Authors Note: Well, this will be my second Watashi ni xx Shinasia story. I got this idea since all of the stories seemed to be centered Yukina somehow. So, I thought Mami's internal dilemmas deserved to be heard. This story will be from Mami's PoV.

Disclaimer: I do not own this Watashi ni xx Shinasai, 'cuz if I did I would actually be able to draw.

Mami's Red String

I watched as Yukina, Shigure, and Akira stood in a small circle and argued about something. Yukina wore an expression which showed interest in the conversation, seemingly soaking it all up. Akira and Shigure argued passionately about something. If I had to guess it would probably be about Yukina.

After all, I had never seen Shigure so animated unless it was about Yukina. His mask seemed to fall off without any caution when around that girl. Simply thrown off as if it had never existed in the first place. And to me it felt as if a small piece of my heart was thrown away along with it every time it happened.

My childhood friend no longer paid as much attention to me. Where did that cute boy who would show no one except me his true face go? The boy who would always be by my side? The one who had always helped me, whether it was through thick and thin?

But even though he isn't paying as much attention, he still is. Those hugs I ask for I still get, that gentle smile is still directed towards me. He is the person who knows the most about me and how to handle me. I will never show him my sly side. If he were to figure out what a jealous person I was, he would never look at me the same way again.

But then there is one person who knows my sly side yet still helps me. Akira. Lately I find that I can go to him with my problems and not worry about the world knowing about them. At first I thought he was a creepy anti-social freak, the kind of person I would never talk to unless it was to make the teachers happy. All he did was eat sweets all day and keep his eyes covered so that it was impossible to figure out what he was thinking; and stay beside his equally mysterious cousin.

I was really surprised that I came to trust this boy with my true feelings. Although he resisted slightly he did end up helping me, even sticking to his promises not to tell anyone about my true sly self. And as eerie as this guy can be with falling in love with his own cousin, he is still a really sweet guy. I find myself thinking of him more often, to go to him for help. I don't know what it means when I start thinking this way. I've loved Shigure ever since we were young, but Akira gives me the support that recently Shigure hasn't been.

So what's a girl suppose to do? Every girl dreams about where her red string will lead. The two boys who are important to me all seem to be swooning over this ice princess Yukina. So just where will my red string of fate lead me?

AN: that was just a short drabble. I might edit it if I can think of any other dilemmas Mami goes through. For example, maybe I should have added about Mami's schemes against Yukina? Or something like that. Anyways, hope you enjoyed!