Marlian Fanfic Challenge

3.) Pregnancy
We all know Marti and Julian are sleeping together. What would happen if one of them turned up pregnant? Of course the obvious route would be to knock up Marti. But, there's always mpreg for those of you brave enough to knock up Julian. You could also have someone else knock up either Julian or Marti. (ie via rape or the like). Happy writing!

I do not own any of the characters! – Hellcats belongs to CW and peeps.

Chapter 1

"Hey Marti…You okay?" Savannah asks. She was in the gym after practice and had noticed Marti not taking part in the practice.

"Yeah, I am totally cool," Marti says as she walks away with her head down.

20 hrs later

"Hey have you seen Marti?" Savannah asks walking into the gym, after calling a meeting to discuss not seeing Marti since last night at the gym.

"No. Not see cheer practice yesterday," Alice said.

"Yeah, me neither. She seemed upset but she wouldn't tell me why." Dan responds.

"You know she's been disappearing for awhile, like the other night after my trial she just walked out. Then, after finding she had a sister she didn't come back to Lancer until the morning on Wednesday. Though, the mother says she wasn't with her. But this time it feels different. Like she's gone GONE." Savannah says.

"Wait who's gone?" Lewis asks walking into the gym.

"Marti is missing," everyone says.

"What!" Lewis says but thinking: oh crap its my fault – she's jealous of me getting back with Alice.


I left the squad, I left the town, I left the town, I left the state, I left my mother and new found sister. He doesn't know, no one knows and that's how it should be. That's how it will be for the rest of my life.

The next day

"This is the worst thing. She leaves right before Nationals!" Savannah says.

"What's happening?" Julian, one of the teachers says walking into the gym. Julian came because he was looking for Marti.

"Marti's gone. No ones heard from her." Dan says.

"Wait. Marti left. She didn't even say good-bye to me," Julian says lost in his train of thought, not even realizing what he was saying.

"Why would Marti say good-bye to you?" Lewis asked.

"No reason." Julian says, knowing he was caught.

"Your hiding something. If it has anything to do with Marti you got to tell us. It might help us." Savannah says.

"You can't tell anybody, but were having a relationship." Julian gives in.

"Define relationship." Lewis asked questioning.

"What you and Alice used to have – or might still have." Julian responds.

"OMFG! You didn't!" Lewis screams. Why wouldn't she tell me, oh right she was probably hurting from me being with Alice and being the only cheerleader without a guy he thought.

"We liked each other. But the other day she found out I had a daughter and she kind of freaked out. She came over quickly to tell me something but she never did. I haven't seen her since." Julian says

"Any ideas what it was about?" Savannah asks.

"No idea. I mean it." Julian says.


It's going to be a long hard year but I will get through it. Some man saw me wondering and he took me in. He said I could stay in the guest room until the baby is born but than I have to find somewhere else to stay. I am sure I can since I already got a job; all I have to do is save my money. Ill pay him for the food too, after I get a place of my own.

Later on- at Lancer

"Sow we have a couple of ideas why she left." Dan says.