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Marlian Fanfic Challenge

3.) Pregnancy
We all know Marti and Julian are sleeping together. What would happen if one of them turned up pregnant? Of course the obvious route would be to knock up Marti. But, there's always mpreg for those of you brave enough to knock up Julian. You could also have someone else knock up either Julian or Marti. (ie via rape or the like). Happy writing!

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Chapter 6

Highlights from last chapter:

"I guess I am the father than……Said Lewis.

She thinks about and then says you know I just recently found out I had a sister of my own. My father remarried after my mother and had another daughter but then he disappeared. The man looks at her and cries a little.

"I think his just in shock and still has feelings for Marti." Alice responds. Alice does not look so happy. Alice is still in love with Lewis and is jealous of how he responded.

"Either way we got to find her. Any ideas on who might take her?"

"I do." Said a blond girl in way back.


At Lancer – Gym

"Our Father." The girl said.

"What, whose father? And who are you?" Alice says giving her a questioning look.

"I'm Deidre, Marti's sister. Though, Marti doesn't really know I exist but I know she does and there's a chance that he came and took her."

"Wait. Hold up. Marti's father is dead. He died when she was three." Dan says.

"Nope. Her mother lied. His alive clear as day. He ran away from me when I was ten and never looked back. Until a couple of weeks ago when he called me look for Marti. Something about wanting to get to know her again, he said that he would pay me to see her. He showed me a picture and I immediately new who it was. Our father I guess came down to the city from wherever he is and…"

She didn't finish her sentence because Savannah interrupted her, "You think he kidnapped her and is pretending to be someone he is not to get closer to him. Hmm. Its plausible. Maybe we should have police look in to him."

"Be my guess. I just thought I would tell you. Not that I care about any of them." Deidre says walking out of the gym.

"What a nasty sister Marti has." Alice whispers.


After we talked, about our lives I go to bed. I think about what he said. I still think that there's a connection but I have no idea what it is. When I told him about my dad, he flinched but he never said anything. I really think he knows who I am but is too ashamed to say so. The whole thing is he doesn't go by Rex. How odd this world is. I go to bed with these thoughts in my head. I wonder when this nightmare will be over.

Lancer – Cheerleaders Room

"Hey Savannah." Alice asks.

"Yeah. What you want Alice." Savannah replies.

"Do you think Lewis is the father of the baby?" Alice responds

"Ummm. I don't know. It depends on how far along she is. I mean if she has been hiding it for along time yeah but otherwise unless she had some late night Vonda Vu with Lewis than no." Savannah says, carefully know of her feelings toward him.

Squad Room Of Police Station

"Any leads on the missing girl?" Officer Moore asks.

"We located one of the fathers aliases. His south of the city just outside the state. Would have been an easy ride into the city and no one have thought he had kidnapped a woman." Officer Piggott says. Phone rings.

"Hey Officer Piggott, we got a young girl here on the phone. Says there's the body of young blonde woman in the pond between her house. Says it looks a lot like the missing woman." The dispatcher says relaying the information.

The officers jump and run out of headquarters.

To be Continued.

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