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Ty was a smooth playboy. He could get any girl or guy he want, have his way with them, and be done with them. People consider him insensitive to his play things' feelings, he says he's a hit and quit type of guy. And also, if he was so insensitive, why does he have a boyfriend who he loves and been dating for almost a year and a half?

His boyfriend was the best thing that happened in his life. Because of him, Ty's personality dramatically changed. He stopped being the playboy he used to be. He stopped chasing at girls and stopping treated girls like play things. He started caring about other people's feelings. The old Ty is the complete opposite of the new Ty.

I know you're wondering who was the person to have so much influence on him and change Ty for the better. That person was notorious Martin Martinez or you might know him as "Deuce". The 13 years old enter Ty's life as his little sister's best friend, that soon progress into him being Ty's best friend. After years of wanting and waiting, Ty confessed his feelings to Deuce who happily returned his feelings and they been dating ever since.

'Damn, where is he?', Ty thought as he waited outside their school, watching students exited the 2-story building, chattering about they were planning on doing for the weekend. Out of the sea of people, there he was. With his black hair spiked up as usually and his hip-hop style of clothing, he was so gorgeous. He was talking to Manny, his sister's long-term girlfriend. He decided to sneak up on him. He slowly stalked towards them, keeping his eyes on his prey. And when he was close enough, he pounced.

"AHH! Fuck!", Deuce shouted when Ty pounced, causing nearby students to turned their heads. He waved embarrassed, and then turned to punch his boyfriend in the arm.

"Owwww! What was that for?"Ty whined in mock-pain.

"For doing that! You know I don't like being sneaked on"

"I know. I'm sorry", he said in mock-sorrow, kissing him on the cheek.

"Do you guys want me to leave or something?", a southern voice asked, causing the two boys to remember their Asian-Latino friend.

"Sorry, Manny. I forgot you were here for a minute!" Ty grinned and embraced the girl.

Maria "Manny" Alejandra Baker was a rare sight. She was of Asian, Latino, and Caucasian descendents. She had long, dark drown hair with the most beautiful bright, blue eyes you'll ever see. Her small, curvy, and slightly muscular frame complimented her flawless olive skin.

"How can you forget me? I'm gorgeous!", she exclaimed, striking a pose causing both boys to laugh.

"If you says so. So what were you two talking about?", Ty asked.

"Deuce is going to find my birthday gift for you. He's gonna get it and I'm buying it from him."

"You know you're invited to the party tonight, right?" Ty asked.

"Nah! I'm buying the gift so I can sit across the hall, watching the party.", Ty swiped at her and she swiped back.

All of the sudden, Manny's cellphone blasted though her pocket with a ringtone that only indicate one person. She got her phone out, looked at it, and smiled. "I gotta go.", she simply said, kissing both boys on the cheek before bouncing away.

"I gotta go, too, babe. I gotta pick up Manny's gift.", he said before pulling Ty in a deep kiss. Sadly, the kiss only lasted a few moments and Deuce walked away. Ty stared at his ass until he was out of sight and then he thought, 'Damn, my party's at 6:30 and it's 3:00. What am I gonna do for 3 and a half hours?'

Ty pulled out his phone and called his friend, Derick to see if he wanted to meet up and hang out. He hesitantly agreed to meet up in the park. As Ty waited, he thought about his relationship with Derick. Derick was one of his best friends from 1st grade to 6th grade. Then he started trying to impress friends who bully him and talk shit about him and start horrible rumors about him behind his back.

But what really drift them away was when Ty announced his relationship with Deuce to the whole school. Everyone was cool about it excepted Derick. He make homophobia comments about it and called Ty and Deuce "faggots" or "queers".

Ty's thought were interrupted by a voice that said, "What the hell you want, faggot?"

He sighed "Well, hello to you too, Derick"

"Just tell me what the hell you call me for. I don't have time hanging around queers when my best friends are waiting for me."

"You mean the best friends that told the whole school that your dick is so little, you have to use a dildo to fuck a girl, or the best friends that jumped you in an alley and broke your arm?"

"WHAT do you want?" He exclaimed, completely ignoring what Ty just said.

"I just wanna hang out."

"Hell No! I don't hang with queers." he snapped before walking off, leaving Ty by himself. Ty looked at his watch.

"Well, that argument killed a good hour and a half."

Ty decided to go home, walking down the not-as-crowded-as-usually street. He walked up to his apartment building to find Deuce selling Miley Cyrus tickets to two girls. The young man grinned evilly as he slowly stalked behind him. When the two girls left, right when he was about to pounced, Deuce quickly turned around and grabbed him.

"How..." he started to ask but Deuce kissed him before he could finish.

He felt his tongue licked his bottom lips, asking for entrances which he happily granted. Their tongue wrestled, trying to grant dominance over the other. The kiss lasted 30 seconds before they both pulled away for much needed air.

"How you knew I was behind you?", Ty asked, panting.

"Spidery senses", He deadpanned, causing Ty to laugh.

"Why are you here, anyway? Your party is until 6:30", Deuce asked.

"I'm bored!",he whined like a 5 year old.

"I'll hang out with you but you can't go to your apartment."

"But why...?", he whined again.

"Because they're setting up your party"

"Awww...okay.", Ty and Deuce hung out until the party. Well, not really "hung out". They had about 16 make-out sessions that led to groping and dry-humping, and just told each other how much that they love each other.

When they enter his apartment, there were blue and white decorations everywhere. They had a banner that says 'Happy Birthday, Ty! Hope you had a blast!' with a dynamite replacing the i. There were blue and white food, blue punch, and they got a huge cake that was blue and white and the writing on it says 'Happy 15th B-Day!"

"Dang! That cake is bigger than CeCe and Manny put together!" Ty exclaimed, causing everyone except CeCe and Manny laugh.

"Not funny, man! Don't hate on little people!", Manny exclaimed, getting a high-five from CeCe .

"Anyway, guys. The places looks awesome. I bet Miles did it."

"What? Is it because I'm gay? You think gays loves to decorate?"

"Duh. And by that answer, you did do it."

"Shut up." she deadpanned, causing everyone to chuckle.

They had a good time. They partied, made music with Miles' portable DJ table, had a dance-off, and played the new Marvel VS Capcom 3 video game Manny got him. At eleven, Tonya Blue sent the kids to bed. Miles and CeCe had to leave because they were babysitting. Manny and Rocky wasn't planning on going to bed, but they had to be quiet. They played true or dare in Rocky's room for a while before they got bored, then Rocky started surfing the internet on her laptop. Manny laid in her bed, listening to her Ipod before she slowly drifted to sleep.

Meanwhile in Ty's room, Ty and Deuce had a different idea of fun.

Deuce kissed Ty with lust in his eyes and love in his heart. Ty smirked and licked his bottom lip, asking no, begging for entrance. Deuce granted it and their tongues battled for dominance. Ty easily won and he explored the younger boy's mouth. He moaned loudly and wrapping his arm around his light-skinned lover's neck. Ty smirked and broke the kiss, causing him to pout.

"You don't want to wake Manny and Rocky up, now do you?" he asked in his husky, sexy voice, causing Deuce's dick to grow, pressing onto his stomach. Ty smirked and started rubbing the rising bulge in Deuce's pant.

"AH!" Deuce whimpered as he pressed himself more into Ty's hand.

"Yea, baby. You like that, don't you? You like me rubbing your dick?"

"Yes. Oh god, yes.", he replied breathlessly.

Ty smirked and stopped to put his shirt off. Deuce blushed at the familiar sight and ran his finger over his firm ads, causing Ty to shiver.

"God, Ty. You're so sexy." he whispered, kissing his boyfriend on the neck. Then, all of a sudden, Deuce pushed him away. Ty gave him a look of mix shock and hurt but that look soon changed when he started striping out his clothes, starting with his jacket and ended with his underwear. Ty drooled over Deuce's beautiful 7 inches dick.

Deuce started stroke his own dick up and down. "Ty, I need you inside me. Please, baby." he moaned as he began to rub his nipples. Ty felt his own 8 inches dick throb and he blushed at the sight.

He began to remove his pants and boxers. "Don't except me to be gentle.", he said as he removed his boxers.

He laid on the bed and replied, "I don't want you to be. I want you to be make me yours if you can do that."

Ty smirked at that comment before he pounced on top of him. He kissed him forcefully, sucking on the Latino boy's tongue. He moaned and Ty grinded their erections against each other. Deuces broke the kiss to gasp loudly and Ty moaned.

Rocky had heard the gasp/moan as she raised her head from the laptop screen. 'What the hell was that?'she thought as she listened for it again. She looked to make sure Manny was still asleep before she shrugged and focused her attention back to her laptop.

Ty traveled down his tone body, from his neck to his nipples before stopping at his dick. He glazed at it before giving it a single lick. Deuce moaned and grabbed Ty's hair gently. Ty wrapped his lips around the head, and in one stroke, took Deuce's dick completely in his mouth.

"FUCK, TY!" he cried out when he felt Ty's throat muscles squeezed him.

Rocky quietly turned off her laptop and stuck out her room into the hallway, wondering why Deuce was so loud at 12 AM. Her mind can't even process what she saw though the crack of his door. Her eyes were unable to tear away from her brother and best friend.

When he realized he was about to cum, he announced it.

"Oh God, Ty! I'm gonna cum!",he moaned, arching his back.

"Then come on. Cum for me, baby. Cum in my hand.", Ty cooed, pumping the younger boy's dick up and down.

As if his body was waiting that, Deuce enter a blissful state that made him seeing stars. He released strings and strings of thick, creamy, white cum in Ty's hand.

Rocky gulped quietly as she watched in shock and arousal her brother licked the cum off his hand seductively.

"Get on all fours,now" He ordered, reaching into his drawer and pulled out some lube. Deuce did as he was told while Ty began lubing up his dick. He lined up with his ass and was fully in Deuce in one thrust, striking his prostate dead-on.

Rocky licked her lips as she felt herself getting wet when Deuce cried, "OH GOD, TY! DO IT AGAIN!"

"Yea, baby! You like that?" He grunted as he thrust hard and fast into the young Latino.

"YES, TY! I LOVE IT! HARDER!" he moaned.

"You want me to go harder? Well, beg for it!"


Ty thrust harder and faster until he was thrust with the force of a charging bull.

"Damn, baby, you're so tight!" He continued thrusting.


"I bet it does! Come on, baby boy, say my name!", he started stroking Deuce's dick in time with his thrust.


"Who you belong to?"

"YOU, TY! AH! I BELONG TO YOU! OH!" he felt he was gonna explode.


"Oh! Cum with me, Deuces!"

They both came at the same time with Deuce cumming on Ty's bed and Ty filling Deuce with his cum. Ty pulled out of him and rolled onto the bed.

Deuce cuddled up to him and whispered, "That was amazing."

"I know.", Ty replied sleepily.

"I love you, Ty"

"I love you, too" He kissed him on the forehead before they both fell asleep. I bet you forgot Rocky was standing outside the door, watching them.

Poor Rocky stood, shocked and extremely turned on from what she just witnessed. Her juices ran down her leg and her heart was thumping in her ears. 'Damn, they got me all wet now', she thought as she walked back to her room. Then she remember a very important thing. Manny was in her room. Her super hot girlfriend was asleep in her room.

She grinned evilly as she thought, 'Manny... That ass is mine!' She strolled back to her room, thinking on how she was gonna fuck Manny senseless.

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