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Around 8 o'clock Marissa woke up. At first all she realized was she was sleeping next to Ryan. Her arms were around him, so she peeked over and saw that he was still sleeping. She decided to lie back down. After a little while she decided that really she better go, so she lightly tried to move her arm from over him. He stirred awake.

"Morning" Ryan mumbled.

"Good morning," Marissa said. She kissed his cheek and sat all the way up. "I am going to be in so much trouble. Ugh."

"Call Summer, make an excuse." Ryan suggested.

"I can't really say that I spent the night at Summer's, can I?" Marissa pointed out.

"Oh, right, the only problem with sharing a house with your best friend." Ryan said.

"Yeah, hey, we both do that now huh? Between two couples we have two houses. That's odd." Marissa said.

"Can't happen that often that best friends go out with best friends that both happen to live together, for one reason or another."

"Hey, so theoretically if both you and I and Seth and Summer got married then you would be my half-brother in law as well as my husband and I would be your sister in law. And Seth would be Summer's half brother-in-law and Summer would be Seth's sister-in-law." Marissa said, not making much sense in the long run.

"I'm confused. So what are you up to today?" Ryan changed the subject.

"Well, so far I haven't gotten any tanning in this summer, but I would rather spend the day with you." Marissa said.

"No, I'm not worth it, go tanning with Summer. I'll spend some 'quality time' with Seth."

"Okay, I guess I'll let Seth take care of you, but I expect hourly reports." She teased.

"What, so you know every piece of food I eat? It's not like I'm diabetic." Ryan said.

"Oh, well, then how about you call me this evening. And maybe if you were a good boy I'll drop by." She teased.

"Hmmmm, you are making this day sound like it has a happy ending." And they started kissing. After both of them ran out of breath Ryan brought up a different subject. "So, do you still go to that Psychiatrist?"

"Umm, no. Why? Do you think I need to?" Marissa said, looking very taken aback. "It's been ages since that."

"No no, not for you. I was thinking; you know like, umm, never mind."

"Ryan. Talk." Marissa said, kindly but with authority.

"I don't know, maybe it's stupid. But, I kind of feel like maybe I have too many issues to deal with on my own, and I know that you are here for me to talk to, but those people have like ways to make you talk, and otherwise, I don't think I would on my own."

"You've thought about this a lot huh?"

"Well yeah, kind of. But it's nothing against you, Marissa. I will always talk to you first about issues, but you know the past already, maybe I need someone that didn't live through it with me to give me, as Seth said the 'outside scoop'."

"I'm not offended Ryan, I'm proud of you. It took a lot of people to tell me I needed help, and that was after I took a bottle of pills. You are a lot more mature than I am." She looked at him in awe.

Ryan blushed a little and said, "Thanks, I guess. But how much does the therapist cost? I don't want to go to it if it costs the Cohens tons of money."

"Ryan," Marissa said, caressing his face, "the Cohens would do anything for you, and they know it will help you, so don't worry about it, okay? It'll all be okay. Now I have to go- before somebody comes in here and kicks your ass again. This time it would be my mom though."

Ryan laughed and said, "The nurse last night said if you needed that she would explain to parents."

"Well, I'll try on my own first, but good to know. Now I really have to go." She said as Ryan pulled her closer and kissed her neck.

"Really, cause I was thinking."

"No, you weren't. I love you and I'll see you later." Marissa kissed him and walked out the door.

Seth and Summer were hanging out in Summer's room, looking through Brown Catalogs.

"Do you think I'll change a lot when I go to college? I mean, what if I stop liking the things I like, what if I realize that this whole perfect life and mansions aren't for me anymore?" Summer asked Seth.

"That'll be good, because you will be living in a dorm and won't have a ton of money because you are going to be a college girl, my college girl." Seth said, hugging her close.

"Speaking of which, I get my roommate assigned to me all the way in August, doesn't that suck? Like everyone else gets theirs in the middle of July. Oh My God, what if I get some girl that like never showers and doesn't clean her room?"

"Or you could get some girl that like is a total slut and sleeps around all the time and you never see her, that would probably be good, now that I think about it." Seth said, being fairly ridiculous.

"Well, then you would have to stay far away from her." Summer said.

"No problems with that, as long as she just never goes into your room and I can hang out with you." Seth said.

"Seth, you think that Ryan and Marissa are going to go to Berkley after this whole being stabbed thing?" Summer asked.

"You know, I'm not sure, forgot to ask Ryan."

"Well, if they aren't, would it be so ridiculous of me to not want to go to college until you come?" Summer asked, shyly.

"Summer, college is more important than waiting for me. You need to go and get situated there, I will come along sooner than you realize." Seth said.

"I guess; I just like being around you guys, I mean, what will life be like without my three best friends? I haven't made new friends besides you and Ryan in a long time, and you guys were only because Marissa liked Ryan, and I fell in love with you, and that isn't going to be how I meet people in college. And what if they think I'm too stupid, I mean I don't really know anything compared to these people. They are like super smart, 1600 Sat's and everything. They are going to look at me and my expensive clothes and be like the same as when Marissa went to public school, whispering and pointing at the Stupid Bimbo in the designer pumps." Summer went off. All Seth could do then is hold her and lean his head on her shoulders.

Inside Seth had his own worries, What if she gets situated, like planned and then realizes that she doesn't want her artsy boyfriend from back home who is obsessed with comic books? What if she changes so much from college that she doesn't think he is interesting or funny anymore? What if she realizes that he isn't actually that smart, and that all these other Brown kids are way cooler than him? But instead of voicing his doubts, he sat and listened to Summers, and when she was reaching the end he said, "Summer. You need to know right now, that not everyone in Brown is insanely smart. And you will be smarter than some people, you are brilliant, okay? And Brown isn't a public school, most kids there paid, so you will not be the only one in designer outfits, and change is good, you will gain new friends, and remember the old, okay?"

"God, I love you Seth." Summer said and turned to him and kissed him.

"God, I love you Summer." Seth mimicked her.

The next day Ryan was let out of the hospital, but he had to make sure that he was on near constant bed rest. So the beginning of the real summer started with all four of them hanging out in the pool house and around the pool, with all the pool house doors open and music playing all the time. Ryan was getting better, and for the first time in a really long time he was perfectly happy. His relationship was healthy and fun, unlike almost every other time he had been with Marissa. Seth seemed a little on edge sometimes, but they had time to talk about it and he didn't seem quite ready. Summer was purely happy, enjoying the summer, as only a girl named after the season could. Every day was fun, unique, which was surprising, seeing as they couldn't really go anywhere. But they found things to do.

One morning Seth and Summer were out searching for some new food and games to play around the pool and Marissa and Ryan were hanging out in the pool house.

"So, what's the deal with college, are you going to be healthy enough to go, or should we wait a semester?" Marissa asked out of the blue.

"I think I can manage, maybe I'll start out soft, like no joining crew or drinking all night long, but I can be there and make sure you can get home." Ryan said, lightening the mood.

"No, I have a roommate for that kind of thing." Marissa said, "Speaking of roommates, we should be getting ours in a week or two, huh?"

"Yeah." Ryan said thoughtfully.

"It won't be bad, Ryan. Come on, talk to me." Marissa said, reading into his silence.

"Nothing, just, I won't be here. No more pool house, no more parents. This is like my home, and now I have to get up and move again. I'll be homeless." Ryan said, "Sorry that sounds stupid. Of course I have a place to live."

"Ryan that's not stupid. You know what they say, 'Home is where the heart is.' I think that this will be your home for a while now." Marissa said.

"Then where is your home, because I'm pretty sure your heart isn't in that house of yours."

"Oh, you and Summer and Seth are my home. So soon my home will be Berkley, and here. They are going to be where the people I love are, and the places that the people I love love."

"You are amazing." Ryan said simply.

"Thank you" Marissa replied.