Sorry for the delay. I rewrote this chapter three times. It isn't what I wanted it to be but here is how I ended it. This chapter completes "I'm all you need".

Callie's POV

This can't be happening. The room is spinning, but it's spinning in slow motion. Arizona is being so strong but I can see the tears pooling in her eyes. I can see the fear all over her face. I can hear her thoughts and right now, this very moment, her mind asks only one question…. Why? News is spreading fast amongst our guest that I am in labor. Sofia, my darling baby girl is crying uncontrollably. She sees the blood and now cries because she's scared, not because her day has been ruined. I need to talk to her. I need to make sure she will be okay.

"Stop. I need to talk to Sofia." My best friend, my wife has already beat me to it. Arizona is on her knees talking to her.

"Baby I know you are upset but your Daddy and Lexie agreed to take you and your friends to the concert, so you don't have to cry. Sofia, please honey, don't cry." Arizona is lightly crying and she is talking to Sofia in a soft and calming tone.

"Mom, what if I don't want to go. I mean, I want to go to the concert but I want to be with You and Mommy. Is Mommy okay? She said that the baby had another month to grow in her stomach."

"If you want to stay with Me and Mommy, you can. It's your decision. Today is your day and You get to choose. Me and Mommy are so proud of you regardless of your decision."

Sofia grabs Arizona's hand and reaches for mine. I grip those beautiful small fingers of hers and kiss them one by one. "It's okay if you want to go to the concert. You can come to the hospital afterward." I tell her.

"I want to go with You and Mom. Mom looks really scared and you look like you hurt a lot. I go where you two go." She wraps one arm around Arizona's neck and the other around mine. How did we end up with such a wonderful child?

"Oohhh, oooooohhh, owwwww! Baby kicking people! Wait, how can the baby be kicking me in the kidney and trying to kick through my vagina at the same time?" I look at Arizona will a puzzled look. "Is this child doing a split? How long is his/her legs?"

Arizona wipes the tears from her eyes and starts to do her 'I have to pee dance'. "Two, two babies. I told you….. Oh my God….. Calliope we don't have one name, now we need two….. Oh-my-God. What are we going to name these children… Oh my God." Arizona is now having a full on panic attack and I can't believe it.

"Blondie, get a grip. What the hell is wrong with you? I have never seen you this nervous." Mark says

"Two babies Mark. I knew it. There's two of them in there. She wouldn't listen to me. She, she, she th- thought I was losing it. I'm not crazy, I'm not. There are two babies in there. Two!" We all stood there for a moment and let Arizona stutter her way through what she was trying to say.

"She's not driving me to the hospital. Addison, you're driving." I snatch the keys from my babbling wife and throw them to Addison without any protest from her. Arizona helps me into the passenger side of the car and she and Sofia climb in the back. Arizona throws her house keys to Lexie who is going to lock up the house as soon as she evacuates the place. We leave out of the driveway with tow car loads behind us heading to the hospital. My contractions are eight minutes apart and I am trying to wrap my brain around having twins. Two babies! I look at Sofia through the mirror. She silently sits looking out the window. She hasn't had anything to say about this possible new revelation. She looks up and our eyes meet. We hold the gaze for a moment before she blows me a kiss then rests her head on Arizona's shoulder.

Addison pulls to the ER bay of the hospital and we all exit quickly. Before we left, she called ahead to have Lucy prep an OR just in case an emergency C-section may need to be done. We get set up in a birthing room and enters Christina who is working the midnight shift. Being slightly afraid of Arizona, she approaches with caution. "I know Addison is going to check Callie's dilation. I can sit outside with Sofia if that is okay?" Arizona agrees and they step into the hallway.

"Addison is this really going to happen today?" I ask as she props my feet into the stirrups.

"Well, that's what I am about to see." She starts the examination by measuring my cervix. Damn, did she just stick her entire hand in there? "You are five centimeters, so you have a little ways to go."

"What the hell Addison, was that your entire hand?" Arizona and I are wearing matching expressions.

Addison laughs. "When did the two of you stop being doctors? It's kind of cute and scary at the same time. The both of you are like 18year old, first time parents. Arizona, you are ranting and raving like a fool unable to form words…. Callie, since when did you object to more than 2 fingers at a time? You're in labor and probably still enjoyed that. Let's not act brand new girls!" We all look at it each other and laugh. She had a point. "Not to mention you left your child alone once again with Christina Yang!" The laughter stops.

"God-Mommy Christina, they think it's two babies."

"Really? Wow, so what do you think?"

"I don't know. I was upset about one. I guess I should be mad about two but I'm not. I'm just worried about Mom and Mommy. They both keep looking at me and every time they do, they look afraid. I think they are worried about me."

"Well, I gave you some bad advice last time we talked. I said some things I shouldn't have. Your parents care a lot about you. Trust me, your Mom let me know just-how-much. Then your Mommy came and let me know how she felt, but she swore me to secrecy because she didn't want your Mom worrying about her being stressed. Well really, they both threatened me!"

"Was it a good threat or a bad threat?"

"Good for you, bad for me."

"Hahaha.. You're funny God-Mommy."

"I'm also sorry. Nothing you do or say will ever turn your family away from you. I've learned a lot these last few weeks. I thought if I was a good surgeon, nothing else mattered. But they do. I was a person before being a surgeon and I have lost that side of me. I'm striving to be a good person again. And I am going to start with you. It doesn't matter how many babies your parents decide to have, you will always be special. Each individual child will be special to them because they know how to Love. You know what, if your Mommy has the baby or babies today, I would say that was the best birthday present anyone could give you. I bet you don't have any friends that could say that."

"That would be kind of cool. I would tell all my friends that I got a baby for my birthday. A real one that breathes and cries. Maybe I could name him or her or them! That would be so cool. I'm glad you are here."

"I'm glad I'm here too short stuff."

Arizona had the door open and we both heard the conversation that just took place outside. Arizona walks to the door and says "We're glad you're here too. How about we start over again?"

Christina and Sofia re-enters the room. "I'd like that." she says.

"Sofia I think it would be wonderful if you named the baby or babies. Right Arizona?"

"Yeah, that would be awesome!"

It's been two hours and no baby. I now have two fetal heart monitors on because finally a second baby has been confirmed. He or she has been hiding behind baby number one. We still want to be surprised on the sex of the babies. Sofia has been thinking of boy and girl names and Arizona and I have a few back up names in case Sofia can't decide. I am beginning to drift off a little. My epidural is finally taking affect and I am now in Heaven. My body is relaxed and I can now sleep. I thought.

"Mommy, I want sisters. I can dress them up and do their hair and push them around in the stroller. I don't want brothers okay. Can you do that?"


"Calliope, that's a little harsh don't you think. You could at least entertain her request." Arizona says. Sofia I think Mommy's medicine is talking. She didn't mean to say 'no'. I'm sure she will try for you."

"Okay, I know what to name the babies. I'm going to call them Syan and Sanaa."

"Syan and Sanaa. That's nice. How did you think of those names?" Arizona questions

"From Movies! Sanaa played in Blade II. She is sooo pretty. And Syan is the cute little girl that played in Spawn."

"You saw Blade II and Spawn?"

"That wasn't me!" Christina said quickly.


I ignore them and pretend to be asleep. I hear Sofia rat me out. "Mommy let me watch them with her when you had to work overnight. She let me sleep in bed with her too."

"Tattletale" I laugh. Sofia and Arizona are sitting next to my bed and Arizona starts to run her fingers through Sofia's hair. I love to see them together. If it wasn't for the brown hair and brown eyes, you would think Arizona gave birth to her.

"Anyway, Baby girl I'm so proud of you. You are being such a good sport about this happening on your Special Day. I love you so much. You are going to be the best big sister in the world. What do you want to do to make up for today?

"Hummm. If you give me two sisters, we can call it even."

"You drive a hard bargain. That's my girl!" Arizona praises. "You have about five more hours of birthday time left and I don't think Mommy is going to have the babies anytime soon. How about we have some cake and ice cream?"

"Suppose Mommy have the babies while we are on our way home?"

"Not going to happen. Daddy here to save the day. Lexie has ice cream and I have the cake." Mark and Lexie enters. "You will be happy to know that your house is empty and cleaned."

"Thank you Mark. Thanks Lexie." I'm glad they brought the cake and ice cream. That was a good idea. We all sing Happy Birthday to Sofia and scarf down dessert.

"So Cal, how the hell are ya? Let's look under here and see what's poppin' under the hood." Mark walks toward me as if he is about to look under my gown.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Arizona stand. "Mark! Out! Now!"

"You're kidding me? It's nothing I haven't seen before. I'm a doctor for goodness sake." Mark always knows how to put his foot in his mouth. He was doing so good. That didn't last long.

"Go!" There is no beautiful dimpled smile. She is as serious as a heart attack and by the vein throbbing in her forehead, Mark has about five seconds to make for the door.

"Call me when the kids get here. Let's go Lexie. Happy Birthday Tinkerbelle, Love ya!"

Another two hours pass and Addison is due to check in on us again. "Babe, this may sound weird but I'm itching down there. I don't think that's normal. Can you take a look, maybe feel around inside."

"Yeah, let me get some gloves. Okay, let's see…. Woooooo, Holy shit! That's a head! Somebody page Dr. Montgomery ASAP."

Christina was outside reviewing charts at a nurses station. "Sofia honey, time for you to go. We're going to sit out here in the waiting area until Mommy delivers the babies."

"Are you sure it's a head Arizona?"

"Calliope, I know what a head looks like. You get ready to push. This baby is MOVING! Where is Dr. Montgomery? I might be delivering my own children….. That would be cool!"

"No it won't. Get up here and hold my hand and wipe the sweat from my brow. Oww. I felt that."

Addison comes running into the room dressed and ready. Arizona comes to my side. "Alright Callie, you ready to push? Oh boy, the head is almost out! Why was I just called?"

"I just felt it."

"Well I guess that's a good answer." Five more nurses come into the room. "Okay Callie, give me a big push. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.…. Relax, good, breathe….. Let's do it again. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.….

"Calliope you are doing great." Arizona encourages.

"Here comes the head. Push.. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.… Great great.. The head is out!"

"I didn't feel a thing. The head is out?"

"Yes! I see a beautiful head of curls Calliope." Arizona has tears racing down her face. "Beautiful curls."

"Callie, one more big push and these shoulders will be out and Baby A is here. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-tennnnnnnn…. She's a Girl!"

"Oh my God, look at her Arizona." I can't stop crying. She is so beautiful. She has thick blonde hair, fat rosy cheeks and plump lips. She looks just like Arizona. "Arizona?"

I feel her holding my hand but she can't speak. She is crying and staring at the baby. Her hands are shaking and her mouth has dropped to the floor.

"Arizona, you okay? You going to cut the cord?" Addison asks, pulling her out of her trance.

"Yes, Yes, I'm alright. Yes, the cord." She cuts the cord and turns to me with her amazing smile. "Oh Calliope, we have another baby girl." she leans over and gives me a soft kiss to the cheek.

Addison gets our attention once again. "Baby B isn't wasting any time. Push. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.… Wow, head and shoulder almost out. Another quick push right.. now! 123456789TEN…. Baby number two and she is a Girl!"

"Another girl" I am ecstatic. I gave Sofia her two sisters. My heart is beating fast and I'm trying to steady my breaths. "She looks like me baby! Look at her sandy colored hair. She is gorgeous! They are perfect."

Arizona cuts the cord of our second daughter and starts to cry loudly. "They are wonderful. They are ours Calliope. I love you so much! Thank you so much!"

"No, thank you baby. I love you!"

The nurses are doing the physicals on the babies and Arizona is giving a report on each. "Baby A whom is named Syan is 5lbs 6oz. Baby B whom is named Sanaa is 5lbs 5oz. Welcome to the world!"

Addison is preparing to deliver the afterbirth. "Callie give me one big push and the placenta should slip right out. Ready when you are."

I give a big push and I feel it start to slide out. Interesting because it feels just like the babies did.

"Ughhh….. Callie, Arizona…."

"What, what's wrong?" I ask. Arizona turns around and gasps. She looks at me and her face is literally turning purple. "What?"

Addison answers. "Callie, it's another head….. Nurse Jackie get another baby bed and somebody get a gurney with oxygen and assist Dr. Robbins up off of the floor!"

A third baby! A third baby and Arizona is passed out on the floor. "Addison?"

"Callie push. I'm sorry but this baby isn't waiting for its Mom passed out on the floor. 5-6-7-8-9-10.. Oh my Goddddd, we have another baby Girl!" Addison laughs. "Now let's see if there are anymore."

"I don't think I can handle another Addi." I lay back and the next thing to come out is the placenta.. No more babies. Arizona is beginning to awake. I can't believe she fainted. "Hi Honey."

"Calliope, what happened?"

"We had another baby girl and you passed out."

"Triplets. This is freakin unbelievable, but I'm happy." she smiles. "Are you happy?"

"Yes baby I am happy, now what does our third child look like? Does she have ten toes and ten fingers like her sisters? How much does she way?"

Arizona walks over to where the children are. "She weighs 5lbs 5 oz like her sister Sanaa. Calliope we need a name… How about Salara?"

"Arizona that's beautiful."

"I'm going to get Sofia." She opens the door and Sofia is standing right there. She heard the babies through the door. "You want to see your sisters? All three of them?"

"Three." Yang says surprised.

"Yeah, triplets." she proudly says. Sofia barges through the door and straight to her sisters that were now laying on my chest.

"Mommy, Mom, three babies? One for each of us." she smiles. "Happy Birthday to me three times!"

"Yes, Happy Birthday three times!"

I had fun writing this fic. I wanted it to end nicely. I don't know if I delivered an exciting end. I'm hoping that my writing will get better. I know I have a long way to go. Look for the sequel. It will start with the triplets at 6 years old and Sofia at 16. I may have to post it under the crossovers because Sofia is going to meet Angelica Porter-Kinard (Bette and Tina's daughter from The L Word) This one should be interesting. Can't wait to start it. Thank you to everyone who read this story and reviewed.. I appreciate all of you! J