.. Everything is engulfed by darkness. So dark that I can't see a thing.

.. Where am I? It's cold. My body hurts. It's like I've been sleeping forever. It's hard to even move a finger. Is this what it feels like when you're dead? Then, I'm.. dead?

No. I'm not going to die yet. I don't want to die yet. But I don't know how to wake up.. Though I tried desperately to move, I can only move a finger. I can't feel anything..

A hint of warmth approached me, and I reached for it. A kind, warm light.. I know whose warmth is this. It's..

I opened my eyes. Beside me, there's a girl, crying so much that she didn't even realize that I'm awake already. Seeing her cry somehow hurts me. I don't want to see her sad.

".. Hey, don't cry.." I told her, with a low, whispering voice. I don't really have any power in me.

Snapped back to reality, she looked at me then paused for a while. She gave me a relieved smile then jumped straight to hug me.

.. Not. Her body went through mine, just like that. She doesn't have a physical body. She backed off, then, with a sorrowful face, but then she forced a smile, wiping the tears on her cheek.

I stood up. My whole body really did hurt. I wonder why.

"Where is this?" I asked. She opened her mouth but no words came. Then I remembered, spirits couldn't talk.

She gestured, d..e..e..p..i..n..f..e..r..n..o. Deep Inferno? I know this place. This place is famous for its active mountains and the remnants of dragons slain by famous people. The smell of smoke enveloping the whole place, sometimes there are dragons flying above the sky, and because of the hot weather, most trees ended up getting dry.. Every time I need to train, I'd be here. A cave below an inactive mountain. I'm the only one who know this place, since the others avoid this place. But, that day, I showed this place to someone. That day, I went here with..

.. With who?

My head hurts. Who did I went here with, for what purpose.. I can't remember. Even my name.. Who am I? I held my throbbing head in my hands, trying hard to remember. But no results.

Concerned, she lowered herself to see my face.

".. I'm okay," I told her. She backed off a bit, still worried.

I smiled to her and she smiled back, sheepishly. She's a beautiful spirit, I must say. Her eyes were crystal blue. They looked so pure that I could have gazed at them forever. Her long, wavy hair looked so soft. She must have cared for it a lot. Her skin was white, there were no flaw in her if she's not a spirit. She had horns, meaning she's from the Rue Clan. That Clan got its own bad rumours.. Nobody would get there because of the Clan's fencing ability and its dark artes. But.. I think I know this girl. Close, even.

Curious, I asked her, "Who are you, by the way? Have we met somewhere before?"

I didn't mean it, but she made such a face, sadness mixed with confusion, regret and pain. I tried to take it back but got paralyzed when I saw tears falling down her cheek. I wanted to wipe her tears, but I can't touch her. I want to comfort her, but have no right to do so. I don't know what to do.

She turned then ran, hiding her face in both of her hands. I don't know why, but though it kills my legs to do so, I pursued her, trying to pull her hand but can't.

"Wait!" I shouted. She stopped a bit, waiting for me to speak up. I ran without thinking. What should I say to her? I'm sorry? That won't be right.

"Please don't go," I told her. She shook her head, crying even more. She backed off when I walked to her direction.

"I'm sorry if my question hurts you," I clenched my hand and averted my gaze, "look.. I just want you to be with me.. Okay?"

Pausing for a bit, she looked rather surprised. But then she cried again.

"H-hey!" I tried to comfort her, but she shook her head and smiled at me. She wiped her tears then moved forward then kissed me on the cheek. It doesn't count since she doesn't have a physical body, but.. It got me flushed. Seeing that, she giggled.

K..a..r..e..n, she gestured. Karen. I think I know that name. I'd like to remember.. I want to remember who she is. I want to remember who I am, too.

I rested myself for a while before I can walk again. I don't have any destination, so I wandered aimlessly. I'm not lonely, though, because Karen followed me, wherever I go. She's so cute, following me around just like that.

"Karen," I called to her. She flew over my shoulder, expecting me to ask her something.

".. Just wanted to call your name," I told her. She paused a bit then blushed. I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

Though I don't have any memory of who am I, I'm glad just by having her by my side. For now, I'll just live on. The other things will have to wait later.