Author's note: This is my first O.C. fanfic. I am a Ryan and Marissa fan, so bear with me. I decided to start with changing the end of the last episode of season 3. Well, lets see how this turns out.

"Ryan stop it!" Marissa yelled with panic in her voice.

"Volchok just slow down!" Heather demanded.

All of a sudden Ryan started slowing down and Vochuck cut him off so he couldn't keep going straight.

Ryan jumped out of the car and walked over to Volchuck.

"What do you want? You could have killed us you know."

Volchok jumped out of the front seat of his van and started drunkenly yelling. "Yeah right. You still owe me a fight. This time I'm going to kill you. No faking it."

Marissa looked at them. What did he mean this time. She thought. He is just drunk right, he won't actually do anything. She reassured herself.

Ashley looked over at Marissa. "Volchok lets go. You don't need to do this." She tried to convince him.

"Oh yes I do." And with that Volchok lunged at Ryan and started beating him. With no other choice Ryan started to fight back. Both guys got good solid punches at each other and when Volchok took a few step backs from a really solid kick at Ryans side Marissa ran forward and tried to get Ryan to come back to the car and drive away. All of a sudden Volchok came forward and threw a hard hook shot to Ryan's head. He started bleeding and then walked back towards Volchok. All of a sudden Volchok pulled a knife.

An earie silence covered them as the girls gasped in unison.

"You're not getting out of this one so easily, Lil' Bitch." Volchok muttered. "You're not going to have that good life, looking down on guys like me like we are scum. You aren't going to steal my girl like you've always wanted to. You aren't going to go off and be a stuck up college kid. No, I'm not going to let you. I am going to end your pretty little life right now. Then we won't have any more problems, huh?"

Ryan looked scared, shock covering his face, and realization that Volchok was serious. He wasn't going to let Ryan go alive. Heather ran forward and muttered to Volchok, "You don't want to do this, just get in the car and drive away. Come on, this is a bad idea. You aren't a murderer, your just drunk."

"You know what, pretty little thing, I think I'm ready to be a murderer, if that is what killing this piece of shit makes me." He responded gruffly.

All of a sudden he ran forward and Ryan tried to protect himself, but the sharp blade went right to his side. Marissa screamed, "NO!" Blood came soaking out of his side and Volchuck stood up and walked back to his van.

"Coming Heather?" he asked.

"No way you're crazy!" Heather screamed, terrified.

"Call 911 NOW" Marissa yelled over and over again.