Chapter 8

Won't Back Down.

Amoura flew off after Gohan. How could he fly off like that? A part of me is grateful that he did choose to fly back. I would have if he didn't.

It took minutes to arrive back at the scene and what they saw was a major battle between Goku and Vegeta. It pained Amoura to see her brother and well Vegeta fighting against each other. But she didn't dare interrupt the fight. That was not something a sayian does. She needed to respect the fight.

She looked on while the hole in her chest grew bigger each passing second.

The battle seemed to be drawing an end and it didn't look to good for Goku, Vegeta was winning. So many things happened at once; it all seemed like a blur. Vegeta turned into a great ape, his tail was cut off. Gohan turned into a great ape, and then fell on Vegeta.

This was nonsense, Amoura ran to her brother to see the extent of his injuries when she noticed Krillin approaching Vegeta-with a sword- she appeared with in a flash in front of Vegeta who was trying to escape into his Pod.

"If you're going to kill him, you have to kill me first."

Amoura felt all eyes staring at her, she knew what she did was wrong. He had almost killed her brother. But she just couldn't stand by and let Vegeta. After all they had been through as children. How they were supposed to-. No she was repaying a favor. If anyone had a right to kill Vegeta it was her, and only her.

"No Krillin she's right, if you kill him. Then you're no better than the things he's done."

Thank you brother.

Amoura turned and saw Vegeta looking at her. Vegeta all the while couldn't help but wonder why she did that. But he needed to go. With one last look at the girl he was supposed to- no he is the sayian prince he can't be thinking things so below him. And with that he flew off in the pod.

~At the hospital~

Amoura sat in a chair in her brother's hospital room. They call this modern medicine? She rolled her eyes and watched as Goku's friends gathered to check on their hero. But all she heard was her sister in law screaming about her son.

"Oh my Gohan! You are never leaving your mommy again! Don't worry mommy will take care of you!"

Oh the poor kid.

"Goku how are we going to get the dragon balls back with no kami!"

Everyone turned to Goku, even Amoura was curious to hear his answer.

He just grinned and said "I have no idea"

Oh my "What if we go to Namek, surely if they were the originators of the dragon balls they should have a pair themselves."

Everyone turned to look at Amoura.

"That's a great idea! just how are we going to get there!" Amoura would have punched Bulma out if Goku wouldn't have spoken.

"Hey look isn't that a pod on the TV?"

Bulma's face brightened krillin handed the remote to Bulma.

"Here you go Bulma, but shouldn't Amoura do it since she actually IS sayian and has used it before."

"Come on Krillin I am perfectly capable of doing this, now if I just press this button-"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"Look you might be Goku's long lost sister, but I'm still the brains of this place, and if I want to push this button then I will."

And with that the pod blew up.


Amoura simple whispered "told you."

When it seemed all hope was lost Mr. Popo came into the room and stated that there was a ship that might be useful. Luckily for the gang it was.

~a couple months later~

"Gohan my baby you have to promise to write to me every day!"

"I will mom I promise"

Amoura was standing at the base of the ship waiting for people to- how did they say it?-get the show on the road. When everyone was finally ready to go, Amoura stood next to not so happy Bulma.

They entered the ship, what would be there home for the next couple of months.

Bulma stood in front of the group with her hands on her hips "this area right here is your guys space, and all of this over here is mine. And if any of you guys touch my things you dead."

Amoura, Krillin, and Gohan were left standing there.

"I'm going to end up killing her by the end of this I know it." Amoura took a deep breath this was going to be a long journey.

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