For a long time, the sort of Fanfiction that has entertained me most was the not-so-serious funny kind. You know, the stuff that makes you laugh. Think 'Uninvited Guests' (Bleach. And if you are familiar with Bleach, and haven't read that fanfic, you need to. Just don't read it anywhere that people would look at you weird if you suddenly burst into uncontrollable laughter.). However… comedy isn't exactly the genre I lean toward.

I recently got into Hetalia Axis Powers (Which, of course, I don't own. By the way, if you don't know what Hetalia Axis Powers is, you really shouldn't be reading this fanfic, as the series can be potentially very offensive, and if you find it so I have no idea what you're doing here.). By the time I was finished, I just couldn't get this idea out of my head, despite the fact that it was cliché. Eventually, I ended up writing this out.

This is my first serious attempt at comedy, and is thus run primarily by Rule of Funny. For this same reason, I desperately want feedback on whether this is any good.

I try and update this fic once every week during the summer and once every month during the school year. I generally do a pretty good job of this—at the time of this writing, I've been late with two out of 30 updates.

Oh, by the way: a line across the page signifies a change in point of view, unless it's at the end of a chapter, in which case it might not.

Something was ringing. Loud. Again and again. beep! beep! beep! beep! beep! beep! beep! beep!

.Uu (beep!) uuHhh…. thought America, still half asleep. Coulda (beep!) sworn I hadn't plugged that (beep!) new alarm clock in yet (beep!) …I told someone I did, though, (BEEP!) didn't I…


"Yugaaahh!" he finally pulled himself up, flailing wildly in the direction of the noise, hoping to hit the snooze button. He must have hit it, because it stopped beeping. He promptly laid back down again, eyes closed.

Geez, it's not even dawn yet… Who set that thing this early on Saturday morning…..?

America was already falling back asleep when something nudged him on the side. Something a little wet. For him, this was a little unusual. He finally snapped awake when the wet thing nudged him again.

Of course, he still wasn't expecting what he saw. For America, getting nudged awake by a unicorn was in no way a "little" unusual. For a while he just stared at it. There was no way it was real. Probably someone's prank. Maybe UK's.

Nevertheless, he reached out and gave the unicorn's horn a tug. When it didn't come off, the only creature more surprised than him was the unicorn.

"Neeiigh!" it started screeching, evidently in pain. The two fairies that flew up behind it to find out what was going on didn't really help America's confusion. But the ghost that came fluttering up after them did a pretty good job of deciding his reaction.

"GYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" America screamed. The assorted fantastic creatures had scarcely a second to wonder what his problem was before he had escaped the room.

"Aahh!" "Aahh!" he panted, racing through the corridors. Did someone kidnap me? I don't recognize any of this place! And there's weird stuff everywhere! ..and.. ..and..

It was about this point that he noticed the ghost had recovered from its surprise and was coming after him.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" America continued at the top of his lungs. Now panicked, he took a few more turns and ducked into the first door he noticed, swinging it shut behind him. He noticed it had a lock and quickly shut it. Then he slumped behind the door, feeling unusually out of breath.

Fortunately, the ones chasing him seemed to have been fooled, and there weren't any other crazy creatures in this room. Unfortunately, the room was a bathroom, and contained a rather large mirror.

America froze in shock as he saw the mirror. Looking back at him was a somewhat scuffy, disheveled person in a dark green uniform with darker boots, dirty blond, fairly messy hair, and eyebrows like giant fuzzy caterpillars.

Looking back at him was UK.

mmmmmm.. . the sun's in my eyes…

England slowly realized that there was something wrong with that statement, but he was still asleep enough to not be completely sure what it was. Something about the sun. That wasn't right. He never woke up with the sun in his eyes. Except for those few times I got really drunk…Ahh, crud, I did drink last night, right?

With that thought he finally opened his eyes up. He ended up in the weirdest places sometimes when he got drunk.

But unlike America, England recognized the bed he woke up in. He started to blush. He'd gotten drunk and ended up in America's bed.

FUCK! What the HECK did I DO?

At least I'm not naked, he noted. Though I'm pretty sure this shirt isn't mine.

He got out of bed. Staying there wasn't exactly explaining anything, and if for some reason this wasn't what it looked like, England felt that he'd rather not be caught where he was.

It wasn't long before he realized America must have moved the bed. He didn't recognize this area, though he recognized enough of the furnishings to be sure that it was indeed America's house.

Consequentially, it wasn't long before he was hopelessly lost. Realizing this, he backtracked, thinking that maybe he'd just taken a wrong turn.

Of course, by the time England found America's bedroom again, he'd realized that something wasn't quite right. For one, he hadn't seen America. For two, his hair had apparently been dyed bright blond, his hands weren't quite the right size, his line of sight was just a little bit higher, and all in all, he felt different in a way that was slowly starting to worry him even more than the way he'd woken up.

In fact, by the time England actually found a mirror, he wasn't quite as surprised as one would expect to see America looking back at him. Of course, that didn't mean he wasn't surprised at all.

"WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK?" he screamed at the top of his lungs.


Tony woke up as America's voice slowly died off. This in itself was hardly an unusual event. America was often loud, and even more often forgot that others might still be sleeping. In fact, it occurred so regularly that anyone who stayed at America's house for any extended period of time eventually ended up using him as a late-Saturday-morning alarm clock.

But even America wasn't usually siren-level loud. And Tony couldn't help but wonder what could possibly have made him cuss so seriously. Even the whale must have heard (and was probably just as worried).

So, extremely curious and a little concerned, he got up and went looking for America.

Of course, England wasn't America. He realized pretty quickly that he'd probably woken anyone in America's house up.

Shit. Is there anyone who lives here? I think Russia took Lithuania during that whole fiasco, but he made friends with that whale, didn't he (though it probably couldn't do anything)? Oh… and that alien bastard…but does he actually sleep here?

Even so, England decided that it was in his best interest to vanish before anyone found him. He didn't really want anyone to know about this mess-up, for one. However, he had managed to get himself lost the last time.

So a few minutes later (after getting dressed in some [marginally, in his opinion] more appropriate clothes), he decided to go out through the window.

Geez, where's the latch on this thing? Oh, there it is.

He pulled it up and swung out, landing on the grass outside with a thud. Grinning in appreciation of his own slyness, England slunk around the corner of the house.

The whale briefly wondered why America looked so mortified when he turned around the corner of the house (and saw the whale watching him). Oh, well. He was probably playing hide and seek, or something like that. The whale went back to sleep, content that his friend was safe and the whole business had been resolved.

As soon as England got far enough away from America's house, he broke into a run. Getting caught by America's whale friend hadn't exactly improved his mood, and he wanted to get back to his own house, where he knew where to hide, and might possibly find something in one of his spellbooks to explain what the heck was going on.

A little while after thinking that, England realized that if he had woken up in America's house (and in America's body), then it wasn't exactly unlikely that the reverse was true as well.

At that, he started sprinting.