I'm all you need

"Sofia, let's go. You are going to be late for school", Callie yells. It was days like this that really showed how much Sofia was exactly like her mommy.

"Mommy, I can't find my other yellow Nike"

"Then wear the blue ones" Arizona replies.

"Mom, I have to wear the yellow ones. Today is 'Wear All Yellow Day'. I can't find it, I'm not going." Sofia pouts and lets out a little whimper. She had been a demanding child since she was born. Now at 9 years old, it wasn't getting any better.

Callie and Arizona had decided that they would let Sofia be her own individual and promised to always have an open mind with her and let her make her own decisions. So these arguments or conversations, as their vocal daughter puts it, were plentiful.

"Sofia Robin Torres. Not today. Mommy and I both have surgeries this morning and cannot deal with one of your tantrums right now, so - ."

"Found it" she said as she rushed down the stairs, past her Mom, still standing with her mouth wide open mid sentence with her hand on her hip and out the door that her Mommy so patiently was holding open for the trio.

Ten minutes later, their precious spoiled nine year old was jumping out of the vehicle and headed into the very expensive Catholic School that she attended. "Bye Mommy, Bye Mom. I love you both. See you this afternoon." And she was gone.

"Babe?" Callie said with caution

"Yeah Sweetie" Arizona said turning to face Callie

"I'm ready"

"R-e-a-d-y f-o-r ?" she dragged out slowly

"Another baby. Sofia is nine, so independent and basicly ready to live on her own now" Callie laughs "I miss hearing little feet pitter patting on the floor. Little chubby hands wrapped around my neck. The stinch of Similac" Callie had a broad smile plastered on her face and those beautiful white teeth sparkled against her cherry lips. "Let's do it, let's have another baby"

With dimples popping excitedly, Arizona replied, "I was wondering when you were going to bring that up. Yes, Calliope. Yes. Will you do me the honor of having my baby?"

Arizona placed her left hand on Callie's leg and they both marveled in the realization of having another child. The rest of the ride to work was in beautiful silence. Nine years ago Callie got pregnant by Mark when Arizona was away in Africa. Though the fact of it all wasn't easy to comprehend in the beginning, Arizona had accepted the situation for what is was and now she had a daughter that she absolutely adored and she was beginning to even warm up to Mark.

Mark still lived across the street from the hospital and he and Lexie had reconciled. Arizona and Callie moved into a gorgeous mini mansion with a white picket fence. Chickens and all! When Sofia turned five and started school, Callie and Arizona brought up the idea of having another child. They had agreed that they would use a donor and Arizona's egg would be implanted into Callie. This way, they both had a biological connection to the child.

Callie and Arizona walked into SGMW hand and hand with matching smile on their faces. Arizona placed a light but sensual kiss on Callie's lips and they parted to their separate floors.

Hours later and several surgeries later….

"Dr. Robbins, ARIZONA!" Wow, what's got your head in the clouds this morning?" came from Teddy

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was just thinking about my wonderful wife and loving 9 year old and B A B Y names". Arizona turns in the middle of the hallway to face her best friend. "Callie's going to have my baby"

"Congratulations, wow, uh wait. How does your little bundle of joy feel about this? I mean, did she spaz out because she's no longer going to have all of her parents attention?"

Arizona just looks confused at first and then she began to think about what her best friend had just stated. She never thought about that. Sofia was used to having all the attention and usually demanded it most of the time. Things would really be different in the Robbins-Torres household with another child. She stood there in the hallway frozen, wondering how her little princess would feel about the new addition.

"Arizona, Arizona" Teddy reached out and lightly touched her friend on the shoulder bringing her out of her thoughts. "Are you okay? I didn't mean to upset you. Have you not talked about this with Sofia? You know how she is. She may not be so thrilled. You and Callie did consider this, right?"

No they hadn't.

"Um Teddy, I have to go. I really need to do something. I will talk to you later?"

"Yeah sure."

Arizona went to the fourth floor searching for Callie. She found her in her office reviewing some charts and chewing out the new Intern that had been assigned to her.

"No, do not ever do this again. If you want to stay on my service, you will learn the proper way to fill out a chart. If I find another chart this messed up again, it's back to charting 101 and you will not see the inside of an OR for a month. Now go and get me some hot tea. My beautiful wife is here." With a quick nod, the scared intern turned and exited the office.

"Calliope" Arizona had a look of trepidation on her face.

"Arizona, what's wrong" Callie hurried to her side and sat them both on her sofa.

"What if Sofia doesn't want a little sister or brother? What if she is happy with it just being the three of us? She could totally rebel against this. You know how strong her personality is. Do we really have enough time in our day to add another child to the equation? Maybe we need to"

"Arizona stop. Just stop. Take a deep breath and stop rambling. You are about to hyperventilate. One step at a time, okay. We will discuss all of this tonight with Sofia when we get home. Honey, everything will be fine. I promise." Where is all of this coming from anyway?"

"I was just talking to Teddy and"

Once again Callie cut her off. "Dammit Teddy" You know sometimes I think she is worst than Mark!"

"Mark? Never. The two cannot be compared. No one is worst than Mark" Arizona shouts.

"Ok Ok Maybe she isn't as bad as Mark, but she does have a mouth on her. Baby don't worry about anything. I'm sure all of this worrying will be for nothing. Let's make it through the rest of the day and then figure this all out tonight. Okay?"

Callie slowly rubs her hand up and down Arizona's back to insure her that there was no need to worry. Although, it was beginning to make Callie think about their daughter's reaction also. Callie loved her baby girl, but at times she was down right unreasonable. I wonder where she gets that from? Callie laughs to herself about the thought she just had. Arizona gets up to leave and plants an open mouthed kiss to Callie's lips.

"Ummm" Callie states while pulling back. "You need to come visit more often during the day"

"I have a surgery in 30 minutes. I love you, meet you in the lobby at 6" and with that she leaves.

Callie is left standing in the office with a wide grin on her face.

"I have your coffee. I didn't know if you drank decaf or regular or took cream and sugar, so I just brought you both and one of each" said the intern.

Callie's smile quickly changed to a frown "I sent you for tea"