Summer and Winter

A Twilight Poem

Hello! I'm back with vengeance! And now, the ability to write poetry! Lol... Made this in my English class, we had to write a poem conveying personification.

This poem is basically Summer and Winter, or Tw-Hard talk, Bella and Edward. (Breaking Dawn)

Summer and Winter,

Two fates intertwined,

Always in unison,

Since the beginning of time,

The sweetest sounds,

Emitted from both,

The sounds of laughter,

The sounds of hope,

The most grandiose colours,

Fill the skies and ground,

But, when twilight returns,

Winter leaves, without a sound,

When they see each other again,

Adoration fills their eyes,

They grasp gloved hands,

And turn heads towards the alleviated skies,

Their loving gaze,

Into each eye,

Will limitless, infinite,

Will never die,

Summer and Winter,

The passionate seasons,

Opposites attract,

For all the right reasons.

So, what do you think? You can tell it's a Twilight poem, hopefully (In stanza 3) and I hope you enjoyed that! My first attempt at a poem...

Lotsa Love,