eyed Pegasus who had lived near her briefly before her cloud house disintegrated in the wind one day.

The blue-cyan pegasus opened the door stifling a yawn. "Yeah?" she asked.

"Hello, Rainbow Dash," Spitfire greeted.

Rainbow Dash stared at her with a hint of confusion. "Do I know you?" she asked.

Spitfire's cheeks flushed slightly. "It's me, Spitfire," she said.

Rainbow Dash's eyes widened in stunned disbelief. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" she blurted.

Spitfire chuckled. "Well it's nice to see you don't think to badly of us after what happened the other night," she said.

Rainbow's demeanor suddenly changed. "Yeah," she said turning her head to try and hide the sudden pain she felt at being reminded.

Spitfire sighed and waved a hoof at Rainbow's front entrance. "Can I come in?" she requested. "What I have to say, it's not something anypony should hear lightly."

Rainbow Dash shrugged and moved out of the doorway. "Sure," she said doing her level best to remain aloof and uncaring towards her treatment from last night.

Spitfire trotted in with an unreadable expression on her face. Inside she was surprised at the amount of décor Rainbow Dash had chosen to festoon her home with, she was equally surprised by the large poster of the Wonderbolts, and several clippings from Equestria Daily featuring her or some of the others hanging on one wall above a trophy case.

Shaking her head she followed Rainbow over to the cloud couch and carefully took a seat.

"Ya want anythin'?" Rainbow asked before Spitfire could start talking.

Spitfire smiled. "A glass of water would be heavenly right now," she requested politely.

Rainbow Dash calmly headed into her kitchen.

Spitfire could tell by her body language that she was doing her best not to show just how excited she was. Smiling at the naiveté of the younger Pegasus Spitfire took a moment to check out the trophies in the case.

Equestria's Best Young Flyer. That's what the largest trophy said. A few others from her days in Flight Camp were present. And there was a strange looking thing that didn't quite resemble a trophy, on its side were the words, 'to my bestest, best gal-pal, from Pinkamina Diane Pie'.

"Spitfire," Dash called from the couch.

Spitfire trotted back over and sat down. "Thank you," she said accepting the glass with one hoof and taking a sip. The cool clean water soothed her parched and dry throat, she'd been nervous about approaching this Pegasus to be truthful, but she had to come here after the spectacle that was last night.

Rainbow Dash sat down across from her. Her eyes were wide with hidden glee, but her face was a mask of professionalism.

Spitfire took another moment to collect her thoughts. "Rainbow, last night I treated you poorly as a guest," she stated.

Dash rolled her eyes. "Total understatement," she muttered.

Spitfire smiled her orange eyes shining with hidden mirth. "Rainbow, you remind me a lot of myself, before I took over from Firefly as head of the Wonderbolts," she said a hint of grudging respect in her tone for the Pegasus who was now retired somewhere in Equestria. A faded memory whose limelight had passed.

Rainbow Dash frowned slightly. "What are you talkin' about?" she wondered suspiciously.

Spitfire shook her head. "Rainbow, you're a great flyer, with amazing abilities. I mean, there is nopony in all of Equestria who can pull off a Sonic Rainboom, I should know, I've tried," she admitted surprising herself with her candor.

Rainbow's cheeks flushed dark red and she averted her eyes from her hero. "You… Tried my trick?"

Spitfire laughed and nodded. "It was so amazing I wanted to incorporate it into our act, but however you do it… It just can't be copied," she said.

Rainbow shot her a glare. "You tried to copy my trick in your act without even bothering to ask me first!" she shouted.

Spitfire realized that she hadn't said that just right. "Rainbow, it was a compliment, and we wouldn't have incorporated it into the show without asking you first. I just had to see if we could even duplicate your feat, since I failed at it I figured best not to bring it up and dash your dreams," she admitted softly. Once again she began to get nervous.

Rainbow Dash frowned. "Oh… So you weren't goin' ta steal it?"

Spitfire shook her head mutely.

"Ok, I guess that's alright then," Rainbow said with a flick of her tail.

Spitfire took another sip of water and then leaned forward. "Rainbow Dash, last night at the Gala the Wonderbolts didn't talk much to you, it even seemed like we didn't notice you at all, but that's far from the truth. I still can't believe how hard you tried just to talk with us, but the Wonderbolts…" Spitfire paused as she did her best to get the words in the right order to explain herself. "We're a special world renowned group of flying ponies, we've got hundreds of fans all across Equestria, there are a lot of Pegasi in a similar position to you that dream of someday flying with us and joining our ranks. But fame… it is not an easy mistress to work with," Spitfire explained.

Rainbow Dash frowned. "Mistress?" she repeated.

Spitfire laughed as some of her tension slipped away. "Did I just… Oh now I'm starting to sound just like her," she said with a fond look of remembrance in her eyes.

Rainbow Dash scooted closer to Spitfire eagerly. "So you're sayin' that you're sorry?" she asked.

"In a way." Spitfire nodded. "Rainbow, you're sure to go far, and I can't wait to see you at the Wonderbolts tryouts in a few years time, because if your tricks have gotten any better or more spectacular then I can guarantee you'll be a shoe-in to join the Wonderbolts, but." Spitfire averted her gaze. "There's a darker side to being one of our number, we have to put up appearances at all the best parties, and we have to be socially polite. I would have gladly spent more time talking to you if I didn't have to keep so many ponies happy due to my obligations of being Wonderbolt Leader."

"But what about Soaring?" Rainbow Dash demanded.

Spitfire chuckled. "Soaren," she corrected. "He's a bit of a louse, plus he's my right-hoof wingcolt, he has to be just as polite as I am to those stuck up snobs," she explained.

Rainbow chuckled herself then. "Snobs, yeah, heh, heh." Her cheeks flushed again.

"Confidentially, I think what happened with you and your friends was the best thing to happen to that boring old political miasma they jokingly call a party in the longest time," Spitfire said with a conspiratorial smile.

Rainbow Dash grinned. "It was awesome," she boasted.

Spitfire smiled softly. "No hard feelings, Dash?" she asked.

Rainbow Dash's face lit up. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" she blurted again.

Spitfire placed a gentle hoof on Rainbow's closest shoulder.

Rainbow stared at it with mouth wide open.

"Don't ever lose that enthusiasm, kid," Spitfire told her. "You're going to need it when you're soaring beside the Wonderbolts someday," she added. "I just wish I'd been better prepared when I joined up to deal with all that fame stuff."

Rainbow took a deep shuddering gasp and she put her hoof overtop of Spitfire's. "I am so goin' to keep that in mind," she said. Nervously she started pawing at the ground with a back-hoof. "Do you think, we could hang sometime, when you aren't busy I mean?" she hastily said getting it all out in a rush.

Spitfire hesitated to commit until she recalled a similar scene in her own cloud house all those years back. A violet coated Pegasus was sitting across from her with a similar look to Rainbow's, Spitfire burst into a winning smile. "Sure, Dash, I'd like that. You've got some great ideas for stunts, and I seem to recall a certain orange maned pegasus who was in your position once," she said.

Rainbow frowned. "Huh?"

Spitfire smiled. "Let me tell you about my mentor, Firefly, the best flyer in all of Equestria in her day," Spitfire started to talk and together the two new friends began to get to know one another pony to pony.

The End