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(A/n) So this story is basically about what if Goku had a sister. how much would things really change?(im not good with the summary thing so hopefully you'll get the jist of it when I write more chapters. I'm starting this story when Radditz frst took off with Gohan and Goku is left off to think of a way to get his son back. Also this of before Piccolo arrives to make a truc. This is my first story so bare with me and be gentleJ

Chapter 1

An Unexpected visit

Goku was in shock. If Radditz really was his brother how could he do this to him? Take his son, and then only return him after he takes the life of so many people. No. He wouldn't do that. There has to be another way.

~Meanwhile a beautiful girl sat in her space pod.~

Amoura sat in her lonely space pod. While she quietly thought to herself. I can't believe I finally found him! After I have basically spent my entire life looking for him, on every known plant. I've finally found you. Kakarrot.

Amoura landed her space pod in what seemed to be a farm of some sort. Unfortunately it was a crash landing. At little uneasily she climbed out of the destroyed pod, and searched for Kakarrot's engery. There, she found it but it wasn't as strong as she was expecting, but it was fair enough. His energy was also surrounded by very low and weak power levels. But wait, what was this? Radditz energy? How could he have found him before her? She needed to hurry and get there fast. She took of to the skys.

Goku then stood up with his eyes opened wide in shock. That energy, why has Radditz come back? What more can he do to me?

Krillen(A/n I'm not all to sure how to spell his name, and I'm 99% that's not right. But if you have the right spelling feel free to correct me on that) sensed it to. "Radditz or whatever your name is, why have you come back!"

It was then that Amoura landed gracefully with a slight grin on her face. "Nice of you to think I'm Radditz. I guess I must have lowered my energy more than I thought. But anyhow I'm Amoura and im Kakarrot's big sister."

Krillen " oh great! Another ones of Goku's carzy sibiling is here!" Even though she's really beautiful. I wonder if she would ever go for a guy like me? Hey wait what I'm I thinking! Keep your thoughts straight krillen!

Amoura with a slight look of annoyence on her face relpyed " excuse me, but exactly are you to say that I'm crazy?" stupid little bald man…. " and who is this Goku? And if you would please just tell me where he is?"

It was then that she saw him. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. He looks so, so much like our father. He has the same face, same eyes, and even the same hair. She smiled and walked over to her brother and hugged him. And whispered " Kakarrot, I've finally found you. You look so much like our father."

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