After 4 years of work, the Nautilus was ready for launch. The massive submarine boat was floating at the dock, members of the crew were on the upper platform, loading supplies into the ship. Spare parts, food supplies, clothing boxes, all packed into the spacious interior.

Dakkar was on the bridge, watching the former rebel followers, now turned submariners, operate the machinery of the Nautilus.

" Prepare to depart." he ordered.

Vishwu came onto the bridge, " Moorings and outer hatches have been closed sir, all crew accounted for."

" Good, Number One," Dakkar said to Vishwu, using the old second in command nickname once again. Dakkar turned to face Robur, who was watching the proceedings. The aerial engineer looked a little out of his depth, but was keeping calm and quiet.

" Are you sure you want to come ?" Dakkar asked his friend. Robur smiled, " Of course I do. I helped build this ship."

Dakkar nodded, " Alright."

Vishwu was with the helmsman, giving orders through a telegraph, " Engine room, half ahead."

The Nautilus drifted away from the dock, propelled by its powerful engines, watched by the crowd on the jetty.

On the bridge and in main engineering, there was a lot of activity. The chief engineer called up, " Hydroelectric inlets and turbines producing power, accumulators are functioning normally."

Dakkar approached the wheel. " Prepare to submerge the ship, Number one."

Vishwu nodded, " Check hatches, seal the snorkel on the deck," the Indian second in command called in the telegraph.

Dakkar added, " Flood 2, 3, 6 and 8 ballast. Take us down."

The Nautilus submerged in a sea of bubbles, and as soon as the lighting went out because they'd lost sight of the sun, Dakkar ordered, " Lights, in and out, if you please."

When the lights came on, the crew gasped at the beauty outside their ship. Some of them even crowded the walkways, hoping to catch a glimpse of sea monsters, mermaids and sunken ships.

Dakkar established order with his next command, " Bridge to engineering, turbines to full power. Transfer the accumulators to another shift."

The engines changed, now the Nautilus was powered by the sea, as it should be.

The hydrophone operator called from his console, " Your highness, I'm picking up the brig we used to reach the island. It's in our direction and they've dropped anchor…..they've lowered a boat in the water."

Dakkar nodded, " This was part of the plan. Periscope depth." he ordered. When the submarine reached that depth, the prince toggled a switch on a control panel. The periscope hissed its way up from its mount. Dakkar peered through it and nodded. " The ship's right in front of us. I see someone on the ship is using an oar to strike the water, hyprophone," the prince said to the operator, " Get a reading, and get it directly to torpedo control."

" Yes, your majesty."

Vishwu reported, " The torpedo is ready, Excellency."

On the surface, Tom Turner and two other men watched as the periscope flashed a red light.

" That's the signal lads, lets beat it."

The rowboat rowed away, knowing the brig was going to become a burnt cinder.

In the Nautilus, Dakkar smiled, " They've seen the signal and their pulling away."

For a moment longer the prince peered through the periscope before he ordered, " Launch torpedo,"

Like a cork popped from a bottle, the torpedo flashed through the sea, its wake churning with its powerful engines. The weapon slammed into the side of the brig with a bang that exploded the brig into splinters. There was nothing left of the ship.

3 days later, the Nautilus traversed the seas around the island before returning Robur to the island. They'd have a permanent harbour there, a refitting facility, a weapons factory. Everything.

The Nautilus satisfied Dakkar's strongest desires, to be out of touch with land except Island X, he announced to his loyal crew that he was renouncing his name.

" What will you call yourself, Excellency ?" A crewman asked.

Dakkar didn't need to think about that.

" Nemo. Captain Nemo."