Travis P.O.V

I was passing around my cabin. I was giving my self a pep talk. " I can do this , I can do this" "what am I talking about I can't do this" "what if she says no or laughs at me" . I was so caught up in my thought I did not even hear my brother Conner walk in to the cabin.

"Dude just ask her already" I made a jump at the sound of my brother.

"I don't know what your talking about" I said trying to hide the fact that I just turned a shade of pink.

"Dude we all know you have a not so secret crush on Katie Gardner, The Aphrodite girls even made up a couple name is Tratie".

"Every one know is it that obvious" I said turning an even darker shade of pink.

"Yeah every knows except Katie" Conner said with a smirk.

" I really don't see what you see in her man she is always planting what she calls Babies" Conner did air quotes around the word babies. "and she is so annoying and has no sense of humor "

" No she is nice sweet pretty and she has the most beautiful hair in the whole world and the glint in her eyes when ever she thinks she made a good come back it to die for " I say with a dreamy look in my eyes. But conner snapped his finger which made me come out of my trance.

" Have you ever even talk to her with out her yelling at you" he said with a even bigger smirk on his face.

"Well do you count her asking me to pass the salt or to pass the marsh mellows" Conner shuck his head no" then no I haven't".

" the fire works are in less the 2 days away and I want you to ask her out or I'll tell the whole camp that when you feel home sick you were onesie pajamas and watch Finding Nemo. Wow that deep I thought " ok I'll do wish me luck."

"sure" conner said with a not so reassuring thumps up.

I walked to the Demeter cabin to ask were katie was and her half sister Rose said she was out in the strawberry field. As I left her cabin i could have sworn I heard snickers coming from her half brothers and sisters.

Katie's P.O.V

I was just working with my strawberries or what I call them my babies. When a curtain Stoll walked and walked stomped on my babies. It herts my chest to just say it. Yes you guessed it that stoll was the one and only TRAVIS STOLL. He had this look on his face that seemed like he was thinking about something. But he can't be thinking that would be crazy even if he the cutes guy ever and my version of an abercrombie model I bet he never even read a book.(A/N sorry if Katie it OOC) Back to the point as he walked over to me I tried not to to see my baby's being mushed.


" Oh um yeah sorry" he stammered

I got up and brushed the dirt if my jeans, and went to get a watering can hoping travis would leave. But just my luck he followed me.

"What do you want stoll" I said

" Well I was wonder-" travis was interrupted by my sister Rose "Katie Katie come quick some thing happened.

I ran to my cabin a fast. When I came in site of my cabin I stopped dead in my tracks. Travis bumped in to me with a ooffhh.


"Katie I swear I had nothing to do with " He said

"yeah right TRAVIS STOLL "


wow she must be pretty mad at me she never calls me Travis stoll only TRAVIS ,STOLL.

"Im sorry" i mumbled as I walked back to my cabin i could have sworn I heard crying coming from Katie's cabin

"Dude that prank was awesome did you see her face man it was killer" said conner. How could he!

"Conner i was about to ask Katie Stoll I mean Gardner to the fireworks when her sister came and she look Katie to her cabin NOW SHE THINKS I DID IT YOU IDIOT!"

"Oh sorry alright i'll try to fix it " said conner as he walked out of the cabin

I have a bad feeling about This.

AWW just as Travis got the nerve to ask her out something bad happened

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