Part Seven: Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't Have Fallen In Love With?

The course of true love never did run smoothly. Sometimes, no matter how good the moment is, there are lingering regrets and you are left longing not for what was, but for what should have been. Which is a poetic way of saying – the wait is over. I let the plot bunny read this and his poor little eyes almost crossed over completely with the shock of it all. I do hope it was worth it. Anyway, this chapter is rated M, so be warned.

This is a longer chapter than planned, because I couldn't split it. For that reason the interior viewpoints of Kensi and Marty switch about, rather than previous chapters which dealt with one person's perspective.

Anyway - I've loved every minute of writing this one. Let me know what you think, please!

Marty led her into an alcove that had a corridor leading of it; a secluded dimly lit corridor, walking ahead with his golden hair gleaming like a beacon. Kensi followed almost despite her better judgment. She'd gone out with express purpose of finding a man and she'd got her wish. But this felt different. This wasn't how she'd wanted it be with Marty, this wasn't how her fantasy of being with him panned out at all. With a shock, Kensi realised that she wanted a whole lot more from him, like a relationship, not just casual, meaningless sex. Only, as that clearly wasn't on offer, she'd take what was. Because basically she wanted him so much that just looking at his butt was making her so hot and randy that it was untrue.

"Well?" Marty invited and, just for a moment, felt like a complete heel. And the next moment realised that Kensi was using him just as much as he was using her. That they were two consenting adults and nobody was being forced to do anything against their will. Sometimes quick and dirty sex was just what you needed, a brief coupling and then you could both just walk away without looking back and with no regrets or hidden dreams on either side. And as much fun as the prelude had been, Marty was ready for to take things to the next level and get some real action. And it wasn't like he was forcing her, or anything like that. It was more that he was basically helpless where she was concerned and that was dangerous. Marty didn't normally let himself get involved like that. Only he couldn't resist her.

Leaning back against the wall, Marty reached up and tugged at the clip holding Kensi's hair in place, so that it tumbled down around her shoulders in disarray. This was like one of those erotic dreams, he thought, pulling her close, forcing her to kiss him, tangling his hands in her hair so that she could not pull away. And if he was just a dreamer, then she was just a dream. An exceptionally hot dream, who could still manage to take him by surprise, returning his kisses with equal vigour, grinding her body against his, and moaning when she felt how hard and ready he was, running her hands up and down his groin. Shifting her weight onto one foot, Kensi eased her other leg up and around his waist and gave a groan of pure pleasure when his hands encountered her bare, exposed flesh.

And that took him completely by surprise, finding the smooth skin of her ass right in his hands, with no panties to impede his progress. Marty let one hand remain kneading her flesh, while the other slipped tantalisingly along the skin of her inner thigh, pausing for just a second. Kensi's reaction was immediate, altering her stance so that his fingers were roaming over her moist welcoming flesh. She was filling his mind and the way she sighed into Marty's ear was almost as good as the silky sensation of her.

"You lied," he murmured, teasing her, moving faster and then slower and then moving his hand away altogether. "You said you weren't prepared, Fern."

Her head whipped back. "I told you not to call me that." She ground down onto his hand again, at the same time leaning forward and biting his lip so ferociously that she drew blood.

"Enough." Marty pulled back. "I'm not into that. Major turn-off, in fact."

Her eyes were wide and wild, challenging him. "I give as good as I get." Kensi's fingers were tugging at his belt, unzipping his jeans and the moan of pleasure she gave when she finally held him in her hand was almost as deep as the sigh he made in unison.

"Don't make promises you can't possibly keep, Kensi. You ain't seen nothing yet."

The things his fingers were doing almost made Kensi loose control of herself and she could feel every pulse point in her body. Her skin seemed to be hypersensitive and every touch of his hands just drove her desperate frenzy higher. Even the sight of the blood at the corner of his mouth turned her on and her tongue darted forward and licked the blood trickling down the corner of his mouth. "This isn't about you. It's just about sex. Nothing more."

Marty grabbed hold of the hair at the nape of her neck and slid into her. "Try telling yourself that often enough and you might just start to believe it. But remember: you could be anyone to me."

"Cocky bastard." Kensi just managed to force the words out, tightening the grip of her thigh around his waist, holding onto him, moving with each slick thrust, covering his lips with hers so that he took her cries into his mouth.

He broke free for a moment and stared into her eyes. "But you'll never have anything as good as this ever again, darling." And then he moved faster and harder until she cried out and then collapsed in a boneless heap against him, her hair falling across his face. Marty could feel the damp glow of her perspiration against his cheek and he held her tight as their breathing slowly returned to normal.

Kensi ran her hands through his hair, pulling it back from his face and she smiled. "That was as good as I dreamed. Maybe even better. It's almost a pity we'll never meet again." She leant forward and kissed him slowly, relishing the feel of him, almost revelling in it.

Marty smiled back at her. "Isn't it just? It could have been fun. Until the next time, Kensi."

"There won't be a next time," Kensi assured him, adjusting her dress and patting her hair back into some semblance of order, wishing she could find the courage to tell him that she wanted to make love to him over and over again. She was shocked to realise that sex wasn't enough with Marty Deeks, that she wanted a whole lot more. Only it was too late, she'd burnt her boats. "I told you that."

"You never know when we might run into one another." He leant forward and kissed her. This time the kiss was different – it wasn't urgent and rough; it was tender and lingering and one might almost have said it was loving, if you didn't know any better. "And do this all over again for old times sake. Never say never. Take care, Kensi."

"You too, Marty." She didn't want to go, didn't want it to end like this. Why couldn't he just take her home and then they could spend the rest of the night making love and he could blow her mind apart again and again and again. But he was already turning to leave.

"I've got a big day ahead, tomorrow. I'm joining a new unit." It would have been so easy to stay. Only he'd have had to explain things to her, and that would ruin everything.

"Good luck." She kissed him again, this time on the cheek, aware of the rules of the game, knowing she had to put some distance between them. It was hard realising that she would never see him again, far less feel the way he moved inside her and made her feel as if the whole world was going to explode.

"Thanks. I've got a feeling I'm going to need it." At the end of the corridor, Marty stopped for just a second, turned around and smiled. "I'll be seeing you, then." Kensi nodded briefly, aware of a pang of sadness. She wanted to run after him, to throw caution to the winds and just be with him again. But that wasn't how these encounters went. Everyone knew that and she was a veteran of the brief encounter. You weren't supposed to get involved. That was against all the rules. This was different, though. This felt as if she had lost the best thing she'd never had and for a moment, Kensi felt like weeping.

As he walked back into the club, Marty found he was really looking forward to seeing Kensi again – and especially the look on her face when she realised she'd been had. All he had to do was make sure she never found out just how much she'd blown him away. But that would be easy. She'd probably shoot him on sight anyway. This probably hadn't been the brightest thing he'd ever done, but God, it had been good. In fact, making love to Kensi, as short and furious as it had been, was as near to paradise as he'd ever experienced. Marty was suddenly aware that he might just have screwed up the best thing he'd ever had. Which was pretty much the story of his life, when all was said and done.