Balto McCormick

Chapter 1: First Day in Beaumont

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Balto and Ren McCormick had just moved to a little town called Beaumont, and already didn't like it. It was much smaller than their native Chicago, and it wasn't very lively. Right now, they were sitting in church listening to Rev. Shaw Moore rant on and on about music and religious stuff. Balto was getting very bored and was wondering when this was going to end.

Balto was Ren's 17 year-old younger sister, (assuming Ren was 18, since the movie gave almost no reference to his age), and looked a lot like her brother. She had brownish-blonde hair, hazel green eyes, and slightly tanned skin. She also had a blue hat that she almost never took off.

"Hey, Ren. When do we get the hell outta here?" Balto whispered.

"I don't know, soon hopefully." Ren answered. Unluckily for Balto, their mother heard them.

"Balto Kävik McCormick, don't you dare swear in church," their mother scolded her. Balto had a bad swearing habit, and often got in trouble for it. She and her brother were often described as "reckless troublemakers," but Balto was proud of that title. Not much later, Rev. Moore dismissed everybody and went outside.

"Mrs. McCormick, your sister has us so excited about you coming," Shaw said, when they ran into him.

"Thank you," their mother replied.

"Did you meet my wife, Vi?" Shaw asked, ushering Vi forward.

"No, how do you do?" She shook Vi's hand in greeting.

"How nice to meet you," Vi greeted.

"Hi, I'm Mrs. McCormick and this is my son, Ren, and my daughter, Balto," their mother gestured to both of them. Balto and Ren just smiled, nodded, and shook Shaw and Vi's hands.

"So you two will be going to the high school?" Shaw inquired.

"Yep," Ren answered.

"Have you two met any of your teachers?"

"No, we haven't had a chance."

"They've only been here eight hours," their mother added.

A few moments later, some girls came out of the church. One of which, was Ariel, Shaw's daughter. Ren raised his eyebrows when he saw her, and Balto just smirked.


"Ariel, will you come meet the McCormicks?" He pulled her over and began introducing them. "This is Mrs. McCormick, her son, Ren, and her daughter, is it Bingo?"

"Balto," Balto corrected. She hated it when people said her name wrong. It was a big pet peeve of hers.

"They'll be new at the high school tomorrow," Shaw explained.

"Me, Edna, Wendy Jo and Rusty are going for a soda at the Hi-Spot." Ariel told him as they ran off towards her friends' car.

"Ariel, remember, you have school tomorrow!" Her father reminded her.

"I'll be home for dinner!"

"God is he excellent!" Rusty said.

"Who, the new kid? He's alright," Ariel answered.

"Are you blind? He's gorgeous!" Rusty exclaimed.

"Have you seen the new high school?" Rev. Moore inquired.

"No, we haven't." Balto answered.

"Hey, what about his sister? Balto, I think it was. What do you guys think about her?" Ariel asked.

"She's okay, I guess. She wears boy's clothes, though, isn't that strange?" Rusty replied.

"Yeah, have you ever seen a girl wear boy's clothes? It's not somethin' you see everyday, that's for sure," Edna said.

"I made you some of those Toll House squares I promised," one of Ren and Balto's relatives announced. "Lulu, you taste one of these, you'll burn your recipe."

"Reverend, we have a little problem," a man in a suit told Rev. Moore. "I heard the English teacher is planning to teach that book."

"Slaughterhouse Five. Isn't that an awful name?" Somebody commented.

"That's a great book," Ren added. Everyone looked at him like he had lobsters crawling out of his ears. "Slaughterhouse Five. It's, it's a classic."

"Do you read much?" The man inquired.

"Well, sort of, but my sister, Balto, doesn't. No, she prefers climbing trees to reading books," he explained.

"Well, in another town it's a classic-" a lady began.

"In any town." Ren interrupted.

"Tom Sawyer is a classic."

"That's fine."

After that awkward dispute about books and reading, everyone sat down at the dinner table. Except for Ren and Balto, that is. They were just staring out the window, talking quietly amongst themselves, like they normally did whenever they weren't bothered for a while.

"Ethel, have some more ham." Ren and Balto jolted at the sudden break in silence. They were in their own little world, it seemed, and hated being pulled out of it.

"You sure Ren and Balto don't want anything?" Their younger cousin, Amy asked. Amy was very fond of them, especially Ren. She still liked Balto, though, since Balto taught her how to climb trees.

"We're all a little tired from the move," their mother answered.

"I'm gonna take Ren a potato," Amy said. She started to get up when she was interrupted.

"Amy, come back and sit down. I'm sure your cousins are fine."

"It's a shock to the system, moving out here from the big city."

"What if he's starving?" Amy protested.

"Amy, you are so lame," Sarah said. Amy got mad, so she and Sarah began hitting each other, when their mother intervened.

"Sarah! Amy! Eat!"

"You sure you're not too tired?"

"No, Ren did most of the driving."

"If you ask me, Ren is a total fox," Amy commented, much to everyone's displeasure. Ren whipped his head around at that comment, finally diverting his attention to something else besides his sister. Balto tried her best to stifle a laugh as Ren's face turned different shades of red.

"Where did you hear that?"

"See how television and those kinds of books influence children?"

Ren and Balto decided to get away from all this arguing over books and TV and went to the backyard. The second they were outside, Balto climbed the nearest tree and sat down on one of the lower branches. Ren just sat in the grass and appeared to be deep in thought. They loved the time they spent just talking about everything that came to their minds. Balto in a tree, Ren in the grass, it was a good time for them to talk like a brother and sister would.

"Quite a town, huh, Ren?" Balto asked, lying down on the branch, and putting her head against the trunk.

"Sure. Not as good as Chicago, but apparently it's good enough for mom," Ren answered. He laid back in the grass with his hands behind his head staring up at the snow white clouds roll across the bright blue sky.

"Why don't you climb trees anymore, huh? You used to, but when you turned thirteen, you stopped. How come?" Balto inquired.

"I got bored with it," he replied.

"Horseshit Ren! You never get tired of climbing trees! I've been doing it since I was six, and I still love it," Balto exclaimed, sitting up on the branch.

"And you've been skipping school almost every Monday and Friday since you were fourteen," Ren countered.

"Ha ha. And mom still doesn't know. You did too, a couple times, though, remember?" Balto asked.

"Yeah. You were good at not getting caught, kiddo," Ren replied.

"Goddammit, quit calling me 'kiddo!' I'm only a year younger than you, ya know." Balto said.

"You got a real swearing problem, you know that don't you?"

"So? You swear, too."

"Can we please change the subject?" Ren asked pleadingly.

"Alright, uh, what do you think about that girl Ariel, huh? Personally, I don't think she likes me," Balto stated.

"Now why wouldn't anybody like you? You're a ton of fun, you got a good sense of humor, you got a lot of good stuff in ya," Ren said back. Sure Balto was kind of rude, rarely showered, and smelled, but she was his sister and he loved her nonetheless.

"I don't know, but you still haven't answered my question, Ren." Balto told him, raising her right eyebrow and putting a mischievous grin on her face.

"Well, she's alright, ya know?" Ren answered, half-heartedly. He obviously didn't want to talk about that right now.

"Okay, okay, I see," Balto replied, more to herself than her brother. "Do you think it's a good idea to skip school on the first day?" She asked, changing the subject again.

"I don't know, Balto, you tell me," Ren answered sarcastically.

"I don't think I will. I would've in Chicago, but I think I should know the school better before I start skipping, you know?"

"You mean so you know which teachers to be sarcastic to, the best ways to avoid getting caught cutting class, and all the best targets for pranks?" Ren inquired, again, sarcastically.

"You left out skipping detention without getting caught," Balto reminded him.

"You are quite the troublemaker, aren't you?" Ren loved that about her. She was a troublemaker, and she was proud of it. He learned some of his best techniques from his younger sister, and often cut class with her.

"You remember that one time back home when we skipped school with Jimmy? Man, we almost got caught! You were stupid enough to make that phony phone call to get him outta school with your normal voice!" Balto recalled.

"Hey, I can't disguise my voice as well as you can, alright kiddo?" Ren countered. He stood up to claim another spot in the yard, when Balto became enraged again.

"I told you not to call me kiddo!" Balto yelled as she jumped down from the tree, and onto her brother's back. Ren immediately dropped to the ground. Balto had him in a headlock, and he was trying to get her off of him. This wasn't an all out violent fight like some other siblings do, no no no no no. This was a play fight, or a teasing fight, if you will. They used to fight a lot when they were younger, and Ren usually beat Balto. However, in recent years, Balto had gotten stronger and more physically fit, and often won in the fights they had.

Everybody inside heard the grunting and swearing from the fight in the backyard and was wondering what the hell was going on. They decided to go out back and investigate. Much to everyone's surprise, and their mother's displeasure, they caught Balto with Ren still in a headlock. The two siblings noticed their presence and stopped briefly to think of the heat they were in.

"Ren and Balto McCormick! What are you doing?" Their mother screamed at them. Ren and Balto looked at each other, trying to think of an excuse.

"Brother-sister stuff?" Ren answered in a hoarse voice.

"Well whatever it is, I want you two to stop. Balto, let go of your brother," their mother instructed.

Balto did as she was told and released her hold on Ren's neck. Then she trudged into the kitchen to get some food in her stomach. Ren was gasping for breath and clutching his throat as he followed her inside. The sun was already beginning to set and night was approaching quickly. Nighttime was Balto's favorite part of the day, but she needed to wake up early to find a frog to put in their cousin Sarah's bed. Balto was a major, big-time prankster and one of her favorite pranks was the frog in the bed. She pulled it on Ren once, when he was 10, and got quite a kick out of it.

"Man, it's nine o'clock already? It seems like it was only an hour ago when I was in a tree back home while you and mom were loading up the car," Balto recalled, as she kicked off her shoes and took off her leather jacket.

"Yeah, I know. It's incredible how time flies, huh?" Ren said. Since there were no other available beds in the house, and Ren occupied the sofa bed, Balto had to sleep on the floor in the living room until further notice. It's actually a lot more comfortable than it sounds.

"You sure you're alright on the floor there, Balto?" Ren asked.

"Of course. I sleep on the floor all the time," Balto answered. When she and Ren were little, they used to curl up in the same bed whenever it was cold, or when it rained, but they've long since grown out of that. Well, almost grown out of it. Upon occasion, they still would, but very, very rarely.

They began talking again, but twenty minutes later, their mother came and told them to go to sleep. She then kissed them goodnight, and turned off the lights, like they couldn't do it themselves. Ren was out cold, but Balto lay awake for a while, staring at the ceiling. The climate in Beaumont was too hot for her. She liked a cool climate, not an excruciatingly hot climate. Oh well. No one's paying her to like this place.

Meanwhile, at the Drive-In, Ariel was with her boyfriend, Chuck, and had smuggled some tapes to listen to.

"You be careful with that!" Chuck warned her. "Your daddy hears you playin' it, he'll bust your butt."

Ariel barely listened, and put the tape in the player and pressed play. The song was broadcast throughout a majority of the place. Everyone started dancing and singing, and the like, when Shaw, Ariel's dad, showed up. Ariel immediately turned off the music and awaited the argument that was bound to happen between them.

"Your mother didn't think you had any money with you," he said, surprisingly. Shaw handed her some money, and went on his way. Everyone, especially Ariel, was grateful that he hadn't yelled and busted everybody. They all seemed to be thinking the same thing: Thank God!

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