Excuses, Excuses

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"Is something the matter Nappa?" Raditz asked as he poked the taller Saiyan with his foot. Staring down at the older man as he laid on the ground, he raised an eyebrow.

"Get out of here." Nappa growled turning around until his back was facing the younger Saiyan.

Raising his eyebrow the farthest it would go, he poked the man again. "Why do you have no hair?"

Gritting his teeth and wanting to kill the young man, he swore he was going to keep his temper in check. He started seeing anger management classes since he got to hell but it seemed like they were barely working since he was ready to kill Raditz.

"You're not answering me Nappa. Why are you bald?" Raditz asked again but a little simpler for the man to comprehend.

Getting up, he grabbed a hold of the armor and pulled the long-haired Saiyan toward him. Smiling, he swore he was ready to kill someone again. "You want to know. Here it is you brat. I was commander of the entire Saiyan army under Lord Vegeta himself. That meant a lot of stress and Vegeta shaved my head the first time I kissed his butt. Since he's a noble, he controls me. He made me continue to shave my head."

Blinking, Raditz stared at him until he cracked up laughing. That was the lamest excuse for shaving one's head.

"What's so funny to you?" Fasha asked as she walked over.

"He said he shaves his head because of his kissing Vegeta's butt."

"You are nasty." Shugesh said as he walked away from the group.

"I did not actually kiss his butt."

"Excuses Nappa, excuses." Bardock chimed as he followed one of the ogres that could be annoyed easily.

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