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Lin sat watching the dancers dancing on the dance floor at the victory celebrations. It was a good thing that Griffin had been defeated and she was genuinely happy that the chaos was over but…but Lin was feeling lonely.

She had pretty good reason to feel lonely, she supposed. Her master, Master Crest was dead and after many years in his company, she missed him.

And then there was the lack of romance in her life. Sitting there watching as Donny and Claire danced together; Lin felt her own lack of experience in the love department. Master Crest was gay and so was she, so romance was never a factor for them.

"Do you want a dance?" a girl's voice asked, cutting through her musings. Lin looked up and found herself looking into a pair of beautiful red eyes. Monica's eyes, the eyes she'd admired so often when she'd been travelling with them. "I know that it's not conventional, but I've had enough of Max trying to dance with me."

Lin looked over to where Max was standing, talking to Cedric with interest. It didn't seem like he was particularly interested.

"Please?" Monica pleaded, giving Lin a puppy-eye look that made Lin want to do anything for her.

"Ok then." Lin said and Monica led her onto the dance floor. The music changed and a slow dance tune started to play. Monica pulled Lin close and the two girls slowly turned, gently swaying to the music.

"It's just a dance." Lin whispered to herself, desperately trying to ignore the butterflies in her stomach. "It's not like she likes you back."

But when the music stopped, Monica pulled Lin in very tightly and kissed her passionately.

"I've been wanting to do that for ages." Monica whispered, seeing the stunned look on Lin's face. Then Lin grinned.

"Do you want to take this further, somewhere more private?" Lin asked. If Master Crest's death had taught her anything, it was that you shouldn't waste time. You never knew when you would lose them. Monica followed her with a smile.

Max watched the two of them slip away and smiled.

"Looks like Lin reciprocates Monica's feelings." Cedric said with a smile. Max nodded, leaned over and kissed Cedric.

"It certainly does. It certainly does."

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